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  1. Can't see anything from Sharpe on that?Saw a tweet by Crooke saying he was writing a story on it
  2. You have said the same every year for 5 years . I think they are downscaling it but I do not see them putting us into administration but maybe it will be 5th time lucky for you
  3. Reach got a 3 year deal at West Brom Would have been happy to see him come in but not on a 3 year contract
  4. Yeah we were allowed to bring in players on frees for a max 10k a week but not an unlimited amount of players.Just making the point there was no need for Bowyer to go to India to discuss budgets when we couldn't spend . We ain't under an embargo this time but if we don't want to enter one then cutbacks have to happen or we need good money being brought in by selling
  5. We were under an embargo when Koita and Delfouneso were brought in
  6. Won't be anyone decent if they are willing to wait 6 games and after the closure of the transfer window If any substance to this rumour
  7. Not saying they would spend it anyway but we wouldn't have been able to go out and make massive signings with ffp regulations. Like you other teams have spent considerably more but they have brought money into club by either selling players for profits and reinvesting part of the fee or have had parachute payments. Those clubs are bringing more money in through sponsership or bigger crowds. If the Venkys had given the same level of funding as they have done in the Mowbray era to say a Wilder or anyone competent we wouldnt be in the mess we are now
  8. Ayala might not have been bought for a fee but his signing on fee would have been significant probably more than what we paid for Pears and Kaminski.The loans wouldn't have been cheap either. The deals for Johnson ,Holtby and Downing in previous seasons wouldn't have been free we would have been giving them signing on fees to bring their wages down. I think our owners are useless, but it is the team on the ground, Mowbray and Waggott etc whose fault it is for the state of the squad.The owners obviously know nothing about football,they give a budget and let the people on the ground run it.It wasn't their decision to hand out multiple lucrative contracts to ageing and substandard players or spend multi million pound transfer fees on Brererton and Gallagher when the money should have been spent better. And on the embargo they trust the people on the ground to keep us within the rules.We are a tiny part of their business empire,they probably don't think about us from one month to the next The people on the ground have got us into this mess the owners have been signing the cheques and agreeing to nearly everything Mowbray asked for .Owners too thick and pig ignorant to make a change when it's clear the people on the ground ain't up to the job .
  9. Exactly he won't be on the same money as he was at Wednesday. He is the right age ,has over 300 appearances at this level and isn't a bad player. I dont think he is brilliant but with our budget are we likely to get any better ? Looks like no signings until the prem clubs let their kids out, lets hope they are of similar quality to Tosin, Elliot and Harwood Bellis who were 3 of our better players whilst here. It might not aid us long term in the development of some of our own young players who I think will get opportunitys regardless next season but the squad needs some quality and depth adding big time as short term it looks like a bottom half battle ,we need stay up and hopefully once his contract is up we will see some new faces in dugout and upstairs next season.
  10. Joe Rothwell age 26 111 apps(Championship) 7 goals ,8 assists Adam Reach age 28 306 app(Championship) 31 goals 42 assists. Reach got more assists and goals than Rothwell last season too
  11. I'd agree if the club didn't need money being brought in in the next 12 months to prevent us being sanctioned again. If we don't sell Armstrong and let him go on a free who are we selling for 10+ million next summer?
  12. One thing I will say in Mowbrays defence when it comes to Rothwell (I am not a Mowbray fan). But from watching the games on ifollow the amount of times I heard Mowbray and the bench screaming at Rothwell to get further forward was unreal and Rothwell just ignoring them playing centre of the park when his attributes are primed for the final third. I am in total agreement that Rothwell is talented but I question his work rate, desire and most of all his intelligence
  13. Raya and Cairney were far better than Rothwell here. I take your point on our coaching staff not getting the best out of players but Rothwell was in and out of the side in league one He is 26 and his numbers in terms of assists and goals is woeful. He is way overrated (initially by myself in his first season) because he is a nice dribbler and gets you off your seat but I soon learned not to waste my energy getting up off it as 9.5 times out of 10 he does nothing with it
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