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  1. Mate, the owners are losing £21m a year they genuinely couldn’t give a fuck if you buy your ticket or not. Trust me, you not going isn’t hurting them, nor is it telling them your feelings. Waggots been on £300k+ for many years too so neither does he. The club is all we care about. Bitterness is futile. It’s like drinking poison every day and waiting for someone else to die!
  2. This is bang on! I don’t get the rhetoric that “I’m not going because I want Venkys / Mowbray / Waggot out”. Does anyone think Venkys need our £400? They LOSE £21m every year. If you want to get your point across then pay £599 for a padded seat, half time in the directors lounge and attendance at the post match press conference!! You’ll be heard (or escorted out) from there!!
  3. This is a great point!! I miss the craic too… Why don’t we set up a social within here? We meet up early in one of the pubs close to the ground and start a new thing…be a lot more relaxed in person and prob improve the message board too?
  4. My post stated my belief / opinion that supporters should ‘support’ their club by turning up, paying their money and watching their team. In my opinion, the only reason for stopping should be when you are personally effected. My own tipping point was Coyle. The guy literally made my skin crawl….his actions, his words everything. I completely disengaged from the club, message boards, everything for a period of time. It was personal. There’s also times that people are struggling financially, emotionally etc…again no problems, we all make sacrifices at times. BUT in my opinion the vast
  5. Where in this post do I say or suggest that you should continue going if you can’t stand Mowbray? I say if you have “specific reasons (financial or personal)” then fair enough… I think the fact that certain posters have jumped on this so defensively assuming I’m referring to Mowbray says much more about those individuals and the questions they’re asking themselves.
  6. Argh man…get back to playing with your crayons. * muted
  7. Yeah, personal reasons, the guy made my skin crawl! You seem very defensive about this as if it was directed at you? It genuinely wasn't…I couldn’t care less if you (personally) go to the match or not. Your call 👍🏼
  8. Yeah, hence why I said ‘due to financial or personal reasons’ ….there were some personal reasons for me not liking him. The point of my post was that unless there’s something really preventing us (I even went religiously during Kean’s reign) then get down to the ground and support the team.
  9. It shouldn’t matter if we were favourites for relegation. IMHO a fan is welcome to their opinion on any part of the club. Complain all we like but as ‘supporters’ we support the club by turning up…there’s a few with specific reasons (financial / personal)…fair enough. The rest need to stop bleeting, get their hands in their pockets and get down to Ewood! 👍🏼
  10. I think he’s £30m if he has 2+ years left on his contract. £20m all day with a year on his contract imo...like the part ex idea and can see that it will work with the likes of Norwich etc who will want some off the books
  11. I have to say that I’d take a punt on Arma for £20-25m if I were a lower Prem / just promoted club. He’s young, English, scores lots of different types of goals, is quick and rarely injured. I think he’s a cracking option for the clubs linked to play on the left side of a forward 3.
  12. I can’t remember him standing out in either game last season...but as we know, if all else fails, let’s sign a centre midfielder eh!? 🤣🤣
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