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  1. He's also (thankfully) stopped the possession based football he was so adamant was the best way to get promoted but that means we basically wasted however many seasons trying to play that way, only to change it this season.
  2. Once Liverpool hit the 5th, I text a Utd supporting mate and said it must be OGS last game. Tried to think of a replacement and the only 2 names I came up with were Zidane and Conte. They'd be mental to stick with OGS and not go for a guy like Conte, even if he does demand a decent backing.
  3. Utterly pitiful stuff from Utd. Players trying to get OGS sacked. Pogba's challenge that led to his red card was totally unnecessary, Ronaldo kicking out before that. Must be the end of the road for OGS now though.
  4. It's more likely they would line up such a move and then pull the plug in favour of a cheaper, much worse option instead.
  5. Can't remember the last time I was so disinterested in a game before kick off and even during. I barely kept up with the game at all. That said, happy that we won,just seen the highlights and Dolan took his goal really well. The loaner should have buried that well worked chance as well. I hope this apathy is only temporary because it just feels weird.
  6. Th death spiral isn't done yet. We need at least 2 more utterly pitiful performances. 0-2
  7. As yet, I can't find a single reason as to why they continue to own us. Their actions rarely benefit Blackburn Rovers football club and they constantly have to keep issuing money (or whatever the correct phrase is) to keep the lights on.
  8. Standard Rovers in the midst of a Mowbray death spiral, like they just met in the car park before kick off.
  9. I can't believe we are going to let Nyambe and Rothwell leave for nothing. We won't be getting better replacemens.
  10. "Time wasting" tactic, do we think? (A terrible one, mind you)
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