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  1. be playing on pleasington within a few seasons,getting tackled by the dog muck😲
  2. buckley has zero time on the ball,can`t trap a bag of cement and does`nt in any way try to impose himself on the game,all the facets of a poor footballer,in truth iv`e seen better players than him drop out of the league and to be honest he`s to lightweight for non league football as well,i just don`t see any ability in the lad myself
  3. love his reverse physchology in taking off the goalscorer and provider right away,tony does`nt half do some strange things at odd times
  4. a win is a win,somehow we managed 3 points,this kaminski is a class act and brings a calming effect on his two centre backs,completely the opposite of walton
  5. buckley is never going to make it,if you can`t control a football and need so much time on the ball it is`nt going to work out for you at a professional level
  6. good man management from our glorious leader there,rothwell scores and then gets hooked!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. can we put aside the buckley is a future star argument now please!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  8. never seen a rovers side so disorganised,they truly do not know their jobs,even in keans side the players knew their job,they just did`nt want to play for the ****
  9. trybull has been in the cold since he threw a strop after getting subbed at stoke(i would have done one to,seeing as he playing really well)
  10. i know for certain that warnock will have boro fired up in the 2nd half and we`ll go the opposite
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