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  1. Saw him score in a 5-2 win for Rovers at Ewood in March 1965. He lived about 100 yards along the road from me in the mid-90s. Last saw him in the local Coop looking extremely overweight a couple of weeks before he had a massive stroke.
  2. Probably means that Ayala pulled his groin getting out of bed and Magloire is off somewhere on loan.
  3. Obafemi has similar career profile. Diminutive striker has a few appearances in PL (Jackson at Norwich) but with negligible scoring record. At least Jackson cost nowt whereas despite the smoke and mirrors being applied to the Southampton deals it's clear Obafemi is valued in 7 figures.
  4. It's an ankle injury so probably related to the ankle injury that caused him to miss the second half of last season. You can rely on Mowbray to sign a crock.
  5. Obafemi looks like Simeon Jackson Mk 2.Dodged a bullet there.
  6. Obafemi has a terrible record with hamstring injuries, missing large parts of the 18/19 and 19/20 seasons then having surgery earlier this year for a "leg muscle" injury. Any other club would steer well clear but Mowbray.......
  7. What age would that be - 80+? Blackburn has been a small town club since the mid-60s when the maximum wage was abolished. The clubs mentionned above have consistently finished either around or above Rovers in the past 40 years except for the Jack Walker- funded period. The financial realities of better-supported clubs dominating during the period up to 1992 have returned so Rovers are now just a club in the lower regions of the second tier at best. Fact check - Rovers played both CP and Norwich in Div 2 in the 3 seasons ending 1968/69, Watford were Div 1 runners-up in 1983 and Southampton in Div 2 from 1975 onwards.
  8. Not if they saw the number of chances he missed . Three in the first half alone.
  9. Bell is a frigging useless defender. Yet again made little or no effort to stop the cross.
  10. That Venkys are wonderful, honest, humble and loads more obsequious sycopanting crap.
  11. Mowbray's comments about the Raos are just pure brown-nosing.
  12. I don't think that's corect. If Derby win all 3 remaining and Rotherham get 12 points from their 6 remaining then Rovers need at least 1 more point. I wouldn't put my money on them getting even that.
  13. Yet AGAIN that was utter shite. Keep doing the same thing and expect a different result. When the f*** is Mowbray going to get sacked? Bennett is stealing a living pretending to be a full back. Midfield is a turgid nothing. Clueless going forward. The prospect of next season is TERRIFYING unless there is a wholesale clearout and reset with a NEW MANAGER.
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