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  1. Come on @K-Hod you can’t stop people writing what they know to be true just because they can’t divulge the full information (yet). You’re basically pandering to the whim of several fully grown men acting like children and stamping their feet!
  2. Whether it says something about me or not, I can safely say that no other manager has made me feel frustrated in victory like Allardyce did. I’m not on my own, ask the fans of the other clubs he’s managed and you’ll hear similar rumblings. I’m glad you enjoyed his style so much. It wouldn’t do for us all to be the same and it saved you from the feeling of being trapped in the most turgid brand of football ever. I love winning too…my whole professional existence is based on it. But I go to the match to see my team win playing entertaining football. I’m no Mowbray fan but give me ‘that’ performance / entertainment on a Saturday (vs Cardiff) over anything Allardyce served up, any day of any week!
  3. I hated the Allardyce tenure….I remember walking out of games that we’d won or drawn in the 91st minute coming from the 1000th long ball into the box feeling completely empty!
  4. Is go as far as to say all the best Rovers sides in my lifetime (Including the PL winning team) have played like we are now. Hard working, industrious, honest lads who play on the front foot, defend for their lives and care. Of course we’ve had better quality players over the years but my opinion is that this way is the Rovers way!
  5. He’s getting a new contract next month in Pune isn’t he…🙈🤯🤣🤣
  6. Don’t worry about the emoji’s pal…that’s what they’ve been talking about for years. It’s the first time I’ve seen him run a championship game…if he plays like that consistently then we have some player. I think he looked two or three steps ahead of anyone in the pitch!
  7. Buckley absolutely ran the show today…👀🤣🤣🤣✌🏽
  8. Trav is thought of as a top pro with amazing physical attributes but he’s not a patch on the likes of Butterworth, Buckley or Clarkson for ability. Once he’s fully fit and inti his rhythm he’ll effect games like only Trav can - the dirty, ugly stuff which every team needs
  9. 100% correct. That’s why the next 12-18 months are so important. He needs to be running games by then to have reached his potential. I reckon that’s what he’ll do.
  10. Who knows? Tbf the people chatting about it wouldn’t have been dealing with bids…but the chat was that it’s take 8 figures for us to part with him. I was surprised as anyone because he’d barely even played fir the first team!! Although I knew a few fans who watched him in the youth set up and thought he was immense.
  11. Nope, 12-18 months ago, BEFORE Buckley had even broken into the team and certainly before I had seen him play properly I said that coaches at the club believed 100% that he was ‘the one’. I was also present at a game and in the players lounge where two Premier league clubs were at the match specifically in the hope of seeing him play in the first team. The tall on the night was that it would take an 8 figure sum for Rovers to part with him THEN such was the belief in him. The chat was open…at that point, as I said, I had no personal opinion as I hadn’t seen enough of him. However, it’s pretty clear to see now having watched in more games what they see in him. He’s two or three steps ahead of most players in our team in his head. He’s a real quality act….I’m very confident that Buckley will be our best player by some difference within the next 12-18 months…he needs a run and to continue developing physically but it’s not rocket science! 👍🏼
  12. Course we do pal. Buckley is one of our own! Lives, breathes and bleeds the club 👊🏼
  13. Undoubtedly Rothwell and Trav currently have the greater impact. But that’s more to do with age and experience than ability. The key for me is that I think Buckley can / will do most of what Trav and Rothwell can do plus his own game (game intelligence and control etc). Quick one maybe for Joe and his team. I reckon that Buckley made the most tackles and interceptions per minute over the last two games…if not then I think he’ll rank very highly.
  14. Rothwell is fantastic, when he fancies it. But Buckley is a better footballer now than Rothwell. There will be light years between them once Buckley fully matures.…as in, Rovers fans will look back, shake their heads, laugh and reminisce about the time X said that Rothwell or Stefan Mols was better (I find this amusing now btw). Buckley, right now is far ahead of even the likes of Trav in terms of his understanding of the game and potential. Trav is physically pretty awesome and so impacts games more at the moment. But they’ll all be pretty much in Buckley’s shadow within 12-18 months I reckon.
  15. 💯…you got it! Weird that people are comparing Buckley and Butterworth when they’re clearly very different players. I would add Gally and Dack into that front four mix meaning we have 7 for 4 positions.
  16. Also, well done the manager. Set the team up well (apart from playing our best footballer, Buckley out of position)…made the correct decision on subs and positively effected the game. Credit where it’s due.
  17. Ayala and Lenihan outstanding tonight! Enjoying watching our young lads developing. Buckley, Trav and Rothwell did well. Dolan, Khadra and Butterworth the most likely to change things and BB worked tremendously hard for his goal.
  18. First game I’ve seen live for months - missed the first couple with holidays etc. Looking forwards to seeing Ayala, Pickering, Clarkson and Poveda live for the first time. Maybe even Khedra and Butterworth too 👍🏼 Oh and REALLY looking forwards to seeing Gallagher as a number 9!!
  19. Good point - the compensation ratchets down significantly in the last year too. I’d be surprised if he’d get 3 months salary if he was to be potted today.
  20. I was blocked many moons ago by Nixon. I am no fan of his but if I’m being honest he’s been closer than many on breaking Rovers stuff over the last 12 months.
  21. I’m convinced that they’re waiting on someone they want. If that were the case then I can see why they’d hang on but not back him….as an owner youd only get rid if: A) You have someone to replace him. You have someone internally who is better and could do the job at least on an interim basis. Or C) You are emotionally pulled by fan pressure etc - This will never be the case with V’s as they don’t have that connection with the club. Q - If you knew they were looking to replace him with Chris Wilder at the earliest opportunity would you have allowed him to continue in post until that deal was ready? I think I would.
  22. Fwiw - the info I passed in April was absolutely bang on. Everyone at the club was fully expecting the V’s to remove Mowbray and there were open conversations with prospective new managers being talked about. For whatever reason V’s didn’t pull the trigger but their lack of backing of the manger since appears very much like he’s no longer flavour of the month. My guess is that they couldn’t get he one they wanted so they’ve hung in. I’m no Nixon fan but he has been on the money for the last 12 months and so the story doesn’t surprise me!
  23. Nixon reporting this morning that Mowbrays on rocky ground with Venkys!!
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