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  1. It’s weird a few games back it felt like Rich Sharpe had turned and was as critical as he has been. Since the Nyambe incident and the interviews afterwards he’s been less critical of the manager, today there was an article about things we could change to get more success and not a mention of the manager. Wonder if he had a ticking off. Anyway looks like he’s now rode out the 5 game losing run and now will pick up a win against Coventry and the tripometer will reset
  2. I really dislike the dumbing down. ”do you really expect us to be beating Watford?” Yes! If we had any real ambitions of promotion we certainly should be looking to beat them but there’s always an excuse with a section of the fanbase. 5 losses on the bounce to Preston, QPR, Barnsley, Forest and now Watford and each has been a limp performance. We have 2 schoolboys at the back who we don’t own but saw fit to bring in, both looking well out of their depth. A talented but erratic keeper now taking things into his own hands. The slowest left back in the league.
  3. He’ll pretend it’s close but we were never in that game from the opening goal Bemoan our luck, individual errors and his usual guff
  4. sad to watch Dack tonight he needs someone to play off, think he’d do well with Gallagher
  5. If Nyambe played half as bad as the two lads in the middle Mowbray would be visibly excited at the prospect of bringing him off and blaming him
  6. @Parsonbluewas spot on, what benefit are we getting from having these two cloggers on loan? Neither good enough for this league
  7. Our body language is awful, they are all skulking around barely interested. This is clearly or should clearly be the end of this reign it’s stale and is heading one way
  8. I can see Lenihan has been teaching the loan lads all About passing from the back...
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