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  1. Big fan! The rose is maybe a bit much, but the shade of blue, the collar, and the understated Macron logo are all lovely.
  2. If we're talking world wide my pick is Oblak, from Slovenia of all places.
  3. That third Swiss goal is close to my Platonic ideal of a football goal, not the least due to it starting with Pogba more or less getting run over by a truck and losing possession.
  4. I'm impressed with his speed, must be fairly unique to be a dangerous player on the counter while looking like a heavy weight boxer! Belgium does look a bit sterile centrally without De Bruyne though, I don't like their chances without him.
  5. Some people just become really aggravated when a woman dares to voice an opinion.
  6. Another torrid game, but four points and two clean sheets after two games is not something to sniff at. Playing 4-4-2 makes it hard for the central midfield to get a hold of the game, but it's a rock solid formation defensively and both Isak and Forsberg can produce chances out of nowhere.
  7. With the technology today there is no way of determining the exact milli-second where the ball leaves the foot, and therefore also no way of determining if the player is in line with the defender or not in such a close situation, even with VAR, so we're simply back to square one but with extra steps. And yes, I would rather sometimes have marginal decisions wrongly go against (or in favor of!) Rovers than suffering through VAR, even for offside calls, no matter how "effectively" it's used. Which isn't to say you're wrong about the rules themselves also being part of the problem, but that's another discussion.
  8. Finland's disallowed goal is a good example of how VAR is terrible, even when implemented slickly. First, there's no way of telling exactly when the ball leaves the foot of the passer in such a tight situation. Secondly, even if it is mathematically offside, how does it benefit the game to disallow that goal? The offside rule exists to prevent teams from having players stationed at the opposition goal and wait for long balls, not to give defenders a free pass after having been unable to keep a cross out and defend against a header.
  9. Must have been an awful watch for the neutral spectator, but I'm happy with the point. I criticized teams that slavishly play the ball out from the back yesterday, but it's also true that you can't just launch it when playing a superior opponent, and Sweden did just that all throughout the first half before adjusting slightly in the second. Isak looks a massive talent, almost Zlatan-esque at times but with pace!
  10. Over-belief in playing the ball out from the back no matter the circumstance.
  11. I enjoy this Dutch team, attacking, playing a high line and passing it from the back even with a slender one goal lead in extra time. Just the kind of thinking that made de Boer such a fiasco at Palace, but perhaps it's a style more suited for tournament play.
  12. The complaint is usually the other way around, that modern football is too rigid and doesn't let players express themselves on the pitch. I thought both Italy and Turkey looked highly structured, with the difference that Turkey did most things within that structure very poorly. Players are generally less specialized in defensive or attacking roles these days, but that's a result of the game having reached such speed that it's considered wasteful for all players not to be able to contribute in both attack and defense. The days of peg legged centre backs like Wharton might very well be coming to an end.
  13. Quite the purple patch at the end of this season! Surely he'd be more expensive, and have better financial and sporting prospects in Italy? Or is the Championship still that financially bloated compared to the continental leagues?
  14. We're crying out for Dack here, Reading hasn't shown anything to warrant two deep-sitting midfielders. And how many times have we passed the ball in or through their penalty area? Ridiculous, go for goal!
  15. I'm not the world's biggest fan of 3-5-2, but it does look like a good use of our current squad. Midfield a bit lightweight, but Dack, Armstrong and Gallagher should be a deadly attacking trio.
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