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  1. Is this what @Mercer was alluding to when he said it was bigger than just Mowbray being binned? (Something along those lines anyway)
  2. Just about to post the same. We live in hope 🙏
  3. Its because: Its about performances, not results The stats say we should be promoted already. There is light at the end of the tunnel. But also: Its about results We don't look at stats The tunnel collapsed
  4. I mean if our search is limited to one agency, what's the point? It would in fact just show how little Venkys have been paying attention over the last 10 years, or how much they actually care.
  5. Cheers. More bullshit from Mowbray, who would have thought it?
  6. JRC confirmed to be out for the rest of the season also. Probs Benno at right back
  7. The latest interview says it all. He's going no where. All he really needs is 1 win and a couple of draws from the remaining games and he's sorted. Unbelievable stuff really. All we can look forward to is selling Arma and Trav in the summer and allowing Nyambe to go to Stoke on a free. Mowbray can rebuild with Boro cast offs.
  8. Disgraceful how Mowbray has treated Nyambe. Ridiculous that we've allowed it to get to this.
  9. I'd wholeheartedly agree with that last paragraph. I stopped playing 11 aside a few years ago now but still play 5/6 aside. Not played for ages due to Covid but had a game last night, it was great to be playing again.
  10. Had a feeling he might have got another offer from us. We've got that other lad joining and I suspect Bell doesn't rock the boat too much here, so won't kick off much about being back up. Or the new lad can come in and learn how to play the position from Bell 🙈
  11. He's going no where, is he? Venky's are absolutely hopeless.
  12. I think the main line in the latest match report on SkySports was that Bournemouth beat an "out of sorts" Blackburn, as if it was some kind of one off. Maybe 2/3 losses is a team being out of sorts but 1 win in 14 is just a shite team.
  13. It's an absolute disgrace that is still the manager. I can't believe we have owners who value the quality of the managers wife's lemon drizzle than the teams results.
  14. 5-0 now (great goal too) but its all about how many penalty area penetrations Hudds have managed.
  15. Corberan is a performance based coach, so its cool. They get the 3 points, I guess?
  16. Norwich keeping Hudds below us at least. 4-0 after 30mins at the mo.
  17. As per Sharpes tweet earlier, we have the lowest goals scored and lowest points total from the last 25 games, if that isn't enough for him to get the bullet, literally nothing will be.
  18. I've had this thread open all day! Sadly it looks like we'll be doing the same tomorrow.
  19. Aye it's not happening now, not sure why it would take this long if the decision was made already. The review in the summer thing has been mentioned in the past, looking like the most likely outcome given that we have been utterly abysmal for ages now and he's still in charge.
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