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  1. Done. Good luck. No one can deny your passion for the long suffering supporters of this football club and the extent to which you put yourself ‘out there’ in the defence of our heritage . Your experience should be invaluable to the FSA. If all goes well and you are elected would love to get updates on here about the deliberations within the FSA and the actions you take.
  2. Really like it. 9/10. Proper blue is the most important thing for me. Never been a fan of red on the shirt, so like it that there is not much and the collar is white. Also think it’s good to have a sponsor that’s not a betting company.
  3. Thanks guys. Good job all round. A really good listen. Thanks for the insights into the life of a referee. Especially the Rovers connections. The Ronnie Moore story is class especially as I live in the area. A local hero and acknowledged nutter. Still looking for a job in football in the local paper recently. Hope you had a twitter response from him. For arbitro, climbing that far in a short space of time is impressive especially as the system is so competitive..and you tell a good story. Enjoyed the podcast a lot. Thanks.
  4. Yes Alejandro. We support a fabulous football club with a long and illustrious history, an iconic and beautiful kit and a record of achievement unsurpassed by any town of similar size. Present difficulties should not be a reason to deter you or any other fans from celebrating and supporting the Rovers. We have a history of punching above our weight, overcoming obstacles and representing with honour a Northern town itself characterised by the honest endeavour of straightforward folk. Be proud.
  5. Ok Guys. I’m clearly out of step with the prevailing attitudes and mores on here. I don’t apologise for my stance. I’ve read almost every post on here for years as I love anything to do with the Rovers but it’s time to take a break. The constant Mowbray bashing is doing my head in anyway.
  6. I would say that’s a better effort though it’s still national stereotyping. I thought your first post was crap because you made a pejorative comment about how you think Indian people interact with others (which read to me as dishonestly). A generalisation that you applied to a whole nation/culture. ...and a view that seemed to be based on some people you don’t like (Venkys) and the opinions of family/friends.
  7. Surprised the only comment on MGP has been a negative one. Maybe not a first rank inductee but certainly a valiant gifted servant of our club who gave us his best years. Produced some marvellous moments and great goals and endured some of the worst times. Would certainly want him in the hall of fame at some point.
  8. I really liked Bowyer. Was a decent man with integrity and intelligence and had a real eye for a player (perhaps aided by his dad? ) but he wasn’t able to reconstruct the club like Mowbray has. Don’t get me wrong. I don’t think TM is perfect. And I doubt he does either. I just think he’s doing better than he’s given credit for on here.
  9. Just for the record in view of the criticism TM has received on this thread. I, amongst a small number of others, have his back completely. It feels a bit like planting a galatasary flag in a fenerbache centre circle (if you catch my drift) but this bloke is the best thing to happen to Rovers for years and by miles our best manager since Sam ( and is a much better bloke IMV). We’ve had a bad run no question. But played top teams in the last four. He always said at the outset that we would win some and lose some this season but always hope to compete. And ultimately consolidate. As far as I ca
  10. Got to be careful going for a ‘big nasty centrehalf’. Most aren’t the quickest and neither is Charlie. We’d be better at dealing with balls in the box but shredded by a nippy striker. IMV that’s why TM likes Lenihan so much as he has aggression and pace. Unfortunately he’s also prone to impetuosity. As with so many other aspects this is a team in evolution with several players growing into their roles. Would like a Kevin Moran type option but don’t want to impede Lenihan’s progress completely. He’s got great potential and is one of our own home grown.
  11. Nor would I expect him to lie through his teeth. BD probably has more to thank Mowbray the man for, than Mowbray the manager. Glad that he appreciates that. Or he might be banged up by now. Anyway you chattering classes crack on debating how much better you would be as Rovers manager ?
  12. It’s no surprise that the manager should face criticism after two shocking performances from his team. But this has been a deluge. So a couple of points in his defence. Firstly Whilst we may not agree with his selections and tactics, Mowbray almost always explains his thinking behind those changes either post match or in the days that follow via the website or in the LET. They are always to me at least thought through and reasonable even if they don’t always come off. We have more of an insight into the whys of his management than anyone I can remember previously. We may not agree but the
  13. Quite aside from what Mowbray has done with the structure of the team, the recruitment of players , selection and tactics (which are all appropriate topics for message board debate) is the reconstruction of our our club as a decent, humane, principled organisation. The man in my opinion deserves huge credit for restoring to Rovers one of the great assets I always believed we have had: that this club has values rooted in a northern working man ethos, that we are honest and clear eyed, unapologetic, determined, realistic, loyal and incredibly hard working. He is refashioning a team we can identi
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