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  1. I don’t believe this for a second. They won’t share.
  2. We have, just not successfully. FFP is a total nonsense where teams keep costs down for 2 years to allow them to spend in year 3. This season was our year 3, we won’t spend the money we have this season for another 2 seasons.
  3. He’s been offered a contract but has better offers elsewhere. Rovers won’t match it. We’re on the FFP slide now, this year was our chance financially, we’re now cutting costs to leave a financial gap to go for it again in ~2 years.
  4. Too many half interested at this club - years of being rubbish, then 2 months playing well when his contract wasn’t renewed to put himself in the shop window. Get rid, hopefully Pickering can play, develop a youth player. Crewe fans seem to love him, although worth remembering Bell was L1 Team of the Year when we signed him and he’s not up to it.
  5. I reckon we’ll start next season as we’ve finished this one management wise.
  6. Sounds pretty cut and dry to me - they got less than 15m for him.
  7. There goes your lads credibility. They sold him 6 months ago.
  8. A shame, a good footballer if you ask me. Much rather see him starting than Evans, Trybull, Johnson, Buckley etc. Hopefully it’s because he wants to move back to Germany to be with his family, which you can understand.
  9. Buy league one players, get league one football, to paraphrase a poster from yesteryear.
  10. J*B


    Kind of - but this sures it up.
  11. Ah ok - we did get an invite then, it just must have been direct to K-Hod. Apologise!
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