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  1. I'm too realistic under this knob. Going nowhere fast.
  2. He was brought in with 50% of the window left. Was he doing nothing before he started here.? Have you heard of hitting the ground running? I think he's been hitting the bakers
  3. 360 degree turn all done and dusted. It was on the cards, you could see the signs over the last couple of weeks. 🤷‍♂️😄 Mowbray In!!
  4. Just loving a 0-0 draw at Barnsley and letting a lead slip last minute to the mighty Luton. Mate, this time last year we were 4th, let's not get too carried away with your "moment'
  5. Notlob with 20k on today. Just shows what can be achieved with some coherent management
  6. What do you care?🤷‍♂️ only one person on this board would disagree with having blackburn born billionaires in charge of the club..... ....until they buy it and then best thing since sliced bread.
  7. They are selling all their garages for billions, I'd love them to buy the club. I bet they employ hundreds of Rovers fans
  8. Jack of all trades master of none. Seen loads like him, not all get as lucky as Bucko. At no other time in my supporting of Rovers would he be getting so much game time...he must be thankful the venkys took over everyday....
  9. You dropped him from the last game, Mowbray played him.
  10. I'm not sure about Cooper. I think he struck lucky with a crop of young lads who he had in the England youth set up....and got them on loan due to his England contacts....we will see but I'm not overly impressed
  11. You're right I see someone who gets bundled off the ball too easily and has no real influence in any games he's played. For a central midfielder that's not what we want. Nice 10 yard passes like a la Jason Lowe.
  12. Deep and central in midfield means you need to be able to defend and help the defence... Bucko couldn't tackle a fish supper.
  13. Fair enough, but his replacement looked a much better player. You can't say he should start the next game young Buckley.
  14. As one example. I've not had one bit of bumph and over the years they've sent loads out....sometimes they spent on some fancy marketing pieces for season tickets etc...not had anything through the door for ages.
  15. Gallagher obviously. Useless with the touch of an elephant.
  16. Joe, both were anonymous and Hulls midfield looked to be bossing the game in the first half. These 2 looked lost. Soon as Butterworth came on he's everything Buckley isn't. Powerful, aggressive, direct and the type of player who makes a difference. Hull ate Buckley and Clarkson for breakfast
  17. Oh give over. Wherever he supposedly plays Butterworth is a class above him. Buckley should not be starting
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