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  1. Would think the Ipswich 'link' is correct - I understand Ipswich first tabled an offer in the January window. As they are now a PL club and are seemingly prepared to match the release clause in Sammie's contract, it's almost certainly thanks and goodbye.
  2. Varies enormously by industry type (range from almost immediate to 90 days with some exceptions at 120 days) with agriculture amongst the shortest and construction amongst the longest. If a company is on 'cash before order' then alarm bells should be ringing as company has either already run up a pile of debt or credit rating is shot at. Would be no surprise to me to see Rovers in this category. Always advise clients to be mindful who they jump into bed with - a sale is only profitable when payment is safely banked!
  3. He can but having listened to many of his interviews, IMO, in the main it's like being savaged by a dead sheep.
  4. Fans can do something about it. The two options are, withdraw your support which many of us have or just let them, IMO, continue to p1ss all over you.
  5. Think Jackson and Bayes are on 'Easy Street' and the only way to put some pressure in them is through social media. Those who do Twitter should all pile in.
  6. The list of people who would need to know is not short!!! If the poster is correct, and I believe they are, just think of the number of people who would need to know what the working player trading budget was otherwise how the feck could they do their job!!!
  7. Chaddy, if someone phoned you tomorrow morning from Ewood whilst you were still in bed and told you the whole of Blackburn was snowbound then I think you would believe them! Think it's safe to say the answers coming back from agents and club will be No, No and No other than those trying to clear out the unwanted dross! You seem to have a lot of faith in Park - sadly, I think you will find it's misplaced. As for Gestede, a very poor start - you don't make promises when you take a job and immediately renege on them. I think you live in a parallel universe because all the mood music indicates, IMO, Rovers are a very busted flush.
  8. I think you will find it's a disaffected individual who has had enough of the shenanigans and couldn't give a toss about potential consequences simply because they know too much and if they open up......!!!!!! I believe this is a very genuine source and if the club goes t1ts up, expect this person to sing like the proverbial canary.
  9. I would be amazed if we sign just one player this week or even next week. The fact Eustace clearly seems to want McFadzean after his relative successful spell (measured against a very low base bar) in the second half of last season and we can’t even put that deal to bed then I think it tells you all you need to know about our gross lack of ambition and capability (both financial and inclination wise) to compete in the market. The desperados and unwanted will straggle through the Brockhall gates late August and the happy clappers will deliriously proclaim our new recruitment department and signings. If the likes of Vale and Krul are the answers then we are fecked.
  10. Chaddy, I am stating the blinding obvious - they have a squad that is light years ahead of ours in terms of depth and quality. It should also tell you that I am a realist who does not bury my head in the sand and think everything is wonderful about Rovers.
  11. Think he will get Burnley up this season (2 Championship promotions to his credit) but thereafter may the problem lie. Had to smile at comment from @chaddyrovers'he's a lot to sort out'. Feck me, I'd take their squad over ours in a heartbeat. Think they'll stroll it with 100 points.
  12. Your memory is better than mine! Yes you are right, it was a knee problem with Britt I now recall and wasn't it done in training at West Ham in a 'clash' with one of the 'fab three'?
  13. Those of us who are old enough will remember Martin Britt and Allan Gilliver and I think it's fair to say Rovers signed both strikers with back issues which curtailed their careers. If my memory is correct, both were signed in the same season some 60 years ago. I know medicine has moved forward but back issues can be very problematic.
  14. IMO, our structure is a feckin joke. I honestly don't know what all our 'Heads' do other than draw, no doubt, very decent salaries. I assume the 'charismatic' Lowe is still in situ.. I think that guy must have the only key to the cupboard hiding all the skeletons!!! Far too many heads and far, far too little quality and nous. We are doomed, well and truly.
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