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  1. Joey Jordison (Slipknot drummer) - 46 Dusty Hill (ZZ Top bassist) - 72
  2. I wonder who would be responsible for that?
  3. Salt and pepper wings are decent.
  4. I hope you don't speak like you type, or you might need an emergency dentist on speed dial. So you're not bothered that they broke an election pledge?
  5. What position would you have us be? We could be third or one hundred and third. It doesn't matter because of this:
  6. We’d have to wait for him to sign for Boro before Mowbray would consider him.
  7. Well done George Galloway… on uniting Jim and Dreams.
  8. So sex offender Bill Cosby had his conviction overturned, and the state supreme court ordered that he not be prosecuted again. Seems that they used his own testimony from a previous civil trial to convict him, but he had been granted immunity before testifying (and wouldn't have testified without that immunity) so now the higher court is saying nope you can't use that as evidence. While it does sound like the right decision strictly legally, that DA has royally fucked up.
  9. Of course he does, he's 🎣
  10. Probably grass them up to Xi and the Chinese secret police.
  11. But he says he thinks the government should allow MPs to have a vote separately on the aid spending cut. He has invited MPs to propose an emergency debate under standing order 24. If granted (and he has implied it will be granted), it would take place tomorrow.
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