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  1. Not a great half. A few good runs from Rothwell gets us going before the attack is wasted. Thought we were getting more bodies into the box? Seems like we are still just getting 2 in and the defenders have the easiest clearance of their careers.
  2. Are we actually the worst corner takers in the league? Yep, I think we are.
  3. Genuinely don't know why it surprised me a little. Maybe I was just disappointed (whats new when it comes to Rovers)
  4. Just seen that we've only won once at home in 2021 so far. Pretty poor that.
  5. Mowbray has already called Bristol "old fashioned counter attacking team" not sure what's old fashioned about it mind you. He's expecting us to have more possession. Lets see if Mowbray's new progressive style can beat the old fashioned one. https://www.lancashiretelegraph.co.uk/sport/19165258.rovers-warned-old-fashioned-bristol-city-palmer-threat/
  6. He's been a shocking signing given the amount of games he's been available for. I thought he was due back a few weeks ago though? I'll be surprised if he pulls on the shirt again this season.
  7. https://www.rovers.co.uk/news/2021/march/preview-bristol-city-h/ No Armstrong, Travis, Davenport or Ayala. When was Ayala due back? he's been out for ages.
  8. I thought we'd ended the death spiral but we then went and lost again against Brentford. We are in absolutely dire form and even though performances have improved since some horrific efforts last month, we still aren't getting any decent points return. Bottom of the form table over the last 10 games, 5 points from the last 30 (or something like). Absolutely dreadful and yet we just plod along with Mowbray. A draw at best but I could easily see us getting beat.
  9. Mowbray, Venus, Lowe and Benson remaining at the club in any capacity and putting DJ up as some kind of front man is absolute nightmare fuel.
  10. Chapman is out of contract in the summer isn't he?
  11. I can't believe its come to this really. Mowbray has spent the last 4 years telling us he's building a squad to challenge for promotion but here we are needing a hell of a lot players. Personally I don't want Mowbray to oversee it. Makes sense to bin him off now, bring in someone else to assess the squad and start looking potential targets for the summer.
  12. This hour is dragging, feels like its been about 10 years...
  13. Some proper pricks on social media revelling in, laughing at, enjoying Dacks injury (Wigan and Dingle fans, of course) Surely when there is a serious injury to someone, the "banter" ends at that point? I guess not.
  14. Another defeat. No surprise though, Mowbray makes them out to be treble Champions League winners or something.
  15. No idea how that was a foul against Buckley, he clearly won the ball first and the other guy got absolutely no where near it. Terrible decision
  16. The chances of Venkys proactively making a move for a decent manager are slim to none im afraid. They'll stick with Mowbray until the summer and then either appoint someone just as bad or just leave him place. Them appointing someone like Wilder is fantasy land stuff.
  17. Wilder about to leave Sheff Utd........ .....i know, it's never going to happen. Why would it when we have Magical Mogga....
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