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  1. ------------------Kaminski Nyambe--Ayala--Lenihan--Pickering ------Buckley--Travis--Rothwell -----Gallagher--Arma--Diaz That's what I think will start. 1-2 defeat. Don't think we've ever won an opening game under Venky's? Also Swansea will probably have the new manager bounce. Diaz to score.
  2. Somethings definitely not right. I don't know what's going on but I am not looking forward to what shit show is around the corner.
  3. I don't want us to sign a load of kids on loan but that's basically what he's said he will be doing. We really need some experienced players for the squad though.
  4. WBA confirm the signing of Reach. Our one and only transfer rumour is now officially over. I guess we look forward to loaning a load of kids from prem clubs.
  5. I hope he is getting sacked but it would make absolutely no sense to sack him 6 games in after giving him the summer window and preseason. Also, what if he won all 6?
  6. Didn't watch it but sounded like a typical Mowbray game, start one system, it fails, change some players and the formation and we look a lot better but never enough to win the game and always chasing it. Not the first time he's tried and failed to implement a back 3. Basically wasted pre season trying this only to go back to 4-3-3 at the very end.
  7. He's been an astonishing waste of money. Big money, as you say.
  8. Is that the same injury that kept him out last season?
  9. Not even in the squad. Guessing he's injured again?
  10. 1. Yes 2. Yes (He'll get a new 1 year contract when they can get away with timing it right) 3. Tommy K 4. 20th 5. West Brom or Fulham
  11. Pretty much a guarantee now. We'll have offered Reach a contract but with zero back up targets. Sat on our arses waiting for an answer and now he's off elsewhere, it'll be "that's a shame", shoulder shrug and start looking for someone else, which will take another 2 weeks.
  12. Pretty sure he trotted out the "you can't build a team on loans" line at Coventry, just like he did the other day. The short sightedness and lack of forward planning with regards to recruitment has been unbelievable.
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