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  1. Better for Brentford eh? Dack hasn't delivered in this league.
  2. A pitch is a difficult thing to fund actually. Risk is very high and maybe the interest was too much for Venkys to guarantee. A building on the other hand on prime Real Estate is very low risk. Maybe he was getting the funding together for both projects and now the profit bit has fallen through he can no longer afford the other bit (Ewood pitch). Just a theory
  3. Sounds like he's looking to flog the naming rights....Leavers Pie Park, The Sara Lee Stadium, etc.... The Mogadon Trainjng Centre you can see it now....
  4. We could also sign Ivan Toney, Buendia and Michael. Olise.....
  5. So you agree.👍 We take nobbers cast off and he goes straight into the first team.....doesn't say much about our current 23s
  6. Our scouting is shit, Brentfords is better....just one example. Little shitty Brentford....
  7. Between March 2010 and March 2018, police forces in England and Wales lost 21,732 officers - a drop of 15%, according to Home Office figures. You don't half talk some bobbins.
  8. The young ones should go on loan if anyone wants them and Carter magliore come back and get a chance....we shouldn't be bringing these 23s straight in, not good enough and no experience. I'm seriously worried about next season.
  9. I wish my friend. We are well low down on their list of priorities in my opinion. In fact, I think they've forgotten all about us or he would have been out 18 months ago.
  10. Do they Mercer, do they? Theyve never give a shit before and right now that country is living Armageddon with this pandemic. Mowbray and Waggot will sort it no problem. Blame it all on the pandemic I'm telling you. I'd back myself to talk them into keep going.....
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