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  1. Might have something to do with JP coming in, might be a shift in power over there...maybe a conflict there...
  2. As it stands, they, the owners put in 20m per season. I'm unaware of further borrowing apart from obvious working short term finance like purchases of equipment perhaps, to ease cash flow etc etc ......but in terms of real funding I'm not sure we will be borrowing to pay wages etc.... Which years accounts show all this borrowing? And how do you know what the rates were?
  3. Money is cheap to borrow at the moment and their credit rating will be fantastic, why would they borrow money at a high rate? Doesn't make sense.
  4. They pump money in directly from the group. They don't get a loan to do that, their overall group performance over the last 18 months has actually been phenomenal, they make vaccines for fucks sake. The losses will be moved across the group by a good accountant and off set against profit somewhere else. Its not a problem for them to bung us 5m here and there....they are billionaires. If we get up I bet they'd spend, but stupidly.
  5. Yep, we are just like Brentford and our new left back is just like theirs.....🙄
  6. You think we should carry on signing league 1 standard players.? I suppose it makes sense if you want to be in league 1.
  7. 10m bid on its way in. If we build our team around Buckley we will be relegated without question.
  8. I don't know what it is about you chaddy, are you being niave on purpose or do you really not understand that you dont burn bridges, slag people off in public....what would a future employer think? The lad obviously can't work with this mob and wants gone.....he will turn up after his 6 month gardening leave has ended at another club......then he will have forgot about his missus and that...🙄
  9. Leeds couldn't care less about the game, notlob wanted to beat us. When we play in the league every team will want to beat us. Worrying times.
  10. And Moore has made some decent signings for that division already.......... Meanwhile down Lemon Drizzle Lane....
  11. To play 3 at the back they all need the following qualities: speed and good on the ball. None of ours fits the bill. 4 at the back for me with this bog standard bunch.
  12. I wouldn't be surprised to see Diaz, Armstrong and Rothwell gone.
  13. Fair enough, we need to strengthen that area and quickly. A bad start could be a real problem with a lot of youngsters about the midfield and in the squad generally. I'm worried.
  14. The right ones....I get loads of shit for it but whiteman at Preston should have come here. Big mistake when we were giving contracts and good money to loads of crap. 🤷‍♂️ steady championship player now with goals added to his game...he's a 40 game a season midfielder who can pass, score, dictate. We miss that.
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