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  1. Heartbreaking watching this car crash unfold..we look closer to relegation right now. In the name of God will someone take action and show Mowbray the Exit Door PLEASE!!
  2. What a fookin shambles this season has become...Tony Mowbray do us all a favour and call it a day for Christs sake! How the hell do the Club sell season tickets for the new season on the back of this crap?
  3. So frustrating,what has Dolan done to be benched?...we looked dangerous and opposition teams couldn't handle him.
  4. It's another same old,same old...we have no drive or determination to get out of this league. Another mid table finish under the impossibly dreary Mowbray.
  5. There is a new strain of this virus now being transmitted and it appears more virulent than before. It's causing great concern amongst medical expert's.
  6. If we lose on Saturday last night counts for nothing....the Mowbray Magic Roundabout. Just can't help a feeling of apathy as we scrape past the mighty Millers. We bumble and stumble on.
  7. ...Shocking what folk will do if the money is right ARA!
  8. Yep....top row,second from left in the team photo. Pretty sure it's said player in film and look at his shirt compared to the other!
  9. I was also wondering about Dack,seems to have gone very quiet...worryingly quiet. We need a good win tomorrow night to lift spirits but can we put a run together,can we find some form?.
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