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  1. Imagine being 14 and having Chris become your new coach...😮 I just hope he's in it for the love of the job and not to make some easy money before moving somewhere better-paying. Fool me once etc...
  2. There were stories that the Kross/Lee round of layoffs were related to their vaccine status, or lack of, but I don't know if there's any substance to that. I feel bad for Nox. To build back from potentially career-ending injuries and finally make it onto the main show, but get released before making an appearance. (and please can Paige get medically cleared and become All Elite?)
  3. From York, it takes me as long to travel to Accy as it does to get to London (2 hours). Granted, there are more stops, but still…
  4. Holy moly, this is slightly horrifying (if true; I can't verify this in other news sources) New bill quietly gives powers to remove British citizenship without notice
  5. Wait for the 'next Batistuta' to be unveiled in Hibs ranks and another kid be compared to Wayne Rooney.
  6. It's an odd feeling, seeing as every match was good to great (main event MOTY candidate?), but the pacing was a little off, with every match apart from Punk/Kingston going over 20 minutes. This show was a good example of why you need concession break matches or in-ring loligags for intermission. But AEW doesn't really have that yet. I dare say that's a good problem to have, because it's not perceived as a complete clown show.
  7. It was Irn Bru anyway: Controversial congresswoman AOC gives a thumbs-up to Irn-Bru at Cop26
  8. To be fair, given what Government ministers have been getting away with under this lot, a 30-day suspension might be the strictest punishment they can give!
  9. 11th on goal difference. Not conceding two goals against Coventry would have put us fifth. Mowbray must really hate the playoff places.
  10. McCarthy gone. Now for Cardiff's owners to pay us handsomely for taking Mowbray off our hands 🤞
  11. This side more or less picks itself...and that's not a compliment.
  12. Hopefully that’s what the triage is for.
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