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  1. Dipped in and out. Bored to tears. Mowbray - “We didn’t do the basics well enough against a team with good players". After 4 feckin years that's not good enough. IMO, until we get Waggott, Mowbray and Venus out of our club, there is no hope. Utterly indefensible. Only solace tonight is the case of nice reds delivered to me today as a present. Will be doing some damage!
  2. Always been a great believer in first impressions! When I meet someone, I usually form an opinion of them very quickly - within 30 seconds. To a degree it's 'gut feel' but in reality, it has rarely let me down! The 7/11 rule is similar but quicker! The theory / rule is that within 7 seconds you will form up to 11 impressions of someone including desirability (likeability), credibility, trustworthiness, believability, sophistication, competence etc. Once heard an American speaker on the subject and he reckoned some 80% of Americans form a first impression of somebody within sec
  3. IMO, utterly unconvincing. Have come across him on a couple of occasions and was completely underwhelmed. I'm a great believer in the 7/11 rule and I don't think it let me down! I wouldn't trust this guy as far as I could spit.
  4. You never know! Wasn't Kean sacked on the way to an away fixture on a Friday afternoon? I think there's been quite a bit of 'activity' since Wednesday's match finished. Posts from @Bbrovers2288suggest the same.
  5. Simple. Let Waggott go and Cheston holds the fort. IMO, things are happening.
  6. If I could find a bet on Mowbray NOT being in charge on Saturday then I would wager. I think there is something brewing - as I posted earlier, 80% confidence in that.
  7. That just gave me goosebumps!!! We are feckin Blackburn Rovers Mowbray not tiny Teeside tits.
  8. IF Mowbray is still in charge on Saturday, you can safely put your house on a Rovers' win. Then we will get the soundbites: 'It's nice to be up and running again' 'I said to the lads, just keep believing' 'Let's see where this win takes us' Again, IF Mowbray is still here, I guarantee we will have a storming end to the season and then it will be about what we'd have done without the injuries. However, I think Mowbray's termination is being negotiated now. I'd put it as high as 80%.
  9. Vinecrafter Merlot - stocked by Whalley wines, about £7/bottle. Not a Merlot fan but wife keeps a couple of bottles handy for cooking purposes - very fruity nose and palate. Always handy for the 'quaffers'!
  10. FFS - have you never walked into either a domestic or work situation and not sensed an atmosphere or tension about the place! They don't crayon pictures on walls!
  11. I don't pretend to. Told by someone in the ground it all felt a bit strange after the match. Fantasy, no, bullsh1t, no, someone's (whose judgement I trust) perception, yes. No I don't. But if Waggott is at his desk at 9.00 am tomorrow, it will be 3.00pm in Pune!
  12. I think something happened or was happening tonight - seemed a very strange post match hour at Ewood. Pune six hours ahead. Let's hope Waggott's getting sign-off for Mowbray's exit tomorrow morning.
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