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  1. Next 10 games look daunting Home - Coventry (20th) Away - Reading (5th) Away - Millwall (11th) Home - Swansea (4th) Home - Brentford (2nd) Home - Bristol City (12th) Away - Norwich (1st) Away - Wycombe (24th) Home - Bournemouth (7th) Away - Cardiff (6th) Average league position of those 10 teams - 9th (9.2) Dare I say it may come down to a nervy last 5 games? Home - Derby (18th) Away - Sheffield Wed (23rd) Home - Huddersfield (19th) Away - Rotherham (22nd) Home - Birmingham (21st)
  2. This match will be Tony Mowbray's 138th Championship game in charge of the Rovers. Which effectively means 3 full seasons as Blackburn Rovers manager. (46 games per season, 46 x 3 = 138) Going into this game, his record stands at P137 W47 D36 L50 Pts183 League win percentage of 34.3% An average of 1.34 points per game ----------------------------------------------------------- For comparison, Gary Bowyer was in charge of Rovers for 120 Championship games P120 W43 D44 L33 Pts173 League win percentage of 35.8% An average of 1.44 points per gam
  3. Probably 😂 24th February 2002 wasn't too bad though, a nice 15th Birthday for sure!! March for comparison 16/17 - P5 W1 D4 L0 F8 A7 Pts7 GD+1 18/19 - P5 W1 D0 L4 F6 A10 Pts3 GD-4 19/20 - P1 W0 D0 L1 F0 A3 Pts0 GD-3 Overall - P11 W2 D4 L5 F14 A20 Pts10 GD-6 **And if you include the matches that should have been in March 2020 (Postponed due to the pandemic) 19/20 - P4 W1 D0 L3 F3 A8 Pts3 GD-5 Overall - P14 W3 D4 L8 F17 A28 Pts13 GD-11
  4. My birthday is later this week, and like most I'm sure, have a particularly good memory when it comes to games on or around my birthday, therefore I decided to do a bit of research on TM's record in February throughout his tenure at Blackburn Rovers, the results as follows..... Championship February's under Mowbray 16/17 - P2 W1 D1 L0 F2 A1 Pts4 GD+1 18/19 - P5 W0 D1 L4 F5 A11 Pts1 GD-6 19/20 - P7 W2 D4 L1 F10 A6 Pts10 GD+4 20/21 - P4 W0 D0 L4 F2 A6 Pts0 GD-4 Overall P18 W3 D6 L9 F19 A24 Pts15 GD-5
  5. Contracted til June 2021. If its a bad one, then I guees its auf weidersehen Herr Holtby. 16 starts 11 sub appearances - 4 assists, 3 goals in 2019/20 16 starts 4 sub appearances - 0 assists, 1 goal (vs. Doncaster in the Carabao Cup) in 2020/21 32 starts 15 sub appearances - 4 assists, 4 goals in total I wouldn't say he's been a huge disappointment, or a disastrous signing, but like so many before him, I'd hoped for so much more. With a young child and wife alone in Germany (particularly tough during COVID times) I'd anticipate that his Rovers career is ove
  6. Boxing Day 2015 vs Middlesbrough at home. The last home game to be called off due to a waterlogged pitch. I'm not suprised to be honest, forecast looks awful! Later on/tomorrow when peoples houses start flooding, thats the real upset! As for a football fixture, there'll be another one in 4 days.
  7. I just went off the list of managers mentioned for the Sheffield Wednesday job. Plus, I'd argue appointing Joey Barton would be less of a surprise than when we appointed C0yle
  8. My two-penneth is such I think Mowbray has perhaps taken this team as far as he can, his poor body language in recent weeks has become slightly alarming, slumped in his seat (or in the stand) his post match press conferences are becoming a bit of a parody, whilst results on the park have been ''more of the same.'' That all said, I do think he should be given until the end of the season. And why? Well for the reasons why Blackburn Rovers is a club still on the mend and rebuild after the awful leadership and decisions made in the 2010s. The fragility of the hierarchy at the club,
  9. We can go a little off book and still put out a very competitive team. I expect a first start for Dack and probably more minutes for Travis also. Something along the lines of? Pears Pike - Lenihan - Carter - Bell Davenport - Travis - Buckley Gallagher - Dack - Dolan
  10. 1 against Bournemouth away 2 at home to Reading 3/14 league goals Interestingly, we’ve played 10/11 teams above us, only missing Stoke, who we play away on Saturday.
  11. Not being able to see this young man play and grow in the flesh is one of the biggest frustrations of not attending games at Ewood Park! My seat in the Riverside would have had a brilliant view of his goal on Saturday! What a talent he is! I remember when Duff broke into the first team, the last game of the season 1996/97 aged 18, and he looked a real talent, albeit very raw for a couple of seasons, before starting his careers upward trajectory in the second tier in 2000/01 aged 22. This kid looks as polished as Duffer was, and is 5 years younger! In my opinion, legac
  12. One for the kit geeks amongst us. Looking forward to seeing us return to blue shorts, when away and facing teams with white shorts, as seen in the recent youth match against Manchester United. Also likely to wear the blue shorts away at Stoke on 19th December. If memory serves correct, the first time we will have worn blue shorts since Charlton away in the 2017/18 season. Where you may remember we wore navy shorts on several occassions But this will be the first time we've worn a matching shade of blue shorts since Rotherham away on 30th April 2016. My apol
  13. Luton 0-4 Rovers in the FA Cup in 2007? Unless you’re 13 of course....
  14. Ugly game, but could be a big point come the end of the season. As said previously, in full agreement of the players returning making us a completely different proposition going forward with the season. Kaminski, Ayala, Douglas, Travis, Rothwell (only half fit), Dack, and Armstrong all get into the strongest XI available......that's not even mentioning Johnson, Bell and Bennett. 7 of your best 11 out? And to still get a point? Shows good character
  15. A few things I picked up on: The team in general has undergone a huge transformation. Once Douglas comes in for Bell and assuming JRC reclaims his right back slot from Nyambe, very few of our League One team reamain. Of course we have Dack to come back in, and Armstrong who was on loan, but the squad has certainly developed in a short period of time. No Gallagher in the squad? Dropped or left at home? Dolan looks 18, he's got bags and bags of talent, but I'm glad some of the expectations on him are being checked. Elliott on the other hand at 17, looks like a future star. Fa
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