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  1. You do know the design is the steelwork around the ground??
  2. Embossed Rovers F.C., white collar, blue macron - who’d have thought it….
  3. Kits are here, photoshoots with players done. Unveiling campaigns planned and being finalised. Stanley’s kits are a pattern print on a macron team wear, the number they sell is also likely to be all our ‘initial supply’.
  4. Absolutely not, we do not fully run out and don’t run out as early as we did. The days when we used to sell everything for £5 because we had so much kit left will have been a financial nightmare. We have literally created a supply and demand issue, people will buy them early this season and maybe then we can keep increasing the kit quantities. If only we could do this with the tickets!
  5. Quite possibly, however, Totally Wicked are one of the few ‘responsible’ vaping companies. They work with health institutions to make their products a safer alternative to smoking and are actually recommended in the way e-cigs were to reduce smoking harm. Whether you believe that is safe or not is one argument, health institutions work with Totally Wicked to be as safe as possible. Some will feel they’re the ‘good guys’ in that world and that’s the view Rovers have. Others will see them as part of the wider, poorly regulated industry. Fortunately I’ve never smoked and have no interest, I don’t think the logo on our shirt would’ve made me want to either but I’ll never know. McEwans Lager was always the one I wanted to order my Dad (I wasn’t old enough) but I’ve never bought a Time computer, insurance from HSA or CIS either.
  6. The club ordered the same amount of shirts last season as they have for previous seasons, which haven’t sold out. That tells us the majority of fans are at the very least, willing to overlook the sponsorship. They club have responded, in the short term, to selling out in by enquiring about more stock, that wasn’t realistic. They’ve responded this time by increasing their contracted order which is a risk to them given it is only last season out of the past number of seasons that sold out. It is also worth noting that the club have acted to prevent another scenario like the Suez Canal one. It is also in response to fans who, rightly so, wanted kits available pre holiday. They now fly in, at extra cost, the first team kit and fill their container allowance with stock to sell to fans. This is whilst the rest of the stock is simultaneously shipped over.
  7. Not sure, likely one will be blue. As this year had a full ‘half’ design I’d expect a quartered this year too.
  8. QPR fans amongst others said their cheapest price is only in a tiny section of the ground so realistically not available for most. The jump to their next band was around £200 more.
  9. Just quoting the forum where it was said that the sponsor is close to being finalised. At no point was it stated it would be a new one. Based on rumoured information about the new home shirt @brfccody has mocked this up… thoughts everyone?
  10. They aren’t 4th most expensive. There are so many things wrong with the list that 2nd tier pod out out. A quick glance at the comments underneath it tell you that!
  11. So on season tickets, the club say there has been year on year growth since they’ve been in post. Last season they had the highest number of ST since relegated from PL and most income from their sales. When they have done match ticket promotions (£10/£15) the attendence hasn’t increased enough to cover the cost of what they’re ‘losing’ out on having it at £20/£25 and therefore it’s a massive risk for them to drop STs significantly as the proof that price sigjificantly increases attendence isn’t there. Everyone says “I’d go if it was half price” but then when it is “well it was a Tuesday”, “it was on tv”. If you want to make a case for them being half price and we’d double the attendance, when they do a half price offer next season, make sure the attendance is doubled!! That said STs have been reduced, mine by £20 and if you renewed after the early bird last season then you’ve had a chance to renew at a saving of £50 this year. They’ve also listened and got them out early, they’ve given 2 pay days like we asked and there is the option of paying over 10 months. I’d say they’ve done quite a bit this year to be fair. As the man overseeing the budget, if Waggott halves the ticket prices he would have to double the income. Would we get 14,000 ST? We barely got that when tickets were slashed for certain games last season. My season ticket has cost me £16.50 a game, I’d say that’s a good deal. What I massively disagreed with was the idea they go up if we do. I think that is a bonkers decision as the money we get from the PL should be used to trial a reduced ST price. The counter argument will be though, let’s say they halved them in the PL, are those fans are only getting STs because we’re in the Prem and it’s also a hard sell to put prices back up when you’re back in the Champ. Imagine the backlash then “oh we’ve gone down and now they want double the price for tickets”. We’d then be left with half the income we are now from them.
  12. Any talented individual able to mock up the palace kit, white and red trim, blue and white obviously with the Rovers F.C. pattern on the front?
  13. Looks like the background pattern (from the Stanley game photo) will be the embedded pattern for the shirt next season. They’ve always used the shirts pattern last season and have only switched to this one for next seasons posts.
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