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  1. Was about to come on and say the same thing 🤣 Will be renewing though, fortunately I can separate the enjoyment pre-match, the company during and the context post match to keep me coming back for more.
  2. Rovers ticket prices 10 years ago for the 2014/15 season. Italic prices are those adjusted for inflation (using the Bank of England inflation calculator) https://www.bankofengland.co.uk/monetary-policy/inflation/inflation-calculator https://web.archive.org/web/20140528010047/http://www.rovers.co.uk/news/article/another-winning-rovers-deal-1571638.aspx Prices down against inflation in almost every area, large drops in Jack Walker, Riverside ironically worse value for money in 2024/25 if you don't "Win the raffle"
  3. I get the sentiment and not wanting to put something like this on a credit card, but most people probably get two chances if paying by credit card? June bill if purchased straight away and July bill if purchased closer to the deadline?
  4. Amazing how much turnover in the squad/team in just three years. Euro 2020 Final vs. Italy (played 11th July 2021) Kalvin Phillips, Raheem Sterling, Mason Mount all started, all miss the squad completely this time. Jordan Henderson, Marcus Rashford, Jadon Sancho all came off the bench, all miss the squad completely this time. 6/16 or 37.5% of Englands players in the match miss the 26 man squad entirely, just three years on. Non playing substitues that also miss out on the squad this time include. Tyrone Mings, Conor Coady, Dominic Calvert-Lewin and Reece James. Other members of the squad to miss out, Ben Chilwell, Ben White, Sam Johnstone. An incredible 13/26 or half the entire squad miss out on Euro 2024, just three years later.
  5. Both a reduction from this year, but I get the point. Rovers are so skewed by the supply and demand model. Supply is almost always going to outweigh demand. What I'd love personally was for the club to almost call out the fans and say "Season tickets are £250 anywhere in the ground, lets see what you're made of. Whats the excuse for not coming now?"
  6. With the 30th Anniversary of 1994/95 at the top of their agenda (or so it seems) I was thinking of a strategy that could include a reference to that, whilst dropping the prices a bit and introducing a Flexible Ticketing strategy for out of town supporters. Adults £394.95 (works out at c.£17 a game) OAPs £294.95 Young Adults £194.95 Under 18s £94.95 Under 12s £30.00 (with Adult ticket) Adult Flexi Ticket - Any 10 games (non Burnley/Preston/Bolton) in JW Upper towards Darwen End) - £194.95 Any 5 games (non Burnley/Preston/Bolton - in JW Upper towards Darwen End) - £94.95 Something along those lines would be fair and also a nod to the 94/95 campaign.
  7. @superniko with some stellar forum work. Checked the odds on Leicester win, Plymouth win, Birmingham win and Sheffield Wednesday to draw or win (Covering both permutations that send us down) The odds have shifted on Bet365 slightly, now out at 19.8/1 from 18/1 If you do think we'll go down, then thats better odds than the 12/1 on us to be relegated in the 'Outright' betting
  8. Some subplots to file under ''Well I didn't see that coming.'' Bradley Dack winner for Sunderland against Sheffield Wednesday Tyler Morton/Ryan Giles winner for Hull against Plymouth Inspired performance from Grant Hanley and/or Danny Batth keeps Blues at bay and dare I even think it.... Ashley Barnes or Shane Duffy winner for Norwich against Birmingham.
  9. Leicester winning the title tonight also helps IMHO. 100 points would still be achievable for them, but they got 102 points in 2013/14, so even two wins doesn't clinch any records for them. The most successful Championship team (last 30 years) was Reading at 106 points so not a chance on breaking that record either. A win tonight for them, title wrapped up and a jovial, laissez faire, party atmosphere on Saturday where they're lifting the trophy come what may, would be the best case scenario for us.
  10. If my maths are correct (see GCSE level- Raise 3 to the Power of 4 or 3^4 ) there are 81 different combinations of possibilities for Rovers, Sheffield Wednesday, Plymouth and Birmingham. Only 2/81 would see Rovers relegated. 1. Rovers loss, Sheffield Wednesday win, Plymouth win and Birmingham win 2. Rovers loss, Sheffield Wednesday draw, Plymouth win and Birmingham win Any other combination sees us safe to fight on in the Championship next season.
  11. Thinking about season tickets for next season and the tough sell to the fans that 2024/25 will bring (no matter which division) got me thinking about Rovers' poor home record this campaign. I also felt as though we've not scored too many at the Blackburn End this season, so looked into it further and we've scored 13 goals in front of our end! And only four Blackburn End goals in the 10 home games in 2024. Rovers (League) Goals in front of the Blackburn End in 2023/24 1. 19/8/23 - Hull City - Gallagher goal to give Rovers the lead (lost 1-2) 2. 21/10/23 - Cardiff City - Rankin-Costello goal to give Rovers the lead (won 1-0) 3. 10/11/23 - Preston North End - Szmodics equalizer (lost 1-2) 4,5,6,7. 29/11/23 - Birmingham - Szmodics double, Hill and Leonard (won 4-2) 8. 12/12/23 - Bristol City - Scott Wharton header to give Rovers two goal lead (won 2-1) 9. 23/12/23 - Watford - Adam Wharton goal to give Rovers the lead (lost 1-2) 10. 1/1/24 - Rotherham - Szmodics goal to give Rovers the lead (drew 2-2) 11. 3/2/24 - QPR - Gallagher goal to make it 1-2 (lost 1-2) 12. 24/2/24 - Norwich - Hyam goal to equalise (drew 1-1) 13. 5/3/24 - Millwall - Szmodics goal to equalise (drew 1-1)
  12. Rovers win (52pts) Survive if: Birmingham don’t win or Sheffield Wednesday don’t win or Plymouth don’t win Rovers draw (50pts) Survive if: Huddersfield win Huddersfield draw and Sheffield Wednesday lose. Rovers lose (49pts) Goes to last day. Best case scenario is a Huddersfield v Birmingham draw. Sheffield Wednesday and Plymouth to lose. Worst case scenario is Birmingham City, Sheffield Wednesday and Plymouth victories. Would leave Rovers in the bottom three going to Leicester.
  13. A win tomorrow guarantees safety. A point tomorrow means Huddersfield could only catch us with two wins and a 13 goal swing. Sheffield Wednesday would also need to win both remaining games to catch us. A loss moves the need for points on to Coventry (h)
  14. That performance is on Eustace for me, tactics very confused at the end. Won’t face many poorer sides than that Millwall team tonight. Tronstad, Hedges and most importantly Pears need to be fit for Saturday. Huge game again and dare I say it…MUST WIN!
  15. Everything crossed for tonight's game, definitely a must not lose. A win would be huge and potentially propel us forward towards the weekend and Plymouth. I think as always the first goal is huge, if we can get it, it should calm the players and the crowd. I do feel as though we're due some luck too. Not had a penalty in the league since August 👀maybe tonight is the night? Ayari and Chrisene to come in for Moran and Pickering for me, wouldn't be surprised to see Markanday get a start too, but whoever can get the job done is good for me!
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