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  1. a statement by a man so secure in his comfortable zone that he can say what he wants and does`nt have to worry about the consequence,he only way,as fans,we are getting rid of the mogadon is to make next season very uncomfortable for him,home and away,the results will be ****,the performances listless and we`ll be bobbing around the bottom five till he`s gone,give him hell of the ears and make him aware the fans won`t take it any longer
  2. 15th position with a financially well backed manager while the behemoths barnsley and brentford in the mix for promotion,mowbray out
  3. **** me this is the worst thing to happen,they`ll be commissioning a mowbray statue and getting him a new flag next season after these few runaway victories😥
  4. id`e be trying to get myself out of the club tbh,if you somehow do get your chance in the first team,then you`re going to played out of position or be sitting on the bench in the hope of a pointless 5 minutes
  5. there will be another couple of loanees to do the same next year,hold your own players development up while you advance other clubs,**** off you clown mowbray,you`re getting close to kean levels of despisement
  6. to simple for him,he really does think he`s the equal of pep in the tactics dept
  7. if flat track bullying got you points,we`de be promoted with a record points tally,the gurning **** is never getting sacked after a couple of wins against hapless and hopeless sides🥵
  8. good meeting at haydock this aft,watching a racehorse run is preferable to watching a mule on our touchline fall asleep 🥴
  9. possible we`ll be lining up with 2 full backs who ar`nt full backs next season,tony will have the summer to come up with a new set of **** tactics,god alone knows how we`ll be set up
  10. Compare to Mowbray - I think we are disorganised, have no plan, can't defend and lack pace, power and skill. we have 4/5 lads who have the speed of a greyhound but their speed is never used,we should be absolutely lethal at counter attacking,but as you quite rightly quote,there is no plan,in fact i don`t think much training goes on at all,we ar`nt fit enough,mentally or physically and judging by some performances this year,it appears we don`t even research the opposition,we`ve been out thought at least a dozen times this season
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