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  1. How depressing if we went for Wilder and failed, only to stick with Mowbray afterwards.
  2. Genuinely wouldn't be surprised to hear him pull that line out over the summer (or something similar) And it will be unbelievably infuriating.
  3. Wonder if the journey restarts again due to all those excuses he's trotted out?
  4. We are 5 years behind Brentford (apparentl), so around 200 behind Leicester!
  5. Did I read somewhere that the review of the season was happening at some point last week? (Might have dreamt that (it was a nightmare about TM signing an 8 year contract))
  6. Yep same here. But I'm now hoping that the self proclaimed big 6 lose every game they play from now on. #idontholdagrudge #fuckthebig6 #screwtheESL
  7. If, and its got to be a big if,Chapman signs a new contract and stays here, he needs to have a stunning pre season, not just in the friendlies against lower league opposition but getting himself to the required fitness and busting a gut in training. Could be a useful player for us but Mowbray hasn't been a fan of his since he signed him. I'd be amazed if he signed a new deal though, must be off elsewhere (and no one would blame him)
  8. I've said a couple of times that I should sign up to the Trust but never did. This morning I finally signed up.
  9. ✅ Aknowledges a problem that could impact on the way he wants the team to play. ❌ Adapts to the situation and changes the style to suit the conditions. 🤷‍♂️ Shrugs shoulders and hopes it might work anyway. ✅ Nearly relegates us
  10. Laying the groundwork for a summer of signing freebies and loans to "suppliment" the young squad we have. Then of course a season of failure lies ahead with the mantra being they are a young team, learning the game, getting to grips with the rigours of the championship. Back on with another journey.
  11. Even though we've just signed a left back,we now need another one! Bennett possibly staying, has to be on absolute minimum terms but even so, retaining these players isn't the way to move us forward.
  12. And it was absolutely criminal that we literally gave him to Stoke and he then went on to become a £25m player.
  13. Boring sums it up pretty well (for Rovers at least) Nothing to play for at all and a manager who openly stated it didn't matter if we won or lost. It was a friendly in all but name and even though we stuck 5 past an U23 team, like the manager, I just shrugged my shoulders and did something else.
  14. I applaud your efforts to open communications with our dreadful owners. It's something that was attempted many years ago by some supporters groups and even though it was unsuccessful, I'm glad to see that people haven't given up. It absolutely needs to happen and I really hope that they respond, and not just with some generic letter sent by Waggot's PA.
  15. Mowbray in dumbing down Rovers shocker, again. Just being here to "compete" makes it sound like we've just been promoted after 30 years in league one. A born loser. Just accept where you are instead of proactively making plans/moves to constantly improve us. Mowbray and Venkys go hand in hand, zero ambition between the lot of them.
  16. It wasn't that long ago that Kamy100 (i think it was Kamy) posted about Venkys being here for the long haul, even had plans to hand the reigns to Balaji’s son further down the line.
  17. He'd keep up Tony's legacy of having some embarrassing defending
  18. I don't believe for one second that Venkys bought this football club because they had its best interests at heart.
  19. Appreciate the info but I can't get my hopes up. They've never even entertained the idea of a sale in the last 11 years, to my knowledge.
  20. If they want a wide forward, they could spend that £15m on Sam Gallagher instead!! 😲
  21. I'd love it to apply this season and send them down. But at the same time, applying it next season might help us out should Mowbray still be in the dugout.
  22. 'Derby face points deduction after EFL wins appeal' http://www.skysports.com/share/12302839 Sky now picking this up. Assuming they'll get hit next season, rather tha this?
  23. +Waggot tax +Venky tax Leaving us around £2m for players. If we had £15m left from selling Arma, we wouldn't be spending that money on new players.
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