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  1. Does feel like there’s a managed decline of elements of the club, especially parts of the ground. Can see it shortly being ‘it’s failed the safety checks and until there is demand we won’t replace’ type scenario.
  2. Is it his fault if he took time to adapt or should the criticism of the fee be aimed at the club/ Mowbray? Criticise someone for not trying, absolutely, not for being young and not quite ready. Lads through the academy get more chance to shine/ are given more allowances is the point I would say.
  3. “No grief from fans” - do you remember him being reduced to tears at Birmingham away?
  4. He is the king of Chile don’t you know, once English now plays for La Rojo, Brereton Diaz, He’s changed his name and now he’s f*cking class, sí señor, give big Breo the ball and he will score.
  5. Certainly did: also done these Coventry ones this season:
  6. It’s Hummel. Halves for home and away. Very dark blue for home. Yellow and black halves and red and black both been mocked up. Could be a 3rd or just the 2 choices.
  7. How does it fit? Same as last seasons home or away? Away was baggier than the home by quite a distance last season
  8. Preston fans who take the option to have what we currently have will NOT have any pro rata money off next seasons games. Worse deal than rovers when we had the choice to buy what we have now or not at all.
  9. Kit is A LOT darker than on pics. It’s basically a redo of the 1992 kit. Hopefully that means this is the away.
  10. To be fair to the club they have little control over when shirts go on sale, they’re reliant on Umbro shipping them and then the players returning for a photo to launch. Umbro ship training kits (because players need them, along with a set of first team kits) then their big selling teams replicas first.
  11. And will we even be going to games at all next season??
  12. They have offered refunds. They’ve also offered a solution that suits both, if it doesn’t suit you then get a refund. What’s the issue?
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