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  1. You’re much better at this than me.
  2. You're basing your views on the TV graphics. If you’d ever been to a boxing show you would know that the timekeeper is responsible for starting and finishing a round, not the TV graphics or the judges. So yes, the round was stopped before the TV graphics had got to 0. But that’s because the Sky graphics where delayed. Notice at the start of the round AJ and Usyk touched gloves and the referee pushed them back towards their corner. I would suggest Sky started the round as the fighters touched gloves and took a step back, whereas the timekeeper started it on his official bell. It happens often.
  3. You have absolutely zero knowledge of boxing if you think Joshua dodged Fury or Wilder. What on Earth are you watching and reading to formulate that view? You could make an argument for Ortiz but it would have been an astoundingly odd career move to take that fight so it can be forgiven.
  4. Wait… Joshua has ducked who? One of his biggest problems is he WONT avoid fighters!
  5. Collateral, sadly. Your post was fine but it quoted another which wasn’t. If we leave yours up, the quoted post is still viewable.
  6. Yep, I’ve given him criticism so I’ll give him credit, superb today. Looked a top Championship player. Although I’ve no idea what the emojis mean.
  7. Scores on the ratings doors - and a lot of players come out of it well! https://www.brfcs.com/magazine/football/match/716894/blackburn-cardiff
  8. They’ll be delayed, they need to find a new front of shirt sponsor before they can be launched. It’s the 23/24 kits I’m worried about, this season and next seasons Rovers shirts where designed by Rovers staff after Macron suggested a completely blue home kit. Thankfully, the same team has done next years. After that, it could be anyone’s guess, as they’ve all resigned.
  9. Would love to see that final graphic showing average ST price since they took over.
  10. I’d already hidden the main post on IPTV - Chaddys was the only one which could be quoted without me quoting the original post, which would mean hiding it was pointless. That was the only reason I quoted Chris, who I’m sure doesn’t feel victimised as that wasn’t the intention. Perhaps I’m naive to the lack of understanding of alternative TV viewing…
  11. Come off it, he’s replying to a post talking about getting every Rovers game for a one off fee. If you can’t work out that isn’t legal then you’ve never heard the phrase “too good to be true”. How you choose to watch Rovers is your own business but please don’t risk mine.
  12. Do you realise the legal risk you’re putting this site at with comments like this? It’s like asking if anyone has any drug dealers telephone numbers through a megaphone at Blackburn train station. Please try to have some common sense.
  13. As a Leeds fan on Twitter said: “I’m confused as to why you thought a player with 0 goals and 1 assist in 20 games was the attacking answer”
  14. Train tickets where £1 each way. Don’t tell me pricing isn’t the reason for attendances.
  15. They’re all available if you know where to look, Booth.
  16. I was hoping for more of a panicked response but it never materialised
  17. Your heart is on the other side of your chest.
  18. Answer - 2007/2008. And I’ll even tweak this question to include League One: “When did he last overachieve?” Because I don’t see that as an overachieving season. Matters not anyway. I’d be on the phone to Callum Davidson already begging him to come down.
  19. When was Tony Mowbray’s last successful season as a manager in the Championship or above?
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