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  1. A battle of bottle - not the sort of game we compete in. 2-0 Millwall.
  2. This lad is shite — nowhere near the required quality for this level. Get rid, hopefully I don’t see him play for us again.
  3. I wouldn’t say this on Twitter because I’d be jumped on by our more positive fans, but consider me extremely unconvinced about Eustace as a manager and concerned about the amount of points we are getting.
  4. Don’t want to speak to Ozz but whilst Venkys refuse to engage with anyone making even tentative enquiries I cant see any reason to revive anything.
  5. J*B

    mom voting

    @StubbsUK can explain but it is a known error
  6. Ewood admittedly has a very poor atmosphere, although that’s mostly (in my opinion) because of the way the club has been run and the knock on effects of targeted attacks on the most passionate of our fans along with misinformation to the majority of our fan base. Still, it’ll be much better tonight than most MLS games where any atmosphere is mostly engineered by “ultras” working alongside the clubs PA system. None of this is intended as a dig by the way. It’s just two totally different cultures.
  7. I used to produce all of the NFL coverage through DAZN in North America including the Super Bowl. Also did Boxing and Baseball, which I couldn’t for the life of me get into. American Sports certainly gets the numbers, but in terms of atmosphere it’s completely different. It’s more aligned to an experience in the States, the atmosphere is generated through excitement and a social media culture of “I was there!” whereas sport in the UK - especially football - is very much based around tribalism and aggression. I do like the Tailgates, though.
  8. Not always, but it would cause absolute chaos if it wasn’t segregated. The segregation is also why we have something unusual to American sport - atmosphere.
  9. Thank god - I’ve emailed for three separate games now complaining about away fans in the home end and corporate section, glad someone’s finally doing something about it.
  10. Hi Everyone, Does anyone have a 94/95 shirt they’d be willing to sell — stipulation being it has to be collected today? Alternatively does anyone have a new and unused shirt from this season for sale? Send me a DM if you do!
  11. It’s impossible to predict but my head tells me a motivated JDT that hasn’t been lied to about the project and hasn’t uprooted his family and travelled them to another country gets a lot more than 2 points from PNE, Cardiff and Norwich. At the same time the JDT we ended up with that had lost the dressing room, was pissed off at the management with an upset family at home probably doesn’t get 2 points from those 9. Which in reality just compounds the issue further. All they had to do was do as they promised and in my opinion JDT would have been the best manager since Allardyce, but they fucked it up.
  12. Not at all, it’s one moment from a 2 hour meeting on a camera he (like the rest of us) had no idea was recording.
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