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  1. Forgot about Mugrew, what did he get like 17 goals? Insane for a centre back.
  2. Be a different kettle of fish this time, he wouldn't have Dack or Arma to bail him out. And Elliott would be back at Liverpool. He wouldn't get us back up another time.
  3. Aye you're probably correct. Let's hope so anyway. If it is wasn't for sheff weds points deduction, we could very well be heading back to league one.
  4. Considering our March points haul will likely reflect February's, i can see that 11 point gap reducing pretty quickly.
  5. My concern is that we only have 2/3 wins more than Rotherham and Sheff wed, Rotherham have a game in hand on us as well. So they are both winning as many games as us, but now we've stopped winning all together. They will still pick up wins whilst we probably won't. I can't see where our next win is coming from under Mowbray, this death spiral isnt ending and is probably the worst one I can remember. Its a very real possibility that we won't win a game in march.
  6. March fixtures: Reading (away) Millwall (away) Swansea (home) Brentford (home) Bristol City (home) Norwich (away) Even after that we have Wycombe but then Bournemouth and then Derby. How many wins can we see from this? Not many, if any. As it stands we have 40 points, Rotherham (29), Sheff wed (28) & Wycombe (23) make up the bottom 3. Will any of those overtake us? The other teams in and around the bottom 3 have at least 34 points. Only 2 wins off us (or less) We might just be relying on the bottom 3 picking up too few points to keep us up here
  7. March is going to be a real struggle. It's a serious concern that we could very well come out of it without a point.
  8. I can't believe we are back to this shit. A clearly failing manager, horrible performances, abysmal points return and Venkys refusing to pull the trigger. There is nothing more frustrating than seeing a situation and being totally helpless to change it. They let K**n relegate us and there was nothing we could do, their refusal to sack him drove me insane. Same thing again, he's never turning this around, he needs to be replaced.
  9. I dunno, worth a shot though I guess? I thought he was the only one they listened too? Apart from whichever agency is bending them over at the time.
  10. So it doesn't matter if he is in the UK or India, getting #mowbrayout trending was so he would notice.
  11. He can access twitter in india though 🤷‍♂️
  12. Anger under K**n? I think I was permanently angry, whilst he was here.
  13. Honestly, I think that's how we've always been under Mowbray. The amount of times our better players bailed him out in our league one season was unreal
  14. Not sure i would have stuck with Branthwaite. He's been bloody awful.
  15. If I was a Coventry fan, I'd be confident of a point and quietly confident of all 3.
  16. Honestly, I can't see us winning this. Zero faith in Mowbrays abilities as a manager. Expect more reshuffling of the squad, unable to break Coventry down and then show some truly embarrassing defending to concede and lose 0-1.
  17. There is also a rumour that he is planning on retiring at the end of the season. If that one is true, he is probably just trying to keep his mate in the hot seat in hope he turns it round. If Waggot gets sacked, he'll get a nice pay off and retire a few months early, not sure he'll be that bothered.
  18. no idea if it's true, just what @Bbrovers2288 has heard on the grapevine.
  19. If Waggott has said if they sack Mowbray then he goes to, then the bloke is absolutely pathetic and clearly doesn't have the interests of the club at heart. That alone should see him get his marching orders. Unbelievable situation Venkys have got into, when are they going to learn that they can't run a club from India and put a proper structure in place at the club?
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