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  1. Mowbray will be going nowhere unless he decides to in which case it will be confusion and then take the easiest and cheapest option which will mean either promotion from within or a desperado looking for a job. As much as I'd like to believe there's concern and review taking place in India I just don't. The Barnsley manager is flavour of the month at the moment so no surprises Nixon is pushing him as the model we'd want to replicate. Might need a board before then as the people running Barnsley know what they are doing.
  2. Why does he have a now almost weekly column speculating on potential bids and destinations for Armstrong just like he did for over a year before Jordan Rhodes eventually departed? Why doesn't he run such 'stories' on other players? Does he have an unhealthy obsession with linking our goalscorers with moves or is he acting on someone else's behalf to try and drum up interest in a move?
  3. Ah yes, Nixon with his weekly Armstrong 'update'. What is it with him and touting free scoring Rovers strikers around? Does he just have a weird obsession with our top scorers or is there something more sinister going on here?
  4. I see we've shifted from the talk over September, October, November, December and January of prioritising new deals and being confident of getting them done and protecting our assets to now let's sign another bucketload and see if we can sign up any of those out of contract. Quite clear there's no work at all been done on keeping these players and they've been having us on for months. Sadly the talk about recruiting yet another defence will have the Facebook goons wrapped around Mowbray's finger and they'll all be salivating at the prospect of what good players we are going to recrui
  5. Anyone can beat anyone in the Championship is the usual excuse for inconsistency. That isn't applying to dinosaur Mick's Cardiff. Now unbeaten in 11 since taking over.
  6. Mowbray's comment that we can soon embark on a 4 or 5 game winning streak is Kean-esque in delusion. Purely designed to try to protect his position and aimed at India. At no other club would such a comment be made by an incumbent manager and him get away with it.
  7. I'll say it again. If Johnson deserves a crack managing Blackburn Rovers based upon his impressive time with the u23s then why isn't Billy Barr in the running?
  8. Those from the club will be disappointed they can't spend time talking about what flavour crisps they have had on the concourse this season.
  9. Yes. It will be like taking candy from a baby for Waggott. The tough part will be getting the top site approved for 170 houses. Lots of hurdles to overcome and lots of potential issues and objections to deal with. This will be what is concerning him and occupying his time and energy (in return for his £300,000 i might add). Assuming that first obstacle is overcome, and there's acres of land in the Ribble Valley set up for housing then 99% of the job is done. What then for 'phase 2' of the plan - how to deal with the reality of maintaining a Category A academy on an inadequate side? T
  10. The people running the club simply don't have the capability to deliver a project as suggested. They struggle to maintain what we've already got. The name of this game is getting grubby hands on valuable land ripe for development. That's the easy part. Follow the process in a very lucrative part of the world and watch the property developers clamour to buy it. The rest is hot air to quieten opposition and get it through smoothly. Sadly many people are just too easy to con.
  11. This and Brentford are the only games I've any confidence we will get anything out of this month. First goal will as usual be crucial. Concede it and we're out of it. Millwall the draw specialists. Had a poor run following their late defeat at Ewood but have bounced back since Xmas and I think have lost 1 in 11 or something. Shame they are further along their journey than we are but such is life amongst the big boys.
  12. Prevailing attitude at the club over the last 5 years+ has been why bother bringing an external candidate in when an existing one can step up. Not so simple in football. And we wonder why we are in the state we are.
  13. Think he's just a replacement for the outgoing Chris Rush.
  14. I'm not sure I'd credit either as being 'football people'. Both are experienced by virtue of the shambles that is Blackburn Rovers under this ownership, not because they are exceptional at what they do. The club allowed Dave Biggar, Alan Myers and Derek Shaw to depart and failed to replace any of them, leaving Cheston and Silvester as the last remaining 'board' members on the ground at Ewood. They allowed that status quo to continue for well over a year until Mowbray told them to put Waggott in. During that time the club drifted along in a zombie like state, existing but doing little more
  15. Nigel Adkins needs adding He was linked before Mowbray, and is available. Presumably well connected on Merseyside which will be another Brockhall bonus.
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