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  1. What we expected. Interestingly, Macron will be the kit supplier for our 150th Anniversary, the 2025-26 season. I was disappointed that Umbro didn't come up with a 25th Year Anniversary kit for the Premier League winning team in 2019/20, but I suppose we did get the pinstripes/red shorts combination for the League One campaign. Looking forward to seeing what they come up with. Personally think this past season, Macron had some good kits See Millwall and Armenia Bielefeld to name just a few. Looking forward to seeing what they come up with. A simple Blue/White halved ho
  2. Retained list released https://www.rovers.co.uk/news/2021/may/rovers-confirm-retain-list/ No surprises I don't think
  3. Always felt Armstrong back to Newcastle would be a likely option. A £10m plus Dwight Gayle may do a job for all parties? That article seems to suggest a 40% sell on fee to Newcastle! So even a £25m sale would only realistically give us £15m to spend on a new players
  4. Interested to see how the appointment at Deepdale goes. My footballing memory bank makes me feel like I've seen the "number two steps forward to lead the team temporarily until the end of the season.....does a decent job......gets the full time gig......then struggles the year afterwards...." before, and it doesn't usually end in much success. Paul Gallagher in as 1st Team Coach also screams a bit of fan appeasement. Will be intrigued to see what happens.............................no doubt we'll finish just behind them as per usual!! 😄 20 of the 2021/22 Championship
  5. It can be put as simply as this September 2020: Maybe Rovers can push that extra step and gatecrash the top 6. May 2021: I hope we can avoid relegation next year
  6. The recent videos of Pickering and Carter back at the training ground, getting to know some of the players/coaches is for me the biggest indicator yet, that Mowbray is going nowhere. At least we can all temper our expectations this summer if that is going to be the case! Also, giving those who wish to vote with their feet/wallet (re tickets, merchandise etc) all the ammunition they'll need.
  7. For me it has all the ominous feelings of the Reading home game back in 2016 (the year before relegation to League One) where many of that side were gone by the start (and or end) of the disastrous campaign that followed. Rovers 3-1 Reading - 8/5/16 (Bennett, Graham and Jackson with the goals for Rovers) Lambert (gone by start) GK - Steele (dropped/never returned from mid season 16/17) RB - Marshall (gone mid season) CB - Hanley (gone by start) CB - Duffy (gone soon after start) LB - Kilgallon (gone by start) MID - Lenihan (defender by middle/end of next
  8. To be fair to Mowbray, I think he's doing the right thing not playing a full team of youngsters against Rotherham, in regards to the integrity of the league. Ironic isn't it though, that Huddersfield are ones who should benefit, after many Rovers fans felt let down by their weakened team against Birmingham back in 2017. The home game against Blues should be a chance to say farewell to some long servants (Bennett, Evans, Johnson, Downing etc) whilst also maybe blooding a couple of deserving youngsters (Pike, McBride, Butterworth etc)
  9. Haven't you already seen the kits @JoeH? 👀 Cracking efforts if they're anything close to that...
  10. I think Umbro have been very mixed since they returned in 16/17 16/17 - Solid home, nice navy away kit, teamwear Red shirt showed no imagination. 7/10 17/18 - Unmemorable home, classic away kit - the best in this era of Umbro (IMO) 8/10 18/19 - Not a huge fan of the pale home blue, standard yellow/navy combination in the away, not helped by the sponsors. 5/10 19/20 - Weakest year for kits with that Grey effort, home shirt better, but still not the correct shade of blue, teamwear navy third shouldn't really have been necessary, particularly when mixed and matched with the ho
  11. If it is true, I think they can make some nice kits. Miles better with the logo they use these days, rather than using the ''macron'' text
  12. Has Tony Mowbray already had his chance to rebuild the club? Has he been given time? Has he been supported through long stretches without victories? Has he been encouraged and respected by the fanbase? Has he had the chance to buy his own players? Has he tried to introduce a style and a culture? Has he been able/encouraged to promote the youth players he feels are good enough? Has he had to adapt to a changing market, division, expectations? Has he had the backing of the board and senior managers? If any of the answers above were NO, then I'd
  13. 150 Championship games up for Mowbray P150 W51 D42 L57 Pts 195
  14. Is this him saying..... either spend £100m and we'll get promoted, if not, then leave me alone to ''develop a culture'' and along the way we might finish 16th, we might finish 9th. Its probably both brutally honest in what the Championship has and is becoming, yet at the same time, so self defeating and uninspiring. Mowbray seems to be challenging the last vestiges of enthusiasm from a beleaguered fanbase.
  15. Just giving my spreadsheet an update! 🤓 Interesting that now Tony Mowbray's win percentage is below that of Gary Bowyer, even if you include the League One campaign, which usually skews the data when comparing Rovers managers in recent times. Mowbray 37.5% win rate Bowyer 37.9% win rate Another interesting stat is that Mowbray will be stranded on 199 league games in charge of the Rovers if he leaves at the end of the season.
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