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  1. As an individual maybe but stats prove we pick up better results with him in the side Our record without him is terrible
  2. Bowyer got nowhere near the money Mowbray had to spend and although he inherited a better squad than Mowbray did he had to contend with a transfer embargo
  3. How can they? Tony hasn't decided what formation and tactics will be used till be spins the wheel 5 minutes before the teams are announced
  4. He already has in the champions League last year played the full game and was recently given a 4 year contract Agree he has been dogshit for us and looks way out of his depth but he is rated at Liverpool
  5. In fairness Bennett turning down a new deal wasn't down to money.He wanted to play regularly and it wasn't going to happen here. Bell wasn't offered a new deal by the club.
  6. Fair enough but it isn't anyway near Championship level. I'm not saying Burns won't make it btw like I said he looks a decent prospect I just don't think he can be compared to Brereton yet. As another poster pointed out Brereton was playing for England underage that alongside the fact he had made 50 championship appearances by 19 would suggest he was more highly though of as a young player than Burns is currently
  7. Fair enough but at kids level is my point though.Like I agree he looks a good prospect but until he gets an opportunity we won't know.Well you would presume whoever has the better career will be the better player.
  8. When Brererton was Sam Burns age he had 50 appearances in the Championship already under his belt. From what I have seen Burns does look a prospect but Brererton has 10 goals and an assist already to his name this season and Burns has never played a game at senior level, how can the two be compared
  9. Ayala was poor the last match.The team in general were poor and didn't help Carter having Magloire that side of him.Everytime a young player has a poor game it doesn't mean they have to be dropped the following game.Van Hecke has missed pre season and only recently started training.Fingers crossed Lenihen is fit but feel Carter would be more deserving of a start with a proper right back playing
  10. The summer we signed Ben we agreed a fee for Celina at City only for him to go to Swansea as they offered a far better wage than us. We also tried to sign Luke Freeman from QPR only for him to join another club. I don't know this to be fact but iv read in a few places that Brererton is on as little as 4k a week excluding bonuses, an experienced player costing 7 million would be want 5 or 6 times that at a minimum. How much did Forest pay for Grabban?He will be on 30 a week away
  11. If his goals keep us away from trouble and we sell for a decent profit then his signing will have been a successful one. We have no idea that Venkys won't allow spending next summer they did agree to pay 7 million for Brererton and 5 for Gallagher in the first place.
  12. Read the post I was responding too. It was in response to someone saying that people can look at Brererton and say he wasn't a success because he didn't get us promoted. I mentioned Armstrong and Rhodes because they didn't get us promoted from this division either.I wasn't saying in my opinion they weren't a success We will make money on Brererton too.
  13. Shearer didn't get us promoted. I was obviously referring to the Venky reign and since we got relegated
  14. He did win that award in his breakout season.He did start the season out of their 18 as they had splashed out on foreigners and Grabban,players they thought could get them promoted and Brerertons sale helped balance their books.The previous season he made 36 appearances for them,he must have been showing something
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