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  1. I can't get this to work on my tablet as it normally does? Scratch that, its on now.
  2. I don't think anyone saw that coming! Superb win and delighted that Diaz bagged his first career hat trick 👏 Can't believe we were 6th going into the game and actually managed to win!
  3. Nice goal for West Brom which is looking like the winner.
  4. He missed loads of last season with a hamstring injury, came back and fracturedhis metatarsal. He played in an under 23's game last month and then picked up another hamstring injury which has kept him out since and is still a few weeks away from first team training.
  5. Another hamstring issue, seems like he can't shake those, which is a worry. He's not likely to get a good run of games under his belt anytime soon.
  6. He's now our 4th longest serving (post war) manager according to Rich Sharpe. Jack Marshall - 2436 days Bob Saxton - 2039 days Johnny Carey - 1948 days Tony Mowbray - 1673 days
  7. Fully agree. The fact that they'll be in the ear of Mr and Mrs D, and not just Bala, makes it almost inevitable Mowbray will be getting a new deal. Because he's "a nice guy", nothing to do with his managerial abilities.
  8. Interesting and damning stat. Get anywhere near the play offs and the collapse. Mowbray doesn't inspire much of a winning mentality either. "We'll go into the next game and see what happens" **shoulder shrug**
  9. Ok, maybe I was expecting more from this guy than just loaning a Brighton under 23 player.
  10. The point being that he wasn't exactly influential in the signing, if anything it was actually more Mowbray's relationship with Brighton's technical director that was the influential part. It seems that relationship secured the defender from there too.
  11. It's something Venkys would do, which is a worry. The earliest they should be thinking about giving him a new deal is at the end of the season, unless he has us on the most unlikeliest of automatic promotion charges or a sustained stay in the top 6, neither of which are happening. He took us on an absolutely horrific run which lasted a good chunk of the season putting us as close to a relegation battle as he could. He has form for these abysmal runs too, they aren't new. Barring a miracle, end of the season at the earliest should be the time they even consider handing him a new deal, even then it would have to be on the back of a terrific season. Reality is, they should be looking and sounding out new managers right now.
  12. The article basically said Park watched him for 45mins in a friendly and said to Mowbray "If you want a direct player who can beat a defender, sign this lad." Fuck me, I could do that job no problem. Mowbray knew one of the blokes at Brighton (worked with him at West Brom) so parks involvement was Jack shit.
  13. If they aren't planning on offering him a new contract, then yeah, why wouldn't they sack him? Clearly the clubs hierarchy don't believe he's the man to take the club forward in the medium/long term, so why not bin him and appoint someone they do want, before he gets snapped up by someone else? Not sure if we approached him or not but perhaps he wanted a break before getting back into management again.
  14. I don't understand why we are just keeping him on until the end of the season if we don't want him long term? Likely to miss out on other managerial targets whilst we wait for the season the pan out. We still have to pay his wages for the remained of his contract either way, so what difference does it make if we sacked him now?
  15. Wilder has done an interview with skysports. He's ready for another job, expects it to be in the Championship and a club that isn't in the greatest shape. What are we waiting for?!?!
  16. I am right in thinking his contract is up at the end of the season? Please 🙏
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