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  1. the latter,coupled with millwall being abjectly bad as well,wait till the next game when tony`s bingo machine selects another 6 changes!
  2. enjoy it till the next game when he makes another 6 changes,he just can`t help himself😉
  3. his movement was key,dragging defenders all over place and making it hard work for them,mom for me
  4. i wonder if mowbray will ever go completely cosmopolition and play two strkers😗
  5. i hope tony does`nt waffle on about the journey in his post match interview,anything but the journey please
  6. results have gone our way as well,prepare for next season and promotion under our messiah mowbray
  7. we are getting a tired though not sure id`e have replaced 3 at once,but tony is a tactical genius after all !!
  8. he has`nt played for months thus very tired i imagine
  9. im`e sensing millwall have stepped it up,we need to match them
  10. tbh if someone offers 15/20 million for armstrong it`s a good deal
  11. millwall lads will get a lashing at half time,we have to be aware they`ll come out a lot more commited
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