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  1. Just to tag on, it was their worst ever defeat. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.foxsports.com.au/football/a-league/aleague-news-melbourne-victory-vs-melbourne-city-scores-results-highlights-video/news-story/be478d3f01cf2d7b89f02146c39c5dc1 Whats the scummers role at the club?
  2. Basically this. He wasn't going anywhere but I was definitely concerned we were heading back to league 1 with our current form. We needed those 3 points and we'll need more yet to be sure. No doubts Mowbray will be here next season for another season of the same.
  3. Wasn't able to watch it, did he leave Dolan central all game? Or did he swap with Gally?
  4. Sharpe has it as 4-3-3 with Gally on the right and Dolan through the middle. Something Mowbray would do but Absolutely ridiculous if so.
  5. https://www.lancs.live/sport/football/football-news/blackburn-rovers-venkys-mowbray-football-19973038 Christ, he's actually going no where
  6. I mean, we absolutely need to win this. Mowbray probably won't believe it but we are now trying to get the points to stay up. Our upcoming fixtures are horrific, so we need to pull something out of the bag or we are screwed. That said, I have no faith in our manager to get any positive result.
  7. And indeed Derrick has now, fooked off, to LA Galaxy.
  8. Let's hope Venkys don't get any ideas about giving out contract extensions....
  9. Mowbrays aim was the top 6 and now we are fighting a relegation battle. Mowbray won't admit that we are now in a relegation battle though, which makes the situation worse.
  10. Gap down to 8, with a game in hand on us. Not looking over your shoulder, Tony?
  11. None of the current set up need moving to another role within the club. Mowbray, Venus, Lowe, Benson, Waggott all need replacing with better, so the club can actually move forwards for a change.
  12. I reckon, providing he pulls out enough wins to get us safe this season (which i personally doubt) Venkys won't even consider binning him. So he could very well be here next season. I think if we hit the bottom 3, Venky's would pull the trigger (with it being too late)
  13. UK time i'm guessing? We are in the sacking zone now then.
  14. I think we have to accept he'll be here to oversee a defeat by Millwall at the weekend
  15. Not looking hopeful that he's getting sacked. Deflating.
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