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  1. I refer you to my previous comment you so kindly kept for posterity.
  2. Oh Lord. I’m not contesting the 17 points bit... Based on this: Your words before the link=your summary Your words: “a third of Labour voters want him” The link: “a third of Labour voters want him to quit” Damning with faint praise indeed, but the opposite meaning. Compare “a third of Rovers supporters want Mowbray” to “a third of Rovers supporters want Mowbray to quit” Same or different?
  3. I know you're excited, but even a quick scan of that link suggests that the second part of your summary is incorrect.
  4. New Jack dies aged 58. https://twitter.com/WWE/status/1393398616765702145 Somewhere in the beyond, Mass Transit is shitting himself. RIP you crazy, nasty bastard.
  5. Good grief! I'm not suggesting you're anti-semitic, rather that you're prepared to find any excuse to absolve Putin of attempted and actual murder, none of which goes on without his say-so. Or do you believe those GRU agents actually like brass-rubbing? I'll try not to trigger your snowflake tendencies next time.
  6. That wasn’t Putin, it was Soros/USA/UK/EU/himself/he was never poisoned 🤫
  7. GOP has removed Liz Cheney from her leadership position. How dare someone recognize the results of an election as legitimate. I think the message that if you are conservative, but also have moral problems with Donald Trump,the Republican Party would prefer you see yourself out the door, is being heard now.
  8. I dare say if you scroll back far enough, you'll see some of that here from the usual suspects...
  9. Only team in the bottom half with a positive goal difference. 15th with a 29-goal striker. Mowbray out.
  10. Former Rover Colin Kazim-Richards has a Derby goal disallowed for offside.
  11. Sadly, I think those dingles would also be as dominant over us.
  12. Neither do I. Keir Starmer is the leader of the Labour party, though.
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