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  1. https://www.ft.com/content/0c160b29-02f7-4b14-9f72-11df6b5e68fa @chaddyrovers this is your official heads up. They’re going to diddle you and everyone that you love out of public spending and give all of their friends reductions in tax and the like in order to gain the financial elites approval and funding for the next election.
  2. Do it again with just Ben Brereton Diaz.
  3. Have you ever wanted to walk out onto the Ewood Pitch? Score a goal in front of the Blackburn end? Send me a message if you can get to Ewood tomorrow for 2pm for some Brereton Diaz fun…
  4. The equivalent of reaching for the fire extinguisher once your house is in flames. This should have been launched 4 months ago.
  5. What does this mean @JohnGo? I’m the only admin on of the forum… and I agree with what you said. So it makes for a very odd argument.
  6. He was sat behind me. He was questioning why the coaches had their hands in their pockets watching them train rather than coaching.
  7. There’s a lesson to be learnt here about Brereton Diaz that as fans we must try and remember. Let’s be honest, before this summer he had nothing going for him apart from physical attributes. Brereton Diaz has now scored more goals for Rovers than Brereton did. That call up to Chile, then Copa America experience, the fan reaction to Diaz. It’s completely turned him around. He’s a huge threat when he’s confident - he’s quick, strong, full of stamina, can poach, can score from distance. Ben Brereton was a 2m pound player. Ben Brereton Diaz is every part of a 7m pound Chilean mega star.
  8. I’d take a pound for Magloire as it stands. Give Nyambe whatever money he wants.
  9. You’re much better at this than me.
  10. You're basing your views on the TV graphics. If you’d ever been to a boxing show you would know that the timekeeper is responsible for starting and finishing a round, not the TV graphics or the judges. So yes, the round was stopped before the TV graphics had got to 0. But that’s because the Sky graphics where delayed. Notice at the start of the round AJ and Usyk touched gloves and the referee pushed them back towards their corner. I would suggest Sky started the round as the fighters touched gloves and took a step back, whereas the timekeeper started it on his official bell. It happens often.
  11. You have absolutely zero knowledge of boxing if you think Joshua dodged Fury or Wilder. What on Earth are you watching and reading to formulate that view? You could make an argument for Ortiz but it would have been an astoundingly odd career move to take that fight so it can be forgiven.
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