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  1. And as if by magic...said I could smell something was off with these interviews etc
  2. I honestly don’t see the point in going over the penalty incident. There are terrible decisions in near enough every game in the championship. We scored a perfectly good goal in our last match which was 3yrds onside and ruled offside! It was 0-0 at the time and so hearing in mind our record that changed the course of that game too...and? The penalty wasn’t given, tough shit. It’s done now and Boro didn’t do enough to beat us. NEXT
  3. I quite liked the 442 or 4411 after the subs. Dack was more influential as were Gally abd Breo 👍🏼
  4. Yeah, Warnock the absolute prick having a go at an 18yr old at the end of the match. Poor and disjointed. The subs helped, we got the three points and I thought Lenihan had his best game in a year!
  5. What a win, what a team!!! Tony Mowbrays blue and white army!! 👀🤣🤣
  6. Branthwaite has done ok...it’s the lack of any pattern of play which is so alarming!
  7. The most accurate reflection I can give is that we are playing like a freshly assembled team. We certainly are not a team who have had a manager in charge for 4yrs...no fluency, no pattern of play..please make it stop!
  8. Other than, and forgive me if I’m repeating myself but ‘they’ absolutely love him!!
  9. True but tbf they’re not doing him too many favours talking the squad up so much! Makes anyone watching start to question the manager....
  10. I think we’re badly missing some aggression and suggested that midfield three especially away from home.
  11. I agree that Mowbray has never nailed a style of play. The first time we did this was the start of this season but it hasn’t lasted. In general, since then we’ve been a pretty poor team playing average football.
  12. I appreciate everything you said and respect your opinion. But my opinion is that there are a section of fans who are / would never be happy. Just because we have differing opinions doesn’t mean I’m wrong or you’re right and it certainly doesn’t mean I think he can do no wrong.
  13. Agree with the team selections. Points of contention Firstly, it wouldn’t matter how bad Douglas was he can’t be as bad as Bell. Secondly, Dack can play in a midfield 3 but not with Holtby. So it’s one of the other for me.
  14. So IF ‘they’ aren’t listening then why did he choose to do the interview? It’s completely out of character for him, right? I wouldn’t be too hasty with with your assertions on 6 figure fees. Firstly, we’d spent our budget and so decided to go back for more. It would appear that we were given what we asked for (shock) and my feeling is that they’re waiting for Crewe to fold and do the deal they want at the end of this month. Either way, they only really need to ask for more...just like rubbing a genies lamp so I’ve heard!
  15. Haha - breathe lads BREATHE!! Mowbray is going to defend his position and his job because HE believes he can turn this around. That doesn’t make him immoral or dare I say it, ‘Kean-esque’. It makes him human. Every single one of us would do the same in his position. His comment about a section of our fans who will never be happy is TRUE. Some of that section post regularly in here for Christ sake!! Maybe it’s not because of Shearer and Sutton or winning the PL that they feel this way but I wouldn’t argue with their existence! The key factor in my opinion here is that Mowbray is
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