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  1. Well done Mowbray - the lads have won me £55, a nice bonus for me. Now please feck off home to Teeside for good.
  2. Wow - what a team selection. Think this is a selection Mowbray could perhaps hope hastens his departure. Sods law, we'll go and win. Therefore, I've gone £25 on Rovers at 11/5 after a nice early win on the nags.
  3. Apparently he's go an assistant from India, Hous Bin Pharteen.
  4. Barr and Johnson could fill in for one match, two at the most. There are enough managers out there who would walk over broken glass for Rovers' opportunity.
  5. Then tell him to feck off and he gets nothing. Cheston and Sylvester to hold the fort.
  6. Why not? Isn't the expectancy we will lose? Think Johnson and Barr would be asked to take Saturday's match - can they really do worse than Mowbray's last 6 / 7 games?
  7. Think the 'fat lady' is stretching her vocal cords prior to bursting out in song. Anyone remember the dB's!?!? Some days the phone rings off the wall Some days it's not so much And some days it does not ring at all But today could be the day!!
  8. I still think negotiations are ongoing for Mowbray and Venus to leave. To pay them off in full will be £1million+ and you can imagine 'Madam' being a tad p1ssed off!
  9. Move him upstairs? Just wtf can this man offer our club? IMO, only move for Mowbray should be as far away from Ewood as possible followed by Venus, Lowe (think those Sky pictures of our coach at Reading were frightening - IMO, a lifeless and vacuous individual), Benson and Waggott.
  10. No, I think Stuart is right. Think Kean had more football nous than Mowbray. Sadly, IMO, he had other agendas.
  11. IMO, a myth. Never bought into the mutterings of this self purported humble, man of integrity. I think he sometimes gives the impression of 'the lights might be on but there's no one at home' - however, think he's a bit more savvy and it's all about number one - HIM.
  12. Not impressed with Reading Maybe, a surprise result - might consider laying my bet.
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