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  1. I think there is much to 'come out in the wash' and when Mowbray does go, I think there will be some interesting readings!
  2. Think Wilder in danger of thinking he's 'too big' - a number of clubs are understood to have had a nibble including us, WBA and Forest.
  3. Not my wish! Have made this clear from the start. However, IMO, far superior to our dinosaurial incumbent.
  4. If only the Indian way of doing things was that simple...............................I'll say no more.
  5. Paradoxically, I think Rovers' decent start, results' wise, makes Mowbray's position more vulnerable in that more would be managers out there are more inclined to step into the Ewood hot seat. For what it's worth, I think Neill would crawl over broken glass to become our manager and I also think the Raos know this. Decision time is here with Mowbray's contract running down!!!
  6. You are right, think Hull are shite. Expect Mowbray to produce one of his 'get out of jail' performances / results in front of Sky TV cameras that will have commentators / pundits drooling just what a 'terrific job Mowbray is doing under extreme circumstances'. Tonight is one of those licence to print money games and with Rovers at just about evens, I've banged on enough to make Christmas a bit more special this year.
  7. Think you are being a bit naive there Gav! Do you honestly think Neil would admit to a random Rovers' fan that he'd been sounded out particularly when the club has a manager in situ!?!? I'm pretty certain there's more to this than meets the eye!
  8. A relative with good PNE connections has been flagging this possibility with me for the last 8/9 months. There would be no compensation now as he's out of work and where he lives, he's just a short 15/20 minute drive from Brockhall. I understand Wilder was sounded out some time ago but thought there were bigger fish in the sea than Rovers.
  9. I posted this on Thursday and Nixon posts his story today. I stand by my Thursday post and think the next Rovers' manager will be either Alex Neil or Chris Wilder and sooner than many on here would think.
  10. I think it is fair to assume all is not hunky dory at Rovers. I get the impression that morale is generally poor among staff. A number of us thought Mowbray would be through the exit door in days following the home defeat to Bournemouth back in April. IMO, there is neither rhyme nor reason behind many decisions made at Rovers. I think there is an air of unpredictability and idiosyncrasy about Rovers and despite having got off to a decent start and the closure of the transfer window, it would not surprise me in the least if we soon saw the departure of Mowbray.
  11. Think Waggott is in his sixties and Mowbray and Venus mid to late fifties. I would think hunger and ambition deserted them a long time ago and who could blame them for wanting and maintaining hugely paid jobs on 'Easy Street'. I think they are third raters and probably know this in their own minds and Rovers are probably their last chance to top up pension funds. Staggering that the Raos and Suhail fail to see this.
  12. If I was a 'prominent' Rovers' player with just 12 months remaining on my contract, I would simply look at what has happened at the club in recent times including this transfer window and say to myself 'why the hell do I want to stay here'. I think getting them to sign new contracts is highly unlikely and what we realise in fees will be minimal. I think our outlook is terrifying and goodness knows what our team will look like 12 months on. Sadly, unless, IMO, insanity prevails, Waggott and Mowbray will be out of it without a care in the world other than keeping track on their vastly enhanced bank accounts following their Rovers' employment.
  13. It's very simple - I think we are a very poorly run club from top to bottom.
  14. and I think that's £400k completely wasted. IMO, Waggott has brought nothing at all to the party, adding very little, if any, value.
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