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  1. We renewed but only 3 out of the 4 tickets due to them now wanting for us to pay for my 5 year old daughter when previously under 8’s were free In fairness she didn’t go much but was hoping to get her on a few times but can’t be sure of it Are we saying everyone gets a paper ticket for this week or just those that needed a new card?
  2. I’m dreading trying to sort a replacement for my season ticket. No idea where it is after 18 months and imagine many will be similar and anticipate a bit of chaos on Saturday trying to collect replacements
  3. Barnsley have signed a young striker from France, hardly set the world on fire on his travels but it shows a level of imagination that we are lacking
  4. Rhodes is going to Bolton and Venkys are selling up in 2016
  5. 1. Will Steve Waggott still be at Rovers on 1/7/22 ? If no, date of departure. no - will leave 1st October 2. Will Tony Mowbray still be manager on 1/2/22 ? If no, date of departure. no - will leave 1st November 3. Rovers Player of the Season 21/22 ? Travis 4. Where will Rovers finish the season ? 17th 5. Who will be championship winners ? West Brom
  6. Never mind him saying if he has to miss a few days training a week to play at weekend then that’s fine! No pressure on Ayala, take a few days off a week mate
  7. Looks great, nice to see the formal handover and huge thanks to @Glenn @Ste B @Biddy @cn174 and co, superb guys and gals Also happy to increase the Ads, my salary doesn’t pay itself here!
  8. Great start for Macron Two lovely kits, best in a long time
  9. I think the purpose of the fans forum is often forgotten, it was always about the non business critical issues, a cross section of fans to gauge feedback on certain aspects of fans experiences. The issue is the atmosphere around the club and the situation we find ourselves in now makes these things seem overly trivial. It’s good to discuss the ‘temperature of pies’ when we are pushing for Europe, less so in the era of Kean, nefarious agents and absent owners and a spiral down the leagues. The fans had a chance to put some hard hitting questions to the club and did so at fan consultation meetings and the club are playing a blinder in using the pandemic to hide away from having to face that. My experience was always that the forum is full of good, honest people that really do care about the club and when dealing with Finn, Williams and Greg Coar you would get honest answers and actions but with Waggott it really does seem to be ‘I’ll look into it’
  10. She’s alright. She’s no Wendy though
  11. Gambling is one that always worries me. I think because I can see how easy it would be to fall down the rabbit hole into danger, it doesn’t need a cataclysmic event to start it just a bit of fun followed by chasing a loss, the next double or nothing could recover it all etc I hate how ingrained it is in football as well, full on back to back adverts and sponsorships but ‘when the fun stops, stop’ but at the same time place 4 more £5 bets this week for a FREE bet! Anyway that’s off topic but huge thanks to @JacknOry for opening up, a hugely brave and powerful action and a moving, sad and empowering story
  12. Love it and love the extra effort and non generic design
  13. Bloody hell if we are in the market for the player Tom Trybull is replacing its panic stations!
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