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  1. When will they go and leave our club alone. I don't understand what's in it for the long term
  2. Cheston will be sending over the powerpoint to venkys as we speak with 40 pound a ticket.
  3. Jesus don't say that already booked flights for mk dons. Checked flights there would need to do over nighter if can get time off work and defo in the dog house with the misses for at least a month
  4. Ah ffs would definitely got it. Thought we might have been included because we can't get channel 5
  5. Don't know a lot about smallwood but Tm recognising the area players are most needed. Hopefully the Turkish lad and few more as I think Mulgrew and linehan won't be here. Roll 9 am never looked more forward to 9 am on a Wednesday
  6. Good signing always rated him as one of Cardiffs stronger players. Lets hope he hits the ground running
  7. Great podcast lads. Well done everyone involved. Would love hear more of these. Well done again
  8. I don't think you can blame Mowbray for relegation. Our form after Newcastle away was terrible where we lost 6 games on the bounce. January was a disaster both on and off the pitch again aside from Newcastle at home. Damage was done under coyle. Mowbray came in but he was working with coyles players and a team where confidence was on the floor. The bulk of games aside from barnsley wolves(terrible performance) and reading away. We looked actually OK. While I have more faith in Mowbray than coyle I still don't think we will go up. You mentioned wigan there they had signed a lot of players in January ie jack Byrne obertan gilks I can't see them lads sticking around for league one. Going to be an interesting season
  9. To be fair I wouldn't listen to anything coyle would have said to me. I'd say so he probably only put him and tomilson on against man utd to earn the venkys money in the summer. I don't think he was Mowbrays type of player as it showed her rarely featured after barnsley. Wasn't picked for Brentford game as I'd say Mowbray knew he was on why out
  10. Didn't know that. It's obvious the agent gets in his ear and convinces him he can get more money else where along with endorsements etc. More money for Connor =more money for agent. I could not see him getting into a top 10 team. Best of luck Connor. Hope the grass is greener
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