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  1. In fairness sparks Harwood Bellis is younger than both Carter and Magloire and has been involved with the first team at Man City,he is a better prospect by far than Carter and Magloire
  2. If we were to offer Danny Cowley the job tomorrow morning promising the same time and backing that Mowbray has had then he would join IV no doubt. Mowbray has had 4 year and hasn't been forced to sell a player and has been backed.Id imagine plenty of managers would be interested
  3. And why would they sign them? Most us fans including me and you want the manager out, and I'm sure certain players are thinking the same. Would you sign a new contract under a boss you have lost faith in when you could get a deal elsewhere?
  4. If Mowbray is still in charge then for the sake of his own career he should be pushing to leave.Mowbray ludicrously leaves him out as often as injuries allow.Absolute joke how Mowbray treats him
  5. The fella at Huddersfield was Biesla's assistant at Leeds. You pour scorn on people suggesting names from the lower leagues but are all for a foreign guy who hasn't managed a team? Also do you really think we have the competence in the background to support a manager with no experience of managing? Especially when we have a big summer rebuild and with our likely budget be looking for bargains from the lower leagues
  6. I'm not saying I believe him, however in response to the first quote he has been saying there will be a review at the end of the season most season which ties in with what has been said by some on here. In response to the second quote , he was exchanging tweets with a Rovers fan and what he said was "he is talking to players and lining up deals quickly" so agree with you he doesn't have the same contacts at Rovers anymore but he could be getting this from the players agents side. Mowbray has shown many signs of delusion whilst here but even he can't be that deluded to have been told
  7. Nixon saying he been told that Mowbray stays and that he is already lining up deals and in talks with players ffs
  8. Why would he come up here when he was unhappy up north with Burnley?
  9. I know for a fact Keane was spoken too on more than one occasion about the Celtic job.That isn't from the media either.
  10. I agree he shouldn't be given any more money, but if the owners feel he can't be trusted with any more cash then why haven't they sacked him. In Mowbray's tenure I will give them some credit for backing him financially and not selling any of his better players but it is just pure negligence to leave the manager and the rest of the sub standard coaching staff in situ. We are obviously right at the bottom of their list of priorities.I really do not understand how these people haven't lost the family fortune if they treat their other businesses the same way they do us
  11. Rotherham still have Brentford and Barnsley to play away from home.Play Coventry and Birmingham too. Hard to see another win with the way we have been playing and with Mowbray still in charge,so hopefully we can scrape a draw or too and hope results are kind in other matches. Echo others comments , unbelievable we are in the position we are in.Have never been Mowbray's biggest fan but let myself get carried away after what on paper I thought was a decent summer window and the performances at the beginning of the season and didn't want him sacked until performances took a massive dow
  12. If they choose another manager from the same agency then it will prove furthermore that have learnt sweet F**k all Like Chaddy says the last four managers appointed from that particular agency's stable and they were all failures.
  13. Rumours?They have come from mercer who I can't remember being right about anything
  14. Would agree with you I wanted him gone many times since he joined, was absolutely fuming when we appointed him in the first place. I got carried away after our good start and on paper was happy with the summer signings so wanted to see how we did, but it was clear he should have been potted before the January window. Hopefully he goes tonight/tomorrow but with the way he has been talking about next season through the media just don't think he is going anywhere
  15. In fairness his last promotion was in 2011 was it?Ten years ago and he has had to take a job in league one to get back into the game. We need to go for someone on the up or someone who has recent success not someone because they have a promotion on their CV X amount of years ago. Would love Wilder myself.Id be in favour of a sporting director but only if someone credible not a Shebby Singh or Paul Senior
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