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  1. Judging from the additions to the senior squad in the last three windows, he's no great loss.
  2. Never heard of him. Is he better than Travis Tronstad or JRC? Unlikely as his appearances were for a desperately poor Hull team. Probably on a par with Smallwood who played alongside him for two seasons. Just another cheap addition for a club that's received about £30m in transfer income in the last 12 months. Further evidence that the owners are preparing a squad for L1 the season after next.
  3. We're looking at a free agent from the National League according to reports. Venkys are dumbing down the playing squad to take us to the next level.
  4. Funny isn't it how Maggot always gets a job at clubs with hated and despised owners. That really tells everything about him.
  5. Just like the January registrations fiasco the idiots and chancers who run the club never learn from their mistakes.
  6. This wages figure of £7.7m is clearly rubbish as the audited accounts figure is £25.8m for 22/23.
  7. Looking at the 22/23 accounts, the "other expenses" (ie not wages/salaries) seems an exceptionally high figure at £11.6m. I wonder how much of that goes to India as "management expenses" and to the directors. And any other slush fund payments?
  8. Kaminski was given a contract extension so he'd have left on a higher wage than he joined with.
  9. I don't imagine Hill will leave a PL club to come to a struggling Championship club.
  10. So back to square one with signings being made based on agents' recommendations and contracts being allowed to run down.
  11. Hyam won't be staying unless he signs an extension as he's out of contract next summer. Suspect he won't sign as rumour has it he wants to go south back to his family.
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