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  1. Mowbray's also been shite since Christmas, but it was Christmas 2009.
  2. Not kept up with todays game, just logged on to check how we are doing. I guess, not very well.
  3. Not sure how it will go. I'd like to think we are capable of a win but under Mowbray who knows. I highly doubt we will be putting 5 past them again, i think we'll go in with the wrong attitude that we are much better than them and play poorly, go 1 down and then equalise late on. Mowbray can praise them post game and say we are on a journey and can't expect to beat the likes of Wycombe away because we aren't quite Brentford yet.
  4. And yet we'd probably be in a better place with those 3 here and Mowbray gone.
  5. Absolute nightmare fuel. No end to the Venky reign of terror in sight.
  6. I could see them making a move if they go down and look to Arma to score the goals to get them back up. Not too sure if they stay up if they would make a move? Haven't seen the article so not sure if it covers that.
  7. What do we reckon Mowbray is on? Sounds like too much for Venkys to pay as they always do it on the cheap. So, we can rule out ever getting into the playoffs (or better) because they won't pay good money for the managerial position.
  8. Its all setting up perfectly for Mowbray at the moment. I actually think Venkys would have binned him in the summer but appear to be building up to a nice run of form with the last 10 dead rubbers. Couple of unexpected points gained in the last couple of games and now a reasonable run of fixtures for the last 8 games including Wycombe, Rotherham, Sheff Wed, Derby, Birmingham & Huddersfield. All winnable. I can see a good run of form, putting us back to the promised land of 12th place. Mowbray will roll out all the excuses as to why we've fallen short of the play offs but point t
  9. A great result in isolation. Limps on towards safety. Fully expected a defeat,so fair play.
  10. To flip that, at least we know that draws won't necessarily save him either.
  11. We'll get shown up here. Feels like Pukki loves a goal past us. Bit a of pasting on the cards: 3-0.
  12. We haven't won more than one game for a long time either.
  13. Without doubt. Thats the Venkys way though.
  14. Best we can hope for now is that there is a review by Venkys and they bin him in the summer. Hes survived this current run, so I can't see him getting binned before the summer now. Problem is, he will use every excuse under the sun (covid, injuries, etc) as to why its been such a shit season and Venkys will likely buy it and give him another crack next season.
  15. "I believe that teams that dominate the possession, dominate the ball are the ones that get promoted" Rovers - 74% possession in the last game Also Rovers - 15th in the Championship
  16. Harsh that. Evans has 4 goals in 197 apps for us, perfect sub when we need a goal.
  17. Gally, Dolan, Trybull, Buckley on BB, AA, Elliott and Johnson off
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