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  1. What he brought to this club can never be repaid.Special times indeed. Just hurts to see us now.
  2. So many happy memories under his tenure...promotion,Cardiff and playing in Europe.I hope you realise you were very much liked at Ewood on the whole by the fans Greame. Christ,we have fallen off a fookin Mountain. 🤢
  3. The problem with Mowbray is that he appears disinterested.His body language,interviews etc give the impression he no longer gives a shyte.How do we attract players to this Club? Last seasons not bothered about results comment was shocking,never heard a Manager come out with such Tripe. He offers nothing to this Club anymore.The situation is wholly unacceptable.
  4. The sooner these Venky fools are gone the better for everyone...we can all start to breath again. The venky project has been an unmitigated disaster from day one.
  5. Nothing ever changes,he appears under absolutely no pressure whatsover to achieve any sort of target,no accountability...what a criminal waste of a season just gone. The fans are just the poor sods who have to put up and PAY UP.
  6. Yep...looked a very good side against Preston away,shackles off and played them off the Park. Then it was shyte for the rest of the Season.
  7. And when is that happening darrenrover? This thread brings back so many bad memories but it feels like history is repeating itself!
  8. Like many others I will be out if Mr disinterested stays...enough is enough.
  9. Give over man...the only thing you will be doing Saturday afternoon is slumped over the bar in the Craven Heifer blowing bubbles!! 😆
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