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  1. I’ve never agreed with you so many times before! I also found Chaddy’s tipping point reference very funny!
  2. I’ve no idea how true this is, but someone once told me the pitch drains into storage which is pumped into the brook behind the Riverside and they have a problem emptying into the brook if it’s too high? Anyone else ever heard that story?
  3. Chasing is the key word, Chaddy. As in, hunting down. Competing to a high standard against teams in and around the top 6. Challenging sides in the top 2, 3, maybe even taking points away from them. Playing professional sport on the same pitch and not being blown away by their superior quality from the get go. Unfortunately, the only teams we’re capable of looking competent against are those at the bottom of the league—teams closer to league 1 standard than top 6 championship standards.
  4. For me, it’s because the one thing we do not have is time. Next season we will not have Harvey Elliott. We might not have Adam Armstrong. Ryan Nyambe, Lewis Holtby and Joe Rothwell will have either left, renewed their deals... or be in the final year of contract. FFP works in cycles. We’re at the end of the cycle, we won’t have money to spend even if the owners gave it to us. Everything has been building up to this moment. I honestly think the side which has been assembled is an automatic chasing side, never mind a top six chasing side. And we’ve blown it. So the squad will get dec
  5. No it’s not — I have family in the sport, 10% of the transfer fee is standard.
  6. Mines from TransferMarkt: https://www.transfermarkt.co.uk/blackburn-rovers/alletransfers/verein/164 That figure will include all bonuses, agents fees and signing on fees. A signing on fee is usually 10% of the transfer fee to start with. TransferMarkt is very good, it’s usually taken from official club data when the accounts are released.
  7. Cole was 10.98m. That figure excludes wages.
  8. We’ve spent 90m since the 2008/2009 season - that season included.
  9. I should think so — it’s a disgrace. Let’s also have a full investigation into how has it got like this, whilst we’re at it, to ensure that we avoid having to rip the entire thing up again.
  10. Without trying to stop the discussion, to be clear what is and isn’t acceptable here: Questioning somebodies opinion, or asking for their comment is absolutely fine. Telling someone they are wrong, just like telling someone they are right, is fine. Discussion, on a discussion forum, is encouraged. Trying to bait people into arguements is not.
  11. Not necessarily - if Reading win than we are further away from the playoffs at this point in the season than we have been at any other full season with Mowbray in charge.
  12. Update after 24 games... 18/19 - 31 points, 8 off the play offs 19/20 - 36 points, 3 off the play offs 20/21 - 33 points, 7 off the play offs (6th place have a game in hand)
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