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  1. Quite the purple patch at the end of this season! Surely he'd be more expensive, and have better financial and sporting prospects in Italy? Or is the Championship still that financially bloated compared to the continental leagues?
  2. We're crying out for Dack here, Reading hasn't shown anything to warrant two deep-sitting midfielders. And how many times have we passed the ball in or through their penalty area? Ridiculous, go for goal!
  3. I'm not the world's biggest fan of 3-5-2, but it does look like a good use of our current squad. Midfield a bit lightweight, but Dack, Armstrong and Gallagher should be a deadly attacking trio.
  4. Stretching the definition of nostalgia here, but this brought a smile to my face.
  5. Brantwaithe played dangerously and should have had at least a yellow card and conceded a penalty according to the rule book. That doesn't make him into some Machiavellian genius we should be glad to have on our side, but rather an inexperienced defender who got very lucky to escape attention from the referee. Either way, I thought we had a decent period of 10 or so minutes in the first half, but then got sucked into Boro's usual scrappy play (very similar to the game at Ewood) and only threatened on the counter. Which admittedly worked out fine, I don't think Boro ever came close to goal
  6. I stumbled on this interview with Niklas Gudmundsson about his time at Rovers in Swedish newspaper Aftonbladet (https://www.aftonbladet.se/sportbladet/a/bn8og3/ska-inte-jamfora-mig-med-ljungberg-men), who are doing a series on Swedish players with obscure international careers. It contained some interesting behind the scenes stuff about Rovers, Shearer, transfer dealings and 90's Premier League in general, so I thought it would be interesting to share here as well. I've translated the interview, but it's him rather than me who keeps using "Blackburn" when referring to our club... "During
  7. I don't think people really care about or believe in the importance of touch line behaviour or pre/post-match interviews, it's just a convenient way to vent frustration.
  8. Flattering to deceive. Some good attacking play with crosses pinging around the field but we were constantly forced out to the flanks, letting Norwich deal with crosses of varying quality rather than trying to pass through the heart of their defense. It's telling that they scored from a quick turn and a deflection, while we had to pull out a wonder goal from an individual performance. Mowbray's subs didn't pay off either, thought we lost the initiative without Johnson and Holtby. It's also worrying that Armstrong was so anonymous while Elliott played brilliantly, can't he play when he's not t
  9. Thought we had that under control but Diedhiou is just the kind of quick, strong forward that can bully mediocre Championship defenders like Williams and Ayala. I had a bad feeling when ha came on, and was proven right. Terrible set piece delivery today and our attackers looked off the boil, Armstrong has certainly earned the right to try some audacious finishes after the season he's had so far but went overboard tonight with overconfident shots from distance. All in all this looked more like a blip on an upward trajectory than the start of a downturn, hopefully I'm as right about that a
  10. I certainly prefer him to having someone like Paul Downing, Matt Kilgallon or Gordon Greer soaking up first team pay while effectively functioning as third/fourth choice centre back. Economically sound.
  11. Agreed, made some good saves but looks like a boy among men. No charisma, doesn't inspire confidence. ...so the players actually have different, bodily injuries, but Rovers and the players cover it up because...?
  12. We were battered for at least 85 minutes, no two ways about it. Constantly lost the ball in midfield, we could neither get the ball on the deck and play around them nor launch it long and have Gallagher or Brereton hold it up. Luckily Boro were no great shakes in front of goal, and the back four along with Pears all had good games defensively with the caveat that they never looked like a solid unit, lots of panicked individual defending. We obviously need to play a three man midfield with at least one proper anchor, the two men we had today were eaten alive. Elliott showed glimpses of clas
  13. I don't care if they spend £100 million in the next window, that's not going to happen. My respect and loyalty are not for sale.
  14. I cannot believe this isn't a more wide spread opinion. Even the more skilled and sensible football pundits tend to wring their hands whenever it comes up. What's there to hesitate about? Who would miss playing those awful excuses for football clubs?
  15. Very different types of striker though, but perhaps they're just looking to get bodies in at this point.
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