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  1. Harsh on Buckley - he did a decent job of sitting on the bench
  2. If you are going to time waste, at QPR, at 0-0 you deserve that
  3. Why are we letting the kid from Liverpool take all our set pieces? Baffling
  4. We’ve got 3 bookings and 2 of them for kicking and throwing the ball away, pathetic discipline
  5. Clarkson will see out the 90 here as no way Butterworth is fit enough to
  6. Rothwell Dolan Buckley Gallagher Any of them would be preferable to Clarkson, that looks like a loan that only benefits Liverpool
  7. Who the hell was that with the set pieces? Clarkson? He’s been bloody rubbish so far
  8. Two in 4 days, getting the rub with a few decisions recently
  9. He looks knackered, I think he only has one lungbuster in him each game Could have been a penalty in new rules that
  10. Hope he hasn’t made it worse, we’ve a bit of a history for letting players do that
  11. Positive run from Butterworth there Worried about Pickering defensively I think they’ve targeted him
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