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  1. He mastered the art of running alongside a player without ever putting a foot in. 😂
  2. Put us all out of our misery mods and close this thread 😭
  3. I’d rather have Blackpool’s manager than anything else, he’s done well there 👍🏻
  4. I hope to god you’re right, drink on me if you are. If you’re wrong then I’ll let the mods deal with you 😉
  5. Who they’ve got lined up? Mowbray is still here and there’s nothing to remotely suggest he’ll be going anywhere any time soon.
  6. Going off @J*B past record on here Armstrong will be gone tomorrow! 😉
  7. No he didn’t 😂 he was shite, popped up with the odd goal in the box but his overall play was garbage.
  8. Nuttall decent enough? He can’t get a game in league one. He’s a poor player Chaddy who will end up in the conference
  9. Just wondering Chaddy what makes you think Mcbride is good enough yet? Championship a different ball game to Under 23s. Look at Joe Nuttall, he was scoring for fun for our Under 23s then he was useless and simply not good enough in our first team at both league one and championship level.
  10. Don’t know why you do this to yourself @RoversClitheroe a few months back you jumped the gun when you convinced yourself Mowbray was about to leave the club, he’s still here and I’m pretty sure Venkys are going to be here for the foreseeable. Sorry to break it to you and all that. 😅
  11. There’s been quite a few times this season people have come on here and said they’ve heard that he’s going, all been wrong so far. Will that trend change? I hope so but my gut tells me the clown will stay.
  12. If Mowbray is still in charge come opening day next season I wouldn’t expect much more than 5k Rovers fans on at Ewood. That’s if fans are allowed back on at that point which you’d expect/hope they will be.
  13. You don’t know me to question my support for this club, I’ve had a season ticket for 20 years but I’m not renewing next season if this clown stays in charge. Been gradually falling out of love with football and this club since 2011. I imagine many others feel the same.
  14. What do you know that we and the rest of our local journalists don’t? Please share it pal and give us some hope!
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