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  1. What Buckley and Dolan have done to deserve to be dropped is beyond me. Must be so disheartening and must impact on development when they are unable to get a run of games. Such a shame.
  2. Fair enough, you would need a big steel barrier in front of you to deal with the term "tosh".
  3. Touch sensitive? Didn't realise you were the author but now I know it all makes sense.
  4. What a load of tosh that article is, as already stated by others. Hearing Mowbray talking drivel about stats makes me feel that pretty much all of the Rovers lot at the moment are clueless and blinded by arbitrary statistics. Won't surprise me if Mowbray and Venkys are being peddled plenty of rubbish, it's so easy to manipulate data and present it in anyway you want.
  5. You're spot on. I have found my support for Rovers to be a microcosm of the way I feel about the country. The extinguished hope and growing apathy. The powerlessness. The loss of pride...
  6. That's some incentive for the players then...
  7. I don't care about the result. I'm a performance based fan. This is shite. Again.
  8. I'm seriously annoyed with you all for getting the young boy at right back injured. Please just let Tony manage. 🥴
  9. Tony doesn't do formations so maybe he doesn't see the need for training either? Sarcasm aside, this is concerning.
  10. For me Berg did not tarnish his reputation. He tried his best under very difficult circumstances and failed. But there was some hope early on that had our luck been different, well it could have been a different story. Any club legend that comes in as gaffer keeps their status, unless they scrape the levels of Kean and Coyle. Mowbray is on a different level, I see him as an old stubborn man out of his depth and past the times. He needs to be put out of his misery but nobody is gonna do it, so he plods along falling ever further into madness.
  11. How can they have an identity when the gaffer has only been there a matter of months?
  12. Apathy is the way while Mowbray and the Vs remain. Problem is, there's probably no coming back once you get there...
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