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  1. Creative systems soundbar and subwoofer. Bluetooth only at the moment, neither my TV or PS4 have an optical port πŸ™
  2. What was it I was saying about Texas? Texas lawyer informs judge he is not a cat
  3. To be fair, it only takes a few minutes to vote against feeding children in poverty.
  4. Have Kansas City choked? The defending champions have come up against the GOAT and been found wanting. Mahomes will have a great career ahead of him yet, though.
  5. "It described the suspect as being called Chucky and listed him as a 28-year-old with red, auburn hair, blue eyes who stood at 3ft 1in tall and weighed 16lbs. He was said to be wearing blue denim overalls with a multi-colored striped long sleeve shirt and carrying a large knife – matching his appearance in the films. His race was listed as Other: Doll.” Texas mistakenly sends out emergency alert for Chucky Doll
  6. King likely to move to Everton. Fee projected at up to Β£5m. Will we find out what the sell on clause is?
  7. Depends whether Sam wants to deal with the Venkys (albeit extremely indirectly).
  8. Any future rejoining deal will probably involve changing currency to the Euro and joining the Shengen zone. Might be a bridge too far even for some remainers.
  9. Jon Huber (Brodie Lee/Luke Harper) has passed at 41. Damn. At this time of year, at this point in his career and personal life... RIP big man.
  10. Who did you vote for in 1997 Phil?
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