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  1. We've hit lunch time and still nothing. Off for a walk hopefully he's gone when I get back (doubtful)
  2. I can't believe how many people have read that and not signed it! Unbelievable, these questions need asking!
  3. That's the other most likely outcome. If an agent hasn't got the Venkys ear then they will stick Johnno in charge, he'll get the bounce and get a few results and they'll just give him the job permanently. Like a lot of these types of appointments, the results don't last and he'll be gone midway through next season with us in trouble, again.
  4. If (and it's a big if) Mowbray is canned soon, Venkys really need to get the next appointment correct. No cheap option, no has been, no agent driven waste of oxygen, we need a decent appointment with a proper recruitment process in place. Will we get one? No, we won't. If Mowbray goes, i'd wager we'll end up with Pulis (HSH client)
  5. Unfortunately, for me, he's now crossed over the line to hate territory. Not K**n levels but still hate all the same. Any goodwill evaporated a while back and its clear he doesn't walk the walk after saying he wouldn't be a burden and he's now way beyond being a burden its unbelievable. There will be no well wishing from me when he finally goes. The conspiracy theorists tells me that him, Venus and Maggot are all tied into this Brockhall venture and will be gaining something off the back of it, so none will be leaving until they've bled a bit more out of the club. P.S:
  6. Ridiculous, can't score when it's ona fucking plate. He better get sacked tonight.
  7. Jesus has actually risen again, drove to Ewood and told Mowbray that playing Sam Gallagher on the right wing, doesn't fucking work.
  8. We are in trouble with the worst bit being neither the manager, nor the players probably believing that we are. We are in total free fall and we don't have the manager to arrest that.
  9. Twitter is 99%* negative about today and the majority saying they want Moggasaurus out. *I've not seen a positive post but there will be one somewhere.
  10. We'll get beat. We rarely score a goal these days and we concede at least 1 every game. 0-2 Easy as you like for Bournemouth, shoulder shrug from Mowbray.
  11. Without question. I hate Venkys. They are totally clueless with regards to running a football club. Drag us through times like this and much worse than this with Kean. How they still make mistakes like this after 10 years of ownership is beyond me. I'd love to be a fly on the wall when they have a meeting about the club. How the hell can they see 1 win in 13 and think TM is still the man to take us forward? Insane. It's stuff like this that drives football fans crazy. We can see the car crash happening before our eyes but can't do anything about it!!
  12. I can't believe we are back in a situation where we have an unsackable manager.
  13. Testament to the uselessness of the owners that the clueless Mowbray is still in charge. Ridiculous.
  14. Embarrassing. Mowbray hitting a new low here. Must be sacked or we are going down without a whimper next season.
  15. We could get beat 4-0 today and he'll still be in charge for the next game. We all know it.
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