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  1. Ah my bad, I thought the £190m was losses for the last couple of years. Misread that.
  2. Cheers. Still not sure how they can make £190m losses, only be allowed £105 or £83m and still not be in trouble but I'm sure you're correct.
  3. What's the allowable losses for them? (Unknown how it works for relegated PL clubs)
  4. Yikes. Assume they'll somehow avoid any penalties for the coming season, whereas Rovers "can't invest" and "have to sell" Sammie Szmodics just to keep the lights on.
  5. I suspect once you go up, so do all your costs. Didn't a Dingle chairman/owner say something along these lines a few years ago?
  6. Unbelievably frustrating to watch clubs get promoted and our only aim is to exist. Fucking hate Venkys.
  7. What difference does it make when the outcome is the same either way? The first team gets weaker, no money is reinvested, we make further budget cuts.
  8. Correct. Not sure why anyone would "Snap their hands off for £15m" when literally £0 will be reinvested.
  9. My local club, York City charge £22 on a match day and they are in the national league.
  10. Quite specific with this tweet, I guess we'll see how genuine it is soon enough.
  11. On the face of it, after surviving by the skin of their teeth last season, this feels like comfortably one of the worst appointments they could have made.
  12. Condolences @sympatheticclaret, I lost my Dad a couple of years back, also to an awful disease (my dad suffered from a rare disease called "PSP" (https://www.nhs.uk/conditions/progressive-supranuclear-palsy-psp/)) which robbed him of his independence and quality of life. Watching a loved one, especially your dad, go through something like this is utterly heartbreaking. So I feel your pain. Again, condolences to you and your family.
  13. It all makes sense now. You can see why he did well enough under the circumstances now.
  14. Assume Venus and Waggott are mates? Jesus wept, they better not bring him back.
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