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  1. I don't think, in Roman Abramovich's eyes, Lampard was anything other than an interim manager. At best he was an interim that might succeed. When he took over they had sold their best player in Hazard and were under a transfer ban, it would have been difficult to attract a top manager at the time. Lampard was a good fit, cheaper option than more established managers, would work under the restrictions, would work with the youth and would be welcomed by the fans as he is a club legend. If it worked out, a cheaper option which makes Rom look great for appointing a club legend and giving
  2. Buckley needs the MGP treatment. Assuming Hughes locked him in a cellar and had 7 bells knocked out of him or something, I dunno. Whatever he did, he transformed MGP into good player at prem level even though when he joined he looked way off it.
  3. Anyone who thinks this is good football is kidding themselves. As always, turgid stuff.
  4. Its embarrassing is what it is. Mowbray has made a couple of comments in the past, those being: That he doesn't put too much stock in formations. And We are an attacking team not a defending one. It's not difficult to see why we often end up as a disorganised mess on the field and why we concede goals at an alarming rate. He wants to play football "the right way", when there is no right way to play football. I would argue our football and our results would improve if we have a good structure, a more solid defensive base to build on and high work rate. The re
  5. Worrying if our best player by some distance doesn't suit the system we play (the system being an incomprehensible mess) Let's hope its just a lack of match fitness/sharpness on Dacks part because if we nullifying our best player, then things need to change.
  6. I'm certain Warnock will have Boro well drilled and organised. Which is normally enough to undo us. Keep it tight and hit us on the break. Easy as you like.
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