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  1. 11th on goal difference. Not conceding two goals against Coventry would have put us fifth. Mowbray must really hate the playoff places.
  2. McCarthy gone. Now for Cardiff's owners to pay us handsomely for taking Mowbray off our hands 🤞
  3. This side more or less picks itself...and that's not a compliment.
  4. Hopefully that’s what the triage is for.
  5. When I was working on my local testing site (run by Serco) earlier this year, a common theme was to estimate how much money it was costing to run the site, considering most everything there was being rented from APlant/Sunbelt. Whatever it came to, we were clearly lowballing it (ever seen those MTUs/vans that park up in places not covered by a local testing centre? £90,000 each, and our site ran 10 of them) as even the government decided to give the current contract to Mitie, who have absolutely slashed costs, much to the detriment of the existing staff, ahead of their full takeover later this year.
  6. We’ll have to see how Van Hecke and Edun get on, but the formation doesn’t fill me with confidence. Coventry seem to have been a bogie team in recent memory (or was that just in cup games?).
  7. It’s rather pathetic when people from either side use a tragedy to try and score political points.
  8. IIRC, Jim hasn't caught Covid yet. You caught it twice. Which of you might be on to something?
  9. It'd be ridiculous if the Lib Dems became kingmakers again after Nick Clegg consigned them to irrelevance in 2010 and Jo Swinson almost consigned them to oblivion in 2019.
  10. AKA 'I am the world' syndrome.
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