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  1. Super result today. Really great win. Armstrong was immense today. Are the playoffs looking like a possibility?
  2. 0-1 away win against Bolton. 3 points. Happy Days. Dack again. Palmer did really well for the goal. ?
  3. Looking forward to the Liverpool game. Coming over from Ireland to see it. Wonder will there be a big crowd at it? New kit will be worn also?
  4. No official date yet to launch the kits? Presume it will be before pre season friendlies
  5. Are we Linked with Daniel Arzani? Is there links with any other players at the moment?
  6. Haven’t been on the thread in a good while. Any movement on transfers? Any names been thrown about? Thanks. ?
  7. They looked good there. From the highlights Smallwood is living up to his name as King of Ewood. He was involved in everything. Could have shot for the second goal but pulled it back to Dack to make sure of a certain goal. Class act. Such a team player. They look like they are enjoying their football. That is always good.
  8. Just signed up but not sure after that. Would love to sit down and watch today's match. Are you only able to watch live games or will it let you watch the game at anytime??
  9. Does anyone know how you could watch the game in full? I live in Ireland and they don't let you watch the game on the Rover Player. It is an awful pity would love to watch some of the games in full. Any suggestions? Thanks.
  10. Great credit due to the boys today. Mulgrew is some leader. Dack fulfilling his potential. A clean sheet would be nice but look if we concede but still win I would take that anyday. Moved up another spot in the table today. Great days work. Relax now and get ready for Crewe next is it? If not Charlton at home. Massive game. Onwards and upwards. ?
  11. I woke up this morning feeling fine I got Blackburn Rovers on my mind. Tony got us playing the way the Rovers should oh ya Something tells me Rovers are going up (To the the tune of I'm into something good) Saw a video of it been sang on a train on the way home from the Forest win last season but instead of saying Rovers are going up they were singing Rovers are staying up.
  12. Such a pity it has gone that way. Still though I love going to Ewood. This will only be my second time and the last time I went in 2016 the list 1-2 to Leeds. So just hoping for a win but our home form can be flaky. Hopefully get over tonight with a win in Oxford. Any good pub near Ewood for a pre and post match pint?
  13. Ok but if we get ahead surely some songs will blast out. Am I better off going to the Blackburn end or staying in one of the main stands?
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