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  1. I think the game tipped our way with the save then follow up onto the post. They had been knocking on the door for quite a while at that point and could have been out of sight.
  2. He’s not going to be leaving anytime soon so I’m just hoping now he has one of his runs and we get back close to the top 6!
  3. We have some interesting decisions to make in midfield at the moment, Trybull seems the most likely option. For me Travis is nowhere near fit and Buckley was way out of his depth today. Davenport looks a lovely player but worry about his track record with injuries.
  4. Good win in the end tainted by the fact for me that it prolongs the agony of the back end of Mowbrays reign. We are going absolutely nowhere with him here Gutted I feel that way after a big away win but it is what it is
  5. Any ball in behind takes Douglas totally out of the game, it’s appalling
  6. Depends if we are using the laws of the game or the Chaddy rules in which it’s not a red until Warnock complains in his interview!
  7. Douglas lucky again this time that Kaminksi was alert to his flick on
  8. Douglas is so lucky the forward hasn’t been able to control that
  9. Travis is looking really stroppy and petulant, not sure if he’s just not ready to be back
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