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  1. Give over man...the only thing you will be doing Saturday afternoon is slumped over the bar in the Craven Heifer blowing bubbles!! 😆
  2. What is it you are determined to do darrenrover apart from seemingly shouting the loudest? Just cant take you seriously.
  3. I'll never forget the befuddled,gormless face of Venkatash Rao as he came out with the now legendary quote... "we are confused!" A millisecond after that cringe fest embarrassment you just knew this Club we love was in a whole world of shit like never before.🤡 ....and Mowbray is still here.
  4. Sack of shyte and we're all sick of it.A team going through the motions and a Manager who is well past his welcome. What a waste of a Season.
  5. Welcome to the not so great future of this once great Club.
  6. Who will want to watch this turgid Mowbray shyte show? We used to Bus folk in 26 years ago when we were champions. Your heart is in the right place darrenrover but you need to give your head a wobble post match before you post!!😆
  7. Utter Claptrap Gav...we just need a Manager who can see the quality we have within the side and exploit it to its maximum. Again, such a waste of a season its feckin criminal.
  8. Up to the nosebleed position of 14th now. Wasted season.
  9. I know this could be classed as yet another bog standard Mowbray death spiral but this feels different,something has gone very wrong behind the scenes,in the dressing room. Manager and players appear apathetic and lacklustre ...worrying times ahead.
  10. Looking like a relegation battle on our hands..how the feck has it come to this. Struggling to comprehend what is happening at Ewood.
  11. Heartbreaking watching this car crash unfold..we look closer to relegation right now. In the name of God will someone take action and show Mowbray the Exit Door PLEASE!!
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