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  1. imo pogba is complete w****r who`s overated and a lazy waste of money,fergie getting rid of him was the biggest clue thats he`s a problem,was many things fergie,but gullible he certainly was`nt
  2. lots of utd fans legging it back to kent and devon early
  3. can we nominate osg for some kind of nobel prize,he`s giving pleasure to millions🙂
  4. like i keep saying to the man utd fan down the road,give ole time,keep him😆
  5. bloody hell spurs are a bad side!!!!!!!harry kane is either very badly advised or self destructively loyal🤫
  6. wilder got sheff utd promoted,though he did`nt build on his second season in the prem when he spent a lot of money wrongly,id`e be very happy with him,like you said,he gets results whatever,sheff utd wer`nt flash,just very well organised i did`nt know ainsworth was 48 tbh,though i don`t think he`s shopworn like mowbray,hughton or mccarthy,he`ll be an improvement on tony tbh,as a long shot and it`s probably out of venkys and maggots ambition,id`e have a go at trying to poach rooney from derby,he`s done an absolutely brilliant job at derby,no money,administration and an absolute threadbare squad,he`s deffo the type of manager we should be targetting
  7. if mowbray does get the boot then great,he wont` ever get us anywhere but mid table,given that venkys have now seemingly taken a back seat maybe a positive appointment like wilder or an young ambitious manager like ainsworth etc would`nt end up with them walking out,a la lambert,depends if they get a transfer budget as well,iv`e long since been of the opinion that mowbray wasted a lot of money with little to show for it,hence they stopped giving him any,at our level if you are spending 12 million quid on two strikers you expect an immediate effect,it`s taken 3 seasons for brereton to make an impact and it`s not mowbrays input that turned him round either,gallagher spent the last two seasons playing on the flanks ffs,however you look at,it`s a bad deal spending so much,we are unlikely to make a profit on them,hardly surprising venkys have pulled the plug on mowbray,i know i would
  8. man city indecently assaulting brighton,makes you laugh that solskjaer and man utd are a universe away from city,chelsea and liverpool,it will take them years to make up the gap,even if they get a decent manager😃
  9. surely with the table so tight and reaching the play offs quite possible maggot should be calling venkys and stating the case for more funds,thats the idea of the game innit,trying to get to the top league,i don`t hold any hope though,we do the opposite of other clubs
  10. bang on, fulham,west brom and bournemouth miles ahead of the division,the rest of us are all equal,play offs are there to be taken,only thing holding us back is the bloody manager
  11. well you`re doing better than me,i had blackpool/preston as a nailed on draw😔
  12. tbf to him,he has`nt played fully since august,it was criminal to start him last week and wednesday
  13. with a few additions,a progressive manager who keeps the same team and has some motivational skills we could be a very dangerous side
  14. pushed up the field just off the centre forward he looks class,deffo needs to play there,it`s by far his best position
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