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  1. With 2 teenagers, Bell and Nyambe as the back 4, I agree. The 2 teenagers are not ready for mens football by the looks of it to me. Sadly, our best pair is Lenihan and Ayala if he can get fit...My preference is Lenihan Wharton but that's not happening this season. 😔😔 a sorry, sorry state of affairs.
  2. That's spot on. Normally on any given day during the last 3 seasons we have won as many as we lose.....today the table sta d that we have lost 2 more than we have won. It's a worrying sign considering a couple of tough games on the horizon. Looks like Mowbray will leave us exactly where he found us.....with a bit of luck
  3. I bet the nobbers and Ben Davies are wondering why they bothered. He's not playing and doesn't look like getting anywhere near and the nobbers need a defender........strange one that.
  4. Aye, the guy was a nut bag. He was one of my dads acquaintances from the Ewood club.....racist outbursts a plenty.
  5. No chance with this defence. Bell and the 2 kids unproven at this level. 90 mins is a long time.
  6. Yes, you'd have thought they were chomping at the bit to tell us all.about their plans for a shiney new community centre.... The start of why they bought the club. Bought for 23m, a few of us on here at the time called it.
  7. They've cancelled it. Reeds Rains are coming to put a couple of signs up.
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