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  1. Not if they saw the number of chances he missed . Three in the first half alone.
  2. Bell is a frigging useless defender. Yet again made little or no effort to stop the cross.
  3. That Venkys are wonderful, honest, humble and loads more obsequious sycopanting crap.
  4. Mowbray's comments about the Raos are just pure brown-nosing.
  5. I don't think that's corect. If Derby win all 3 remaining and Rotherham get 12 points from their 6 remaining then Rovers need at least 1 more point. I wouldn't put my money on them getting even that.
  6. Yet AGAIN that was utter shite. Keep doing the same thing and expect a different result. When the f*** is Mowbray going to get sacked? Bennett is stealing a living pretending to be a full back. Midfield is a turgid nothing. Clueless going forward. The prospect of next season is TERRIFYING unless there is a wholesale clearout and reset with a NEW MANAGER.
  7. Travis looks like a carthorse. Gives the ball away and seems to be in a mental fog.
  8. So so lucky. Played like a schoolboy team in the closing stages.
  9. We look every inch a L1 team now and not a good one at that.
  10. Utterly, utterly pathetic performance. Not even third best in every respect. Secfond to evry challenge, Clueless. What the Hell do they do in training to serve up this crap?
  11. If the players in the wall had just stood still the goal would not have been scored. What is the point of a player lying down?
  12. Johnson is a total liability. So slow, hesitant and negative. Trybull and Douglas not much better. So much soft possession given away in dangerous positions. Only a matter of time before another soft goal is gifted.
  13. You're an optimist! More likely we'll get the backlash and crumble to humiliating defeat as Cardiff are physical and Rovers are a team of fragile dwarves.
  14. Venkys are all set to alienate the fans again as they did - among other things - by hanging onto K**n for so long. It's utterly counterproductive because there will be very few season ticket sales with Mowbray still in charge. It'll cost them far more than to give Mowbray the bullet. But then as we know Venkys are utterly clueless muppets at running this football club.
  15. This wouldn't be happening if there were fans in the stadium. Maggott would cave in.
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