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  1. To admit that we are now in a relegation battle is to admit they’ve failed....that’s why it’s being brushed over!
  2. Haha - as if I’d contact them!! VERY quiet tonight apparently. No one saying anything...
  3. Wall of silence from two of the coaches tonight too....very strange!
  4. Blackburn rovers have not scored an open play goal in their last 420 minutes of football - 🙈
  5. Mate, we’re absolutely fuckin dreadful. The point I was making was that teams with small budgets (like Barnsley’s) getting into the playoffs are the exception to the rule.
  6. I’ve never said this before IN MY LIFE, but this could do with getting a bit embarrassing couldn’t it? 0-4 might tip it?
  7. We’re shit, there’s no doubts but the Barnsley comparison is no good to me. They’re the exception to the rule, look at the budgets of the other 6 clubs around them....that’s reality 👍🏼
  8. I think he genuinely believes he can turn it all around 🙈 (I don’t!!)
  9. Unless you’ve been in that situ, I think it’s hard to say. Fair enough though mate, but I think you’re in the minority. I’m also not sure these guys have a couple of mill in the bank. They earn a lot and spend a lot too..
  10. I think he genuinely believes he can do the job, yes. I know for a fact that he does ridiculous hours and barely sees his family. I don’t think it helps that there’s no fans at the matches because I think there’d be large amounts baying for blood if so. But as I said, the only point he walks is when / if he believes he’s lost them. Until the point that he decides he can’t do anymore and wants to walk away from half million quid, Its the clubs job to put him out of his misery.
  11. I’m not condoning it but the answer to my question is basically no one in their right mind.
  12. The buck always stops with the manager or leader in any business. That’s why they are often disposed of in the event of poor performance. That’s not really the point I’m making here though.... The point I’m making is that in general most people don’t blame themselves and even when they feel guilt, they often believe they have it within them to turn it around. The strength in the decision has to be from above them. Really and truly, if you were working as hard as you could and believed you could do the job, would you walk away from £500k a year?
  13. My experience as an employer tells me 9/10 people never see poor performance as their fault which causes them to sit in until either, they are pushed out OR they find something else and leave.
  14. Every modern day business is run on data combined with opinion, culture and feel.
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