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  1. Not a snowball's chance in hell of Mowatt joining us. At worse, if he leaves Barnsley, he'll have a choice of real PROGRESSIVE Championship clubs. Think Rovers fecked with Armstrong. Accept what's on the table or risk having a very disenchanted player on the books who'll leave for nowt in 12 months time. Between a rock and a hard place to put it mildly.
  2. With only one year left on his contract, I don't think they have a choice. Armstrong holds all the cards. IMO, that's all he's worth.
  3. If Armstrong's agent has half a brain, he will tell him to sit tight and tell Rovers what to do with their new contract. Either the lad then walks free next season and I think there will be PL clubs who will gamble on him or Rovers reduce their asking price. In reality, I think £25million is ridiculous for a lad who, IMO, has very limited football intelligence. If he goes this summer, think Rovers will end up with less than £10million after Newcastle have taken their 40%. We saw it with Rhodes, despite all the goals banged in at Championship level, a chronic lack of pace meant he w
  4. With a Jack Walker style owner, we might have had a chance for Howe. With our current owners, IMO, not a snowball's chance in hell. I think Howe is waiting for the 'right job', preferably PL but he does have Celtic in reserve! A spell at Celtic did Rodgers no harm. I understand Wilder ticked the boxes - track record of promotions and ability to work, as demonstrated with SU, within Rovers' financial framework.
  5. I have previously posted this - I understand it was Wilder but he thought there would be bigger fish in the sea.
  6. Some six weeks ago after the Bournemouth defeat, I would have put big, big money on Mowbray being the next Championship manager to leave if there'd been a market. I also think for some time after that defeat, Mowbray half expected to be sacked - IMO, his behaviour and demeanour told a story. I think a new, and recent, surrealism has pervaded the club. I don't think we have been a 'normal' football club since ownership changed and I think recently we have deviated even further away from the 'norm'. I think there will be big changes at the club this summer and I would rule nothing ou
  7. And how many things have I flagged that did happen! Two examples of 'bigger' things that readily come to mind that LT and Radio Lancs didn't have a sniff of: Posted on here that deal with Huddersfield done for Rhodes hours before any media knew (came from Huddersfield end) Posted on here Venky's been approached to sell part of / interest in Rovers and then reported a couple of days later in LT that Battersby and co were behind Venky's approach And there have been many others though perhaps not as 'big' as the above. I don't need to justify myself to anyone and fra
  8. Funny isn't it how I posted a few weeks ago that the 'whole thing' had got bigger and more complicated only for Rovers to announce a couple of days later the Brockhall plan was off! Anyhow I don't give a flying feck what you think.
  9. I would love to know how Waggott and Mowbray initially 'spun' the proposal to Venky's. I understand Venky's kiboshed the whole thing in the end.
  10. Nail on head. Personally, I have zero trust in either Waggott or Mowbray. I think Waggott showed his colours a long time ago when he 'represented' Andy Cole in his move to Newcastle and seemingly pocketed Cole's £30k signing on fee. I would love the two of them to debate that one in a telephone box!
  11. Think you are wrong. Can't stand the bloke - never been a fan but, IMO, his excuses, bullsh1t, demeanour and unwillingness to take any responsibility etc have alienated many. I think he is taking the p1ss and has been doing so for some time now. A humble, working, man of integrity with Rovers at heart - my arse!
  12. Ole should be blaming the d1ckheads who stopped the match against Liverpool going ahead. I have no sympathy with United and hope they lose every feckin remaining game this season.
  13. IF Mowbray is still here when the season starts, I think thousands will turn their backs on Rovers. IMO, Mowbray's toxicity is not dissimilar to that of Kean and Coyle. It's all very sad and I think Waggott and co, just like Labour have with its historic voter base, have made the mistake of taking the Rovers fans for granted and for too long. Most us us have minds of our own and can see through, IMO, the bile and bullsh1t emanating from Waggott and Mowbray. I think the club's heartbeat has been stifled and we are dying on our feet.
  14. Nationalities don't matter. Money and philosophies are universal - and that is based upon personal experience!
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