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  1. I honestly don’t know but with the fixtures we’ve got coming up we’ll likely lose 4/6 which will be enough in anybody’s book to see a new manager installed. Where had you heard about them leaving in the summer?
  2. Tony’s “well even Brentford and Liverpool are getting beat every week” shouts fucked it now!! 🤣🤣
  3. As many know I’ve been as optimistic as anyone....but I can’t get past the fact that we haven’t played well since November 24th.
  4. November 24th was PNE away and tbf we did play well. We’ve played against several off the boil teams down to 10 men on a few occasions since and been absolutely crap.
  5. Good point. November 24th was the last time we played well. Crazy.
  6. I would play Elliott on the right and Dack in the middle. It’s a must win game against an inferior team. We shouldn’t be worrying about having cover for fullbacks in hone matches vs Coventry.
  7. Regardless of the managers mumbling about defensive pairings, COVID or whatever, the last time we played well was November 24th 2020 in the 0-3 thrashing of PNE. Let that sink in.
  8. Just not good enough. Painful now. The players badly need a new voice and ideas.
  9. I wouldn’t be too harsh on Trav. He’s a rhythm type player who needs his legs and engine to get to a point where he can effect games. He’s never been a fantastic footballer and so when his legs get tired he starts looking a bit Richie Smallwood. Dack is a good footballer and has never had to rely on physical attributes like pace. He will come good again. His influence is starting to grow and I’m seeing him get into those positions in the box again. The problem here in my opinion is that this group need another voice in the dressing room.
  10. Did he refuse an audio interview after the game? Haven’t seen a post match video / audio yet? other than the official one. Which he can mood himself.
  11. I take back my earlier comment about us starting well. SOOOO FUCKIN POOR!
  12. Best start we’ve made to a game in months. Gallagher is an absolute donkey.
  13. Looking at the coming fixtures I think the wheels are about to come off BIG TIME! In the next 9 fixtures taking us to the end of March I think this current team / level of performance will likely win one, draw one and lose 7. The reason for my pessimism is the level of performance. I don’t think we’ve played well since Preston away last year.
  14. So so poor. How can even Mowbray find a spin on this? Horrible
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