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  1. Tranmere sack Keith Hill after securing a play off spot; but before the play offs take place
  2. Coincidence that the £2m pitch was announced by a Sky commentator on a live game. You’d almost think that was strategically dropped in there
  3. Bell posted a photo with #thelastdance Kaminski replied saying it’s been a pleasure and all the best for the future, seemed pretty clear he’s off
  4. Actively trying to flog Armstrong now: That’s out of my control. For Adam’s sake let’s hope the phone rings and someone offers us a ridiculous amount of money, we shake him by the hand and we say go and bang in loads of goals in the Premier League and we’ll use some of that money in the team and can find another striker who can bang loads of goals in.
  5. So frustrating that we play like this when there’s nothing to play for. If anything it strengthens the belief that this manager should be gone ASAP
  6. Why is Elliott coming on instead of Dolan when he’s off tomorrow? Nonsense
  7. Off topic but amazed they’ve let Waghorn back onto the pitch after clattering the post and properly whiplashing, has to be a concussion risk
  8. Hope Waghorn is ok he just nearly took the post out colliding with it at full pelt
  9. Still annoyed at that final game of the season when we played Birmingham away. Win and we would have been in Europe, we capitulated, Hughes left, Ince came in and the decline began
  10. He had an Amoruso of a debut after coming on as an early sub
  11. Never warmed to Douglas, better crosser than Bell but potentially a worse defender and cost us several goals. Agree with the petulant comment I recall 2 or 3 times he’s attempted to kick a free kick at an opponent, missed and just given them the ball back
  12. Such is my disinterest that I didn’t follow the game, didn’t even know who we were playing and had no clue until now that we only had one game left this season. Mowbrayball has killed my passion for it, just caught up and I see that Holtby is leaving and Bell potentially staying, I don’t have too strong an opinion about either but the fact that it’s Mowbray making those calls is depressing, a new man should have been in weeks ago to assess the current squad ahead of the summer. Will we finish 14th, 18th or somewhere in between? Will we release season ticket prices? Will mo
  13. It’s just that reporter chap relaying the kits Joe Harvey mocked up, seems Macron is the maker though
  14. Neville and co claim it’s all peaceful but it’s clear a few nobheads went too far
  15. Failed? How, BT took the champions league away from sky, none much more major than that in terms of football. Also the move was always intended to solidify the broadband base first and foremost and has been going much longer than many would have predicted
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