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  1. Most likely, though I can see us playing and extra man in midfield like Chrisene and starting Dolan on the bench.
  2. A terrible offensive performance but nevertheless a first clean sheet since November and a point on the road are huge positives. As are 5pts in 4 games since the managerial change vs 5pts in the previous 11. If Dolan pops that chance away and we win 1-0 then it’s a peak Allardyce style win. But the more I watch JE, the more I get Hughes vibes. Hughes focused initially on being hard to beat, creating a togetherness ‘us against the world’ and deploying a pragmatic approach. Then once the base was set, added those attacking patterns and suddenly you have a very capable team. For as long as the lads are behind him, JE has the chance to turn the ship around. I said a week ago that I didn’t expect to see a Eustace style team until we were safe and most likely not until next season. I stand by that…
  3. Here’s how I would line up… Pears Hyam. McFadz. Wharton Brittain. Sondre. Ayari. . Hedges Dolan. Szmodics Gally Subs - Leo, O’riordan, Chrisene, Buckley, Garrett, Siggy, Moran, Telalovic I quite liked the look of Ayari in the cameos I’ve seen. With the injuries mentioned plus the form of Garrett and Bucko not ready to start, I’d give him a chance. Although, the player I think JE was talking about who may play out of position, in there is Chrisene. When he first arrived, I remember reading that he had played CM and a few Villa fans actually saying it was his best position. My heart says 1-2 to Rovers but my head says this has a draw written all over it.
  4. Argh come on, give the guy a break. He’s into a new job, post January window and he needs another 4 wins in 15 from a group who had won 1 in 11 prior to him turning up. He doesn’t have a great chance to coach them or change anything in terms of style. This gig, until the summer is 100% man management. It’s ensuring that every single player is having you and is dialled in. From a media point of view, he’s being asked the same questions over and over and answering them the same, because the only thing he can do, with games coming every Saturday and Tuesday is bring the group together and send them out to war. I don’t expect we’ll see anything in terms of style of play until next season. On a side note, weirdly I have a lot of family connections in Birmingham and they’re never shy of chatting shit about Rovers vs their beloved blues and to a man, they love Eustace - “brilliant man manager, tactically sound, we scored goals and kept them out”. Every single one of them want him back and two of them are tipping him to get us promoted next season!!! So let’s not write him off yet.
  5. I have no problems with GB. My assertion of his situation is based on the change in behaviour from everything recruitment based being about him, to the plug being pulled on the McGuire deal, Mcfadz and Fleck turning up and then Eustace. All of whom smelled nothing like data driven, Nordic based Broughton and reek of Swag. I’ve since heard that ‘the club’ were aghast that GB had agreed to pay £5m for Mcguire and this set off a chain of events. GB has not been pictured or seen anywhere publicly (other than the games). His only outside communication on his personal LinkedIn. Swag has moved to hush the constant yapping of JDT and completely emancipated GB. Now all there is, is for Swags boys to pull this around and ‘save’ the club from relegation and it’s mission complete. The LET article on his position is very telling… The only way Greg stays is if he agrees to be Swags errand boy. My guess is he’s already officially gone and working his notice until the summer or they’re letting the dust settle before it happens. Let’s see…
  6. Greg is done. My guess is that he’s working an extended notice period to hand over / end the several aspects of his role. The writing was on the wall as soon as the McGuire deal got pulled and then Waggot started signing players and a manager from his little black book IF they keep the DOF role, it wouldnt surprise me to see Jonty get it. That’s what he’s aiming for. Lets see…
  7. Ahhh so it turns out, Greg IS on shaky ground and in spite of his role, it was indeed Waggott who hired Eustace and based on what we’ve seen, also brought in McFadz and Fleck whilst stopping the McGuire purchase. Who would’ve thought!! 👀🤣
  8. Yeah….because we only EVER speak to people we directly work with during a specific time. We don’t form our network from long-standing relationships in the places we work and talk to people afterwards about how this guy is doing or how that person is to work with. Oh wait…. It’s fine if you don’t agree with me, or believe it. I’m ok with watching how it unfolds going forwards. As I said, it’s just a hunch, fingers crossed, GB will come out very soon (as he does after every window) and tell us all about how he instigated those signings and the targeting of Eustace. 🤞🏽 Q - Is there no part of you that thinks GB is inconspicuously quiet? Oh, and as far as I can see, Gregg, who never misses a chance to do the PR ‘standard’ welcoming handshake piccy with new signings, was last seen doing this with McGuire, (the one that “fell through”) and maybe it’s me, so feel free to correct me if I’m wrong, but I haven’t seen a single picture of him welcoming McFadz? Fleck? Eustace? Probably just a coincidence, let’s see…. 👀
  9. Like o say, just a hunch…I for one have never been against GB and JDT. I just felt a wind of change in the couple of weeks before this came to a head and Gregg has been nowhere to be seen. IF those late signings and Eustace were the work of GB then great..hopefully we’ll hear from him very soon, right? I just don’t think they are… Either way, the two older lads do seem to trace back to Eustace which shows an element of forward planning. But, then was it Eustace who pulled the plug on McGuire preferring to spend any cash they do have, himself in the summer?
  10. Just a hunch..but put it this way, they weren’t Gregg’s or JDT’s signings and I’d put my mortgage on them never being on our shiny new scouting teams list either. I will go one further and say, knowing JDT was going a couple of weeks ago, Swag spoke to Eustace about taking the job and HE chose McFadz and Fleck. Conspiracy theory or not, this happens in businesses everyday.
  11. He’s defo a Swag purchase…but that doesn’t mean he isn’t EXACTLY what that team needed. 🤷🏽‍♂️
  12. From reading comments from the Cov fans, McFadz stopped being picked when they switched from 3cbs to a flat 4. Hes exactly what we need as far as I can see!
  13. Fantastic result! McFadz made a huge difference…was constantly talking and seemed to be in the right place. I thought Stoke were decent. There’s been much worse teams at Ewood this year. Special mention for Pears who gets a lot of shit and continues to do well. The penalty save was huge today. Final mention for Eustace. Coming down and rolling his sleeves up when we were under the cosh. I like that. You’ll do for me, John!
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