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  1. I can’t ever compare Mowbray with Kean personally. The hatred we had of Kean and his snivelling lies still haunts me. The day he left was one of celebration and rejoice, the pubs were packed before the next home game, the evil had been defeated yet the big bad was still there. When Mowbray goes I’ll feel a bit positive about change whilst being trepidatious but I won’t feel glee. Tony is in danger of or already is overstaying his natural welcome but he’ll leave with good wishes from me, Kean can rot.
  2. He’s rambling here, no train of thought and going from sound byte to sound byte in his interview. I think it’s best that he walks, we all leave the good memories alone and move on
  3. Lots of talk on Twitter about us dominating possession and if we lose Tony will say the same but it’s meaningless. They’ve been happy to sit and let us have the ball since their goal, the possession means absolutely nothing
  4. Raw but Dolan is causing more problems for them than Elliot did by far
  5. Once again our own corner results in a needed yellow for one of ours; idiotic stuff
  6. Never handball, ever. Feel Bell getting more stick than warranted, he’s an accident waiting to happen but actually been involved starting a lot of our attacks. Tom Trebor is rubbish though
  7. Remember when there were no alternatives to Mowbray, Cardiff on their way to yet another big win
  8. Mowbray won’t mind to be fair, ‘individual mistakes’ are like a force field for him
  9. On top at the moment, Bell looking good going forward but a worry at the back. Rothwell looking our main threat
  10. I think we’ll win, although I think I predicted us to win the last 6 games and many before that, I’m worse than Merce! 2-1 to us, plenty of talk of believing in the process post game
  11. Yep I recall you saying in the last match thread that he’s gone but kept quiet
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