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  1. the dreaded hr,do you hide at the site entrance hoping to catch late arriving staff😀
  2. losing your head physio,reserve team manager,head groundsman, academy recruitment chief all within a few months is`nt normal,unless there are plans to downsize or the club is on it`s last legs,the club doctor,the tea ladies,the laundry staff and the canteen chef will be next to decamp!!!soon there won`t be any half time oranges either
  3. maybe venkys have pulled the plug,are leaving us to our fate and admistration beckons??
  4. kean was a clueless chancer who drew considerable venom,mowbray is`nt an idiot,he knows what he`s doing and he`s hanging on to his considerable wages despite his time being up,i think he`ll be in for some terrible abuse as if expected we end up struggling,fans can see through him and the only way to get shut is to wound his considerable vanity,he gets sniffy if the telegraph dare to question him(rarely i may add) a couple of thousand irate fan bellowing at him will tip him over the edge,can`t do anything about the happy clappers,there are some fans who`d still be blindly content if rovers sold the ground and shared turf moor
  5. in the long term it would be the best thing to happen,there is no future at all with venkys,moggasaurous and swag,there will always be a rovers,whatever division we happen to end up in
  6. he got rushed back from injury last season when it was clear he was`nt ready to start,i don`t think he`s ever recovered,he can`t seem to turn quickly anymore and though he was never quick he`s definately struggling over a couple of yards when closing the opposition down
  7. i could`nt agree more,i honestly think swag and mowbray persauded venkys that they could run the club and they could be trusted thus venkys took a back seat,all went well with promotion,albeit being very well backed,it started to unravel when it was clear tony is`nt a good enough coach or manager to make an impression in the championship and he wasted lots of money on stupid signings and big wages for players who he then could`nt get the best out of,now he`s released them there is`nt any money to replace them
  8. judging by the walk on prices it will appear there is a boycott going on🙂
  9. any chance the indians are getting fed up with their investment and want out??,id`e be willing to take administration and all the short term pain if it just got rid of them and the current two pillocks
  10. woodrow or shankland would be great signings imo but unfortunately i don`t think either of them are mowbray type players,woodrow is a bit of a target man and shankland is an out and out goalscorer,difficult to see either of them fitting in with his possesion based gubbins
  11. under the bingo machine tactician mowbray,we`ve never had a set way of playing,hence the players don`t know whats going on and hav`nt a clue of the team shape,he does`nt work on tactics either by his own admission so that`s one reason to sack the moron
  12. mowbray is only leaving if he decides to,he is`nt getting sacked,mainly because swag and himself have persauded venkys to take a back seat and let them run all departments of the club,he will get stressed though come november when we are inevitably hovering above the drop zone and the fans are getting at him,his vanity means he does`nt take criticism well
  13. be ironic if brereton got sold and armstrong ended up staying!!!!!
  14. agreed he just needs to be played centre forward alongside another striker
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