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  1. If Wilder leaves Sheffield United then he would be my choice
  2. In fairness he has been poor but like we do not see him everyday but Ancellotti who is a top manager saw fit to give him his premier League debut last season and include him in many match day squads this season so to be fair I'd give him a bit more time before I'd make a judgement on him.He has had one or two good games here aswell
  3. Clown?I will say he has been poor in recent matches but Lenihen had just a poor spell earlier in the season.He isn't ours and I'd rather see a contracted player play if we had the option.But I would be willing to bet that Braintwhaite will have a better career than any of our contracted centre halves.Contracted to a premier league club and rated by Ancellotti who would know a lot more than us.Reportedly being tracked by Manchester United. Labelling a 19 year old a clown after half a dozen matches is pathetic imo
  4. Jordan Rhodes joining Bolton. Neil to be installed as manager by the end of the week. Every player to be sold in the summer as we are on the brink of financial Armageddon
  5. They left before they had a chance to go any further. I'm not saying they would be my choice, but they did a great job at Lincoln and under the circumstances a decent job at Huddersfield. It wasn't due to results that they left Huddersfield. Like I say wouldn't be my number one choice but I'd rather them than another Mowbray or Coyle who only got the job because the had a promotion on their cv ages and ages ago
  6. How did the Cowley's fail at Huddersfield? They did a good job just had a disagreement with the new owner on the direction the club was taking.
  7. Probably going to celebrate it when he signs a new contract after our next win
  8. There are far better options out there than John Terry who has never managed a game in his life. Terry was a fully grown man when he was racist toward Ferdinand and all the stuff with his team mates Mrs. I'm not asking for squeaky clean but that isn't the sort of character I want to be cheering on.Each to their own I suppose
  9. Why whats John Terry done as a manager?Nothing because he has never been one. Just because he was a very good centre half does not mean he will be a decent manager and like I said some of the things he is done makes it a big no from me.
  10. Yeah and a grade A ass...racism toward Ferdinand, bedding a team mates Mrs...great pedigree or not I wouldn't want him here same goes for Giggs
  11. I'm just going off what I read in the Newcastle chronicle today that they understand they have 40% of any profit.Hopefully not true
  12. Really?The guy had only really done anything in league 1 to be fair with the exception of a few decent performances for Barnsley in the championship. He had failed at Bolton prior to joining us on loan and I didn't think he was amazing in league one. Surely a deal rising to 3 million with 20 % sell would have been about right.40% Is a way too much to have agreed at the time
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