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  1. Jokanovic had a poor record at Fulham in his first half season. Did enough to keep them up and then the next season got them up through the play offs. Cowley's record is unbelievable. If he hadn't been at Huddersfield I would have doubts about him stepping up in size and division to the Championship. But he's now had that experience of managing at this level at a sinking ship and kept them up in poor circumstances, inheriting a right mess from Wagner and Siewert He's low risk, potentially huge rewards and would offer something different. Having squandered the opportunity to get
  2. That's what my money is on unless something drastic happens. Venkys will put their liking of their manager before the fans and ticket sales. Waggott will accuse people of disloyalty before telling us all about what a small club we are with hardly any fans.
  3. I, and I hope others, knew this point would come sooner or later. Investing everything into Mowbray's hands, just because he comes across as a nice man or did a decent job 3 years ago, was a disaster waiting to happen with this ownership. We were always going to hit the buffers or unravel, because that's what all teams do sooner or later. Everything that has happened here has been on Mowbray's say-so or suggestion, not because the owners have suddenly changed their ways. They still don't get what football manager is and how results and performances have always decided the posit
  4. Cowley brothers. Now. Deal until summer 2022. Crack on. Let's reassess into next season and extend contracts then if we are making progress. We need fresh eyes and voices and energy in the dugout. Available, affordable, quickly improved failing Huddersfield last season. No time now for rookies or caretaker coaches.
  5. I see we are back to injuries being the excuse for some for these results. 11 out apparently. We need to get them back apparently. Of course we couldn't have predicted that Ayala, Williams, Holtby would spend swathes of the season out injured. And Trybull was in and out even when fit. And we signed 2 CBs in January to cope with it.
  6. I've been thinking it for months that an Armstrong sale in the summer saves Mowbray's bacon with the owners. They'll be wondering why we haven't been promoted and why Mowbray wants more money for the transfer window in the summer. If he can flog Armstrong for good money then he'll be able to fall back on that and show them how his dealings have delivered them a tidy profit and ask for a slice to spend in the summer.
  7. Sickening. Not even a whiff of the bloke being on his way out. Instead all the talk about Saturday now being a huge game. Correct. Saturday is a huge game. But for all the wrong reasons. That doesn't mean he should be here to oversee it. If the people running this club had a clue they would already have had the feelers out over the last couple of weeks and would remove him and his mates and make a swift appointment. Cardiff and Bristol City did it in a matter of a couple of days.
  8. So maximum 2 acres per pitch. There are only 5 pitches on the academy, space for a sixth where the car park is. Never get 9 or 10 pitches on it.
  9. That's still far too big. 1 football pitch is roughly 1 acre. There's no way there's 19 acres on each site.
  10. I can only assume that the 19000 figure should be square metres rather than acres. Thats the only explanation that makes any sense. Not off to a good start with this exciting project are they? News leaked from fans and forced to hastily release a statement Nobody putting their name to it Manager denying any involvement Inadequate site to accommodate what is needed. Company instructed to prepare plans can't even distinguish between square metres and acres. Maybe that explains why they think they can get it all on one site. They might have measured everything
  11. The same document states the senior training centre is 19,140 acres. A mistake made twice in the same document? Odd.
  12. They've made a rod for their backs by mentioning the indoor pitch being built down there. That will be the expectation now. If that can't be built then not even the imbeciles on Facebook will be able to claim that its anything but a drastic downscale of the operation.
  13. I'm not a planning expert. But I would think that if 6 floodlight pylons would be refused due the above concerns then constructing a 50ft+ tall indoor training pitch might be difficult to get through.
  14. https://www.ribblevalley.gov.uk/planningApplication25634 The club sought planning permission in 2015 to construct floodlight pylons on the academy site. They sought this because it is one of the requirements of a Category A academy. The application was refused because the light overspill and reflection would cause increased visibility of the training ground, cause harm to nearby residential properties through noise and light disturbance. Also concerns about the impact upon ecology and protected species. This was why the floodlit pitch was then built at the senior site instead.
  15. You'd think the owners would value that and realise having sold Jones, Hanley and co already that there's value to our academy. But no, they're a plotting to downgrade it. Unless Venkys aren't in on the plot and its being pushed by others.
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