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  1. Even Johnson, when he’s on a good day he’s a good player to have in the team but he’s still very inconsistent. He’s either an unstoppable battering ram or he’s slow and stuck in the mud and takes far to long to play the simplest of passes. Suggesting either have a huge baring on our current plight is like you say, shameless from Tony.
  2. Made me laugh now he said something along the lines of “my players need the crowd in the stands”. He finds a new excuse every week at the minute! Thankfully though it sounds like he could be finally on his way out.
  3. As tonight’s game was free I decided to put myself through the pain of watching it. Safe to say I’m glad we’re back on iFollow at the weekend as I won’t be paying to watch it (unless Tony is gone) teams have us completely figured out, let us have all the ball knowing we won’t create anything, sit back and hit us on the break or wait for the inevitable defensive error. We’re such a soft touch all over the park. When will this guy get the sack? He’s taking us down!!
  4. I also read that Lambert has been suffering from “Long Covid” so has been feeling unwell for a while now.
  5. The season we went down from the champ I think we went 7 without a win under him, but with maybe 4 draws in that run. Not sure if that’s the longest as we seem to go on a bad run at some point every season under him, this current run the worst of the lot of course and could still get EVEN worse yet.
  6. Is he just purposely trying to get peoples backs up now? He’s talking absolute shite.
  7. I’m from Burnley (please forgive me) and I’ve always called it a teacake.
  8. He’s played at right back as many times as he’s played through the middle this season!
  9. Makes me feel a bit sick that, glad I’m not on Facebook anymore for sure 😂
  10. Has to be other teams fans voting no. 😂 There can’t be one single Rovers fan who thinks he should stay surely? If there is a Rovers fan on here who thinks he should stay and is brave enough to say it, I’m all ears and ready for a debate, I mean come on even Chaddy wants him to go now! #MowbrayOut #WaggottOut
  11. Didn’t watch so I can’t comment on the game but I’ll just leave this here as I have done previously. IMG_5203.MOV
  12. It’s mad how many people I’ve seen on Twitter who now want him to stay again just because of that interview yesterday, I mean yeah you’d rather him speak with a bit of passion and fire as opposed to the recent down in the dumps defeated type interviews he’s been doing but it’s irrelevant to me, his time is up and today is a day where as much as I’d be happy if we won, a loss wouldn’t hurt if it meant Tony was axed. Either way, I won’t be watching again today, I said before the Forest game I’m not paying another tenner to watch us on iFollow until Mowbrays gone and I’m sticking to that. I’ve no
  13. I was only pulling your leg, all I’ll say is you’ve chose the wrong time to make an account on here 😂 Let’s hope Tony and Waggott are both gone soon and supporters can get back singing on the same hymn sheet before we are all back in the ground.
  14. Red flag alert. You sure you’re a ROVERS fan?
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