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  1. I’d love to know who’s representing BRFCS at the Fans Forum meetings. Because it’s none of the BRFCS owners.
  2. The most astounding bit of this is Mowbray was a good defender.
  3. Which wine would you recommend for me to forget all about this @Mercer?
  4. Bradley needs a goal for some confident ASAP. He looks so off it.
  5. We look good here. I’d rather it was 4231 but you can’t have everything.
  6. It's also a huge misconception that the users of this site don't represent the 'general fan' - one thats usually peddled by people that either: 1) don't enjoy the forum (which is fine) or 2) have previously been banned from the forum and now have an agenda. The forum usually receives - on a normal day, 700 individual hits from across the globe. Of which, usually, around 200 post, but the majority of the 700 are members with an 'active' account to post if they see fit. Each of those 700 people usually spend between 10-12 minutes browsing the forum each session, which is massive, a normal w
  7. Let’s say it’s 25%... 25% of what that property COULD be worth is a truck load of money.
  8. Can we please stop suggesting members of staff are due to get financial benefits from this unless you’ve got cold hard evidence? I don’t want any legal problems.
  9. I’ve been speaking to a local property developer tonight - he thinks there’s much more money in this than has been discussed, although this is pure speculation and cannot be presented as fact The plans discuss 170 houses. As part of planning permission, some of these will need to be ‘affordable’ houses and he estimates a maximum of 250K for these and maybe 15 properties. After that - as long as there’s existing property within the Brockhall development, it’s a case of ‘build to match’. The most expensive property on Brockhall is currently 1.5M. That would give 155 houses that could be
  10. That’s great - I’m glad you’re proud. Sadly, I’m not. I feel like the performances on the pitch show a lack of effort. The manager of the club is in self preservation and is attacking the fans. The management of the club are reducing the capacity of our training facilities. The fans are in turmoil with this ridiculous “left vs right” debate which is centred around the manager. The fans are taken for granted by the club both financially but also in intelligence. The club has made redundancies which could have been avoided putting local people out of work. There are still plenty
  11. I’ll turn this one around to you - as it stands, are you proud of Blackburn Rovers? Before you answer, this includes: the performances on the pitch, the way staff talk in the media, the rapport between the fans, the performance of the academy and the future of it, the way the fans are treated by the club, the respect shown to the badge and the people of Blackburn.
  12. You don’t have to build on it. You can’t build on being the best team in the country. You need to maintain it. It’s the values that are important. We could finish 12th in League One and still maintain the majority of the values.
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