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  1. Absolutely massive game, nothing but a win is good enough, no excuses, no ‘we go again, we are hurting as much as the fans, we need togetherness, results will come stick with us’ 3 points nothing less
  2. Foot off the gas now, they could easily get another 3 if they fancied it
  3. Come on it was obviously a silly move for us at the time coming off such a long injury layoff at his age
  4. Why is the onus on the fans? It’s the players job to get results - can’t be doing with this sort of thing If we win do fans get a win bonus?
  5. Abysmal result Has to be 2 wins from the next 2 now even then we are still in the mire
  6. I never felt we were going to go down under JDT, I now feel it’s inevitable This is shambolic
  7. No Telalovic in the squad, Eustace may have seen enough at Birmingham
  8. This is a club I never thought I’d be part of! For me there’s no way he should have been in ahead of Kaminski but since his return recently he’s been brilliant and was phenomenal last night
  9. Billy was an enigma alright. A weird hybrid of brilliance and insanity, the way he totally lost play for Pears double save was bizarre then he had some sublime touches
  10. I fully disagree; watched the whole thing proud and reassured that my love for the club is well placed Gutted but proud
  11. Billy K looks like he’s never played football before, he’ll cost us a goal here
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