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  1. None of us know what discussions are being had behind the scenes. I think we can all agree that Nyambe should have had a new deal long ago but at least we have a buffer of a years extension in the club's favour with him. Armstrong has only shown form deserving of a lucrative new contract in the last 12 months and negotiating new deals in the current climate isn't easy.Bigger clubs than ourselves are struggling to do it see Spurs with Son. There was no inkling that Dack was signing a new deal but he did.Im sure we are talking with the players we want to keep.
  2. Not calling you a liar or anything like that I'm sure you are only passing on what you have been told but to be fair most summer you were saying no money would be spent and we had to sell players? Apologies if i have you mixed up with another poster
  3. A bid that was turned down.Heard nothing more since.I have never seen the guy play but if he is as good as being talked about then at the reported price tag I'm suprised no other club has gone in for him.
  4. Williams won't be signing a new deal here he wanted out in the summer
  5. Might aswell get rid of the academy so? We don't have millions to spend to go out and buy success.We have to develop,like most clubs at this level.
  6. Same things were said about Brereton and to a lesser extent Armstrong when he first arrived.Players need time to develop. It was an odd reply to my post.
  7. That's my worry with him his mentality when given a start he hasn't grabbed the opportunity. Still feel he has the potential to come good but he needs to start being more confident when he plays and work on his movement
  8. Then why did he get the fans player of the year a few times?
  9. The rules have been relaxed in every league regarding only playing for two clubs in a calender year, it's not applicable this season.
  10. Yeah I'd take Kipre, he doesn't seem in favour at West Brom maybe get him on loan with a view to buy
  11. Can't say I know much about Pickering,but from reports sounds like he will be a good addition.Third time lucky getting left back sorted we hope. We desperately need a centre back in before Stoke.
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