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  1. The same Ayala that allegedly sued the Boro medical team for alleged negligence after they allegedly repeatedly told the club that they couldn’t find any reason why he wasn’t fit enough to play football.
  2. We’re not signing anyone, we’re a laughing stock. Here’s a message I received from a good source - It’s horrendous. I’ve never known the club this low…players demanding meetings with him (Waggott)…people running around like headless chickens, no staff…
  3. 7/10 player every week. I rate him, but obviously not as highly as you. I wouldn’t have signed him myself.
  4. Probably, everyone else either is trying to or has already gone.
  5. Is it only me that’s reading this as a sly dig? As in, we where “on our way back”, but we’re not now? If it is, the reason we’re no longer singing “we’re on our way back”, Tony, is because you spunked all of the money on last season and ended up finishing closer to the bottom three than the top six despite being backed to the hill and back.
  6. Next time, try visiting our home page. It will show you line ups, key events and stats live for each game.
  7. J*B

    Rocket ship

    The forums latest upgrade added it so you can see what “level” you are. Ignore it - it’s nonsense.
  8. Reach signing for WBA. I retract my incoming and outgoing prediction.
  9. J*B

    Rocket ship

    Which rocket ship..?
  10. Yeah to be absolutely clear, it is and will always be free to everyone. There’s no plans to make it members only or have a joining fee. To make this viable, we need adverts. But we realise some people don’t want the adverts, so we will eventually make an ad free version, where members can donate to the site to avoid seeing adverts.
  11. We’ll take everything you’ve said on board, thanks for the feedback. Ultimately, nobody has a gun to your head… if you don’t enjoy the site, or the experience, there’s other options out there.
  12. I see £££ and if we had a decent CEO they would too.
  13. If I was a young player at Rovers I’d be knocking Mowbray’s door down. Another year developing a Braithwaite whilst we have a Carter on the bench.
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