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  1. Lets not get carried away with either performance. Cirino looked decent in his spell, but a promising 30 minutes in a preseason game doesn't make you a future starter. Pickering did his job admirably I felt, yes looks a little one paced perhaps, but what do people expect? There was a moment in the first half when Raphinha did him for pace on the outside, Pickering tracked back and most importantly....DIDN'T DIVE IN, potentially giving away a penalty! He managed to wrestle back some control in the situation, the Leeds winger checked back in and delivered a cross on his weaker foot that was defended well by Carter. I'd rather have Pickering than Barry Douglas.
  2. My two penneth Positives Defended really well against a fluid, Premier League quality Marcelo Bielsa team, which contained several of their bigger names (Rodrigo, Raphinha, Harrison etc) All of the younger lads acquitted themselves well and by the end, all had done their first team chances no harm indeed. Notable shout-outs to Garrett, Carter and Magloire. All played 90 minutes and defended, headed, tackled and work hard throughout. All three will be involved more this season I'll bet, and based on last night, they have something to add to the squad. Of the others, nice run by Cirino, McBride rides his luck with the goal (but at least his free kick was on target) for his second of preseason. Him as a fourth/fifth striker option isn't the worst news. Nyambe, getting better each season, nothing new to report. Pickering, I think he's getting a bit of undue flack on here! Based on last night, I think he's a ''Steady Eddy'' type at left back, More of a Michael Gray/Alan Wright type than a dynamic fullback, but handled Raphinha as best he could. I can say this with absolute certainty.......He won't face too may Raphinha level wingers in the Championship! Mention too for John Buckley, some very nice moments, some frustrating ones too, a couple of beautiful passes, a couple of ''who was he passing to there?'' moments. Never shirks a challenge to be fair to him, big season ahead. Brereton Diaz - A different beast all together, more like a £7.5m potential star of the future than we've ever seen down at Ewood before, plus the stadium (or at least where I was sat in the Blackburn End) came to life whenever he had the ball. Kaminski also looked every bit the keeper that won Player of the Year last season. Negatives Armstrong looked completely isolated up top in that system, and his shooting boots where on the wrong feet! Pike and Vale couldn't make the same impact as some of the other substitutes, poor header from Pike for the Leeds goal, but I think both need some first team football in League 1/2 this season. No Butterworth either, which is a shame, after his MotM cameo at Fylde and he played against Bradford too. Nothing too major in the negatives in regards to play and ball retention as it was a very young team against a team heading in the right direction in the Premier League, but still sloppy at times, particularly going forward. Overall Before even speaking about the match.....How brilliant it was to be back inside Ewood. Feeling that connection with the team once again, and that feeling of pride at the final whistle. Great to be home! The kit looks fantastic, plenty wearing the shirts in the stands, saw both home and away on display! c.9,000 fans provided a great atmosphere for a pre-season match. Thankfully Rovers fans almost matched the Leeds fans 1 to 1, so made for a nice spectacle. Left the ground feeling more optimistic than I felt going in! In regards to almost everything! Off the pitch, how comfortable it felt being amongst a large group of people. The euphoria of being at a live match at Ewood and the feeling when the ball hit the back of the net. On the pitch, I still feel as though this season will be a battle from start to finish, and I'm predicting a lower middle placed finish, but I do feel we have enough to survive. Particularly with Gallagher, Johnson, Travis, Ayala and others to come in and come back.
  3. Is the shop credit already on the Season tickets? Quality, feel up close? Any non professional shots to share?
  4. Question for the fellow kit geeks like myself... Will we see blue shorts for the away matches at Blackpool/Stoke/Sheffield Utd etc... Last two trips to Blackpool have seen us wear our away kits. The teal nike kit, as worn by match winner Rudy Gestede and in the League One promotion season, the Black with Red pinstripe effort, as worn by match winner Charlie Mulgrew. That said, our home kit has been sufficient against Luton for the past few of seasons. Though Luton do wear navy shorts as standard. Similarly, we wore the grey away kit in our last game at Bramall Lane, cup defeat a couple of seasons back. Or will there be a 3rd kit option? A single block colour, either light or dark, being the obvious choice. After today's kit reveal, my way too early guess/prediction would be for a yellow shirt with blue pinstripes as next seasons away kit.
  5. YES!! 9/10 I can live with the sleeves and layout on the away kit more than the home shirt. In the words of the great Barry Davies ''you have to say that's magnificent''
  6. Its seemingly obvious that we're going to be relying heavily on loans from Premier League clubs, like last season in a lot of respects. Doyle, Clarkson and others linked from City/Liverpool respectively, yet we know that due to preseason squads being decimated by the Copa America, Euros and Olympics that these signings are all likely to be late in the window or even deadline day itself. Brace yourself for another 50+ pages before a signing I'd imagine. Maybe a link with Leeds also after tomorrow's friendly and the Barry Douglas link last season?
  7. Got my tickets for the Leeds match at the weekend. Not expecting many fellow Rovers fans to be honest, might have a row to myself in the Blackburn End 😁
  8. Its almost perfect, would have preferred opposite sleeve colours, but a solid start from Macron. I'd guess the away might be the same design, but in red and black? Intrigued to know what colour the socks are, and also the goalkeeper shirts to come. 7/10
  9. We can't say for sure whether the kit would have been shown/teased/released yet if we'd stayed with Umbro. Burnley's kits haven't been revealed yet, but Derby, Brentford, Shrewsbury and Hull have. Likewise, those teams who have been with Macron for sometime, some have shown all the kits, eg. Nottingham Forest Others have shown their home or away only, see Bolton and Reading Us, along with newly Macron supplied Sheffield Wed are still waiting for any reveals. As stated by the club, the new kits are likely still in transit, or have arrived and are awaiting a photoshoot at Ewood or Brockhall before release. That could be today, tomorrow, next week or the start of August. Last 10 Rovers home shirt reveal dates 2011/12 - Revealed 11th July 2011 (A month before the season opener) ~ New principal sponsor The Prince's Trust 2012/13 - Revealed 17th May 2012 (4 days after end of the disaster of 2011/12, 2 1/2 MONTHS before the season opener) ~ No principal sponsor until 2013 when Probiz added their emblem to the shirts. 2013/14 - Revealed 2nd July 2013 (4 1/2 weeks before the season opener) ~ First year with Nike, RFS sponsorship added later 2014/15 - Revealed 15th July 2014 (3 1/2 weeks before the season opener) ~ Birdy's big date 😆 New principal sponsor Zebra Claims 2015/16 - Revealed 3rd July 2015 (5 weeks before the season opener) ~ Last year with Nike ~ New principal sponsor Dafabet 2016/17 - Revealed 12th July 2016 (3 weeks before the season opener) ~ New kit supplier Umbro 2017/18 - Revealed 14th June 2017 (8 weeks before the season opener) 2018/19 - Revealed 18th July 2018 (16 days before the season opener) ~ New principal sponsor 10 Bet 2019/20 - Revealed 3rd July 2019 (A month before the season opener) 2020/21 - Revealed 29th August 2020 (14 days before the season opener - of course the season didn't start until 12th September) ~ New principal sponsor Recoverite 2021/22 - Season opener is 2 1/2 weeks away ~ New kit supplier Macron N.B. The change shirts may have been revealed earlier than the dates shown, also, the release dates to the fans may be considerably later than the dates shown. Interesting to see that whilst it feels like its far too late to be revealing the new kit now, it isn't that far removed from several others over the years. Add into that difficulties moving goods during a global pandemic and post Brexit. I'd expect Macron to be more prompt next season.
  10. The Millwall Macron kit has been revealed. Interestingly for a release date of 23rd July 2021, so I wouldn't expect the Rovers kit to be released by then (next Friday). I have to say its another attractive effort (IMHO) Sheffield Wednesday are in the same position as Rovers, having just joined the Macron group. They too are playing in pre-season strips for their friendlies...enabled I'm sure by a more traditional striped design, and therefore using a Macron Teamwear design. Expect to see the Rovers/Wednesday strips be revealed and released at the same time. Looking for clues from this, Wednesday do flip-flop between their shorts colours, blue/black. Interesting to see the preseason kit has black shorts....maybe a nod to their official design? As for Rovers, I think the blue shorts are a nod to contrast with the white shirt, rather than using blue shorts with the home kit (last seen in 04/05) although..maybe the choice of sock colour...could mean a return to white rather than blue? Could be way off the mark.
  11. The real mix of emotions all through the day. I have heard a lot of talk about Italy being the better team in the final (which I agree they were) but by taking them to a shootout and even leading in the shootout....it could have all been so sweet! How many finals have we seen where the better team on the day has lost? Bayern Munich (Champions League finals v Man Utd 99 and Chelsea 12) Manchester City (FA Cup final vs. Wigan) Arsenal (League Cup vs. Birmingham City) It certainly happens quite often. Rashford's penalty clipping the post whilst sending the keeper the wrong way was the real dagger IMO, the whole mood shifted at the point to ''oh no...here we go again'', six inches to the right and it clips the post and goes in. Sancho and Saka penalties were very poor, nice height, medium pace and alas the dream was over. That central midfield role still feels like a weakness, if we could find a deep lying playmaker who demands the ball no matter what....that's what we could really do with! See Veratti. Was thinking through potential candidates in 18 months time at Qatar 2022 Curtis Jones (Liverpool) Oliver Skipp (Spurs) Connor Gallagher (Chelsea) and of course Jude Bellingham (Dortmund)
  12. Mulgrew in the new Macron kit....alas its for Dundee United
  13. The Macron deal is now live! I'd expect a flurry of home/away kits and training kits news to start trickling out over the next few days. Early clue from Rovers twitter? Note the Arte et Labore text in the bottom right corner, this on the sleeves like the 94/95 shirt?
  14. Looking at the squad arriving at preseason training is giving me July/August 2016 vibes.... Of course there's no Kaminski, Brereton, Gallagher or Dack from the pictures I've seen, but crikey, I think we're a real relegation threat with this squad. So much youth, so little experience, injury prone players, players who have underperformed at this level... I know the season is still a ways away, so the panic button isn't being pushed just yet...but wow, we need reinforcements, and fast!
  15. https://www.rovers.co.uk/news/2021/june/Rovers-to-start-with-Swansea-/
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