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  1. Can't blame the lad given, IMO, the chaotic state of our club. Think Sutton is a Blackburn lad with links to Kevin Gallagher and he used to live just down the road from the Wharton family. Think it says it all when local lads want out and find Huddersfield a more attractive proposition.
  2. If Burnley make a half decent appointment then they will walk the Championship next season - they have a squad who are different class to ours and many players who will excel in the Championship. It will not be a rebuild job. There are fine margins in football in particular in the PL and I think Burnley weren't far away from getting it right enough to survive; they were obviously on a steep learning curve in the first half of the season and were a tad unlucky in a number of games but read somewhere they were averaging a point a match over the last dozen games or so despite their poor results in the final 3/4 games. I would appoint Cooper who transformed Forest from 'no hopers' in very quick time to get them promoted to the PL - if they do, they will be a real force next season.
  3. Started off at Burnley then moved to Leeds where Kendall picked him up on a free for Rovers. Never a world beater but gutsy with an eye for goal - think he averaged about 1 in 5 which aint bad for a midfielder. Always remember the sitter he missed at the Town End, Preston, as the season drew to a close, in Kendall's second season with us - we drew that match and if Burke had notched, as he should, we would have been promoted to Division 1 (and done an Ipswich) instead of missing out on goal difference - it was heart breaking.
  4. Should be a fantastic boost to a club both financially and structurally provided you have the executive management in place who know just what the feck they are doing. Sensible player trading, sensible contracts with relegation clauses and sensible plans to improve the club structurally (stadium, training ground etc). If the worse comes to the worse and you are relegated, you are stronger all round as a club than when you were when last in the Championship and not financially hamstrung and have a great opportunity to bounce right back.
  5. @sympatheticclaret @Tyrone Shoelaces @roverandout You have all suffered close family losses and it does takes time to grieve and move on. A few years ago, in the space of just a few short weeks, I suffered three close family losses including my mother whose passing I learnt of whilst at one of the other two funerals. You find an inner resolve that will possibly surprise even yourselves and with the help of spouses and children, you will be surprised how relatively quickly that glimmer of light, at the end of the tunnel, becomes brighter.
  6. and rightly so. All those players were relative successes for Rovers in their respective eras. All four had played for Burnley at one stage - think I'm right in saying only Adam Blacklaw was signed direct from Burnley with the other three arriving at Rovers from United, Stockport and Leeds. Hmmm!!! I couldn't give a flying feck who we ever sign from Burnley, or ex Burnley, whether it be manager, coach, scout or player. The acid test, and only test, should be do they improve Rovers and if the answer is yes, what's the feckin issue!? Time some folk grew up.
  7. Sadly Chaddy, he's going on 29 and never played above Championship level. His goal record was highly impressive last season but so was Armstrong's in his last season with Rovers and he struggled in the PL! We signed Telalovic who was banging them in for fun with Borussia 11 but he looks like he couldn't hit a cow's arse with a banjo at this level! Realism is called for. Without doubt SS is desperate for a shot at the big time and it would be the height of idiocy to deny him that opportunity by holding out for a ridiculous price - you just end up with one wholly unhappy player. I think £10 to £12million with some add ons as a bonus would be a fair deal for all concerned.
  8. Leeds certainly seem to bottle it when they need to produce. Their 'famed four' go missing. In a week when they had Sunderland and Rovers at home, they took just 1 point - that's what cost them. All credit to Martin - seems to have adopted a more pragmatic approach in the 3 play off matches and shown signs of learning. He walked into a chaotic situation and turned it around. Well done.
  9. I would be absolutely staggered if there is no bid greater than £5/6million. All this stuff about £20million is nonsense given SS turns 29 in Aug. and has not played at a level higher than the Championship. Pretty sure someone will take a punt at £10/12million.
  10. Can I suggest this thread is closed in order to ease the work load for Samaritans in the region. It's so feckin depressing.
  11. Think he's struggled when out on loan at lower levels than the Championship just as Vale. Don't think he's one for us
  12. Vascular dementia is a horrible, horrible illness and I know of the huge pain and upset it brings to affected families. In a way, your dad's passing may prove a blessing both for him and your family. May your dad Rest In Peace. 'Death leaves a heartache no one can heal, love leaves a memory no one can steal' Take care.
  13. He did indeed. I played on Rovers a couple of times in schoolboy matches and after one of those games, Jimmy handed out the match awards. Surprised just how small he was but a lovely chap sharing a few words with each player.
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