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  1. Yer I think you're on the right lines with this. Somethings not right here. Pretty sure he was nearing a return towards the end of Feb. Not heard a peep out of anyone since then. I doubt we will see him again this season and then probably a pay off in the summer with no real explanation. Would be a total waste of money if that's how it goes.
  2. That will be the most pointless discussion ever and the decision (undoubtedly will be to keep Mowbray)will end up relegating us.
  3. Coventry at home on Thursday for them next. Could easily be another 3 points.
  4. I said similar previously that the quality of the player isn't taken into account. BB and Gallagher aren't expected to score no matter how many shots they have. It's bullshit.
  5. Does it take the quality of the player into account? BB and SG can hit as many shots as they like but no ones expecting them to go in.
  6. Rotherham play 2 games before we kick a ball and then their next game is on Sunday. Be a clearer picture a week today.
  7. Big week for us next week as Rotherham start to play catch up with a game on Tuesday and then another on Thursday.
  8. If Venkys persist with Mowbray after todays defeat, they deserve relegation.
  9. Yep, we are reliant on them not getting enough points. 0-0 with Hudds for them at the moment.
  10. Apart from Kean coming back, that's probably the worst situation I could imagine.
  11. https://www.lancashiretelegraph.co.uk/sport/19221393.mowbray-clarifies-situation-rovers-contract-players/ Sounds like we have options on a lot of players contracts and will take them up. Nyambe, JRC and Rothwell are the mains ones. Bennett, Johnson, Downing, Bell, Evans, Holtby, Mulgrew and Chapman also all out of contract. Surely Evans, Mulgrew, Downing and Bennett will be allowed to leave?
  12. If Mowbray is still in charge, what's the betting Bennett becomes our number 1 right back?
  13. The problem with sacking him next week is, what if (by some miracle) we win tomorrow? Unlikely to sack him after a win, surely?
  14. Assume Mowbray will set us up to lose now the fans have rumbled the Coventrio's little game. So, same set up as normal then....
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