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  1. Spot on...what Greggy fails to spot is that the other teams players all have mortgages etc, ours probably live with mummy still....they don't give a fuck what league we are in
  2. Fuck me, quelle suprise, Bucko back in and the midfield is weak as piss
  3. I think he'd have shown that in training or in loan at Aberdeen by now someone would have let him go there.... I've nowt against him but crikey he's a futsal player at best
  4. He's had about an hours first team football in 2 years , think that says everything really. Aberdeen wouldn't play him.... You've got yer blue and white dreamy specs on....
  5. For me the riverside stand is a.bit crap....I'd look to rename the academy.
  6. Wouldn't get a kick, he's useless. Like a shit Dolan and that's some insult.
  7. That Ayari for me has something.....like his tenacity and good player....
  8. This is confusion between paying the club we buy from and the writing down of the asset on the books. Really any player(asset) value is written down over 3 years on the accounts, which means he's worthless as an asset after 3 years........Chelsea have been trying to get round it by writing it down across 8 years and they aren't allowed to I don't think.....that's why Mel Morris got fucked... Am not an expert but that's the jist
  9. Yep Trav and Bucko, the way forward 🤦‍♂️
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