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  1. I'm not sure we can really say any of those clubs are in that bad states compared to us. I mean granted they are currently in the League below, but Sunderland and Wigan are looking like promotion contenders and Ipswich were expected to be and look to have a manager and squad set up to compete for promotion. All those clubs suffered relegations to League One just like we did. The difference was/is that all went down due to ownership cuts and changes, whereas we went down purely down to mismanagement. Sunderland got rid of Ellis Short and are now debt free under new ownership. Ipswich got rid of Marcus Evans and are now debt free under American ownership, Wigan got rid of their dodgy owners and are now run by someone who has pumped in money and turned them around so far. All are on a more stable financial footing, less debt, better managed and getting bigger crowds than this club. Put simply if you were to offer me their positions with new owners now or our position with Venkys I'd take theirs any day of the week. A couple of weeks in the top 6 won't change that for me.
  2. I'm not sure I can roll with any of those supposed positives. Promotion was a positive, but we should never have been in that division to start with and the horror of the Coyle season and relegation outweighed joy at getting promoted. Establishing a foothold in the division we are in - again it is all relative. But having been in the Premier League, then supposedly tried returning to it all while losing £15 million every year I don't consider a 'foothold' in the second tier to be an accomplishment. I'm not even sure there is that much progress with the academy, the main difference being that there is more reliance on it and more opportunity for players to come out of it and into the first team than there was previously. The academy has produced the goods for us for many years, going back to Phil Jones, Grant Hanley, Martin Olsson and co. before Venkys rocked up. I don't think it is doing better than before, just that due to the way they are running recruitment and cutting spending it is inevitable that more opportunities and time will be afforded to lads coming out of the academy. We haven't avoided a FFP issue. I thought we were under an embargo earlier this year and then spent nothing in the summer to avoid getting into trouble? We also had an embargo in 2015 and sold all our best players directly leading to relegation to League One so we've actually suffered multiple times under FFP with little to show for it. We are hamstrung on signing players - we sold £15 million worth of talent in the summer and signed only loans and cheap ones at that with the exception of the kid from Lincoln. There is external debt to the BOI. It is relatively small in context of the overall 'debt' but it is there and relies on the owners overdraft facility. The owners don't deserve credit for the debt situation - they have chosen to fund the club this way whilst other owners have written off their 'loans' or funded their clubs differently without putting them £200 million in the red. Bolton, Wigan, Derby, Portsmouth, Leicester, QPR, Birmingham all survived bad owners and came through it - not sure why we are different to that.. We've nothing in common with Bury, the only club to go bust, who were cripped with third party borrowing.
  3. So lower crowds than PNE, Blackpool, Barnsley and Huddersfield to name but a few. Fourth lowest in the division. And that's with the giveaway of 1000+ in the last few games in the BBE upper without which we would be below Posh. Whatever these supposed great changes are they'd better get a move on or it will be shuffling deckchairs on the Titanic stuff soon. I find it appalling that we are getting less on watching than an Oyston ravaged Blackpool but notice they've slipped off the list of clubs we could end up like if Venkys left us alone and replaced with Derby who will also come through their troubles and get themselves into a healthier state than us and be replaced with another club and repeat ad infinitum. Commendable stuff with giving away kids tickets in the Family Stand and BBE upper but the question has to be asked whether those people are going to be spending money on tickets any time soon. The answer to that I suspect is no so the club really needs to be going after teenagers, young adults, families who have the means at their disposal to buy tickets in numbers not primary school children with no money and from families with no history of following football. That's a longer term project but in the shorter term we've collapsing gates that need dealing with.
  4. Mowbray is performing above expectations so far and I hope that continues. Amidst the hysteria though I do have to remind myself that we dished out a few impressive beatings early on last season (Derby, Wycombe, Coventry) and then as time went by our good start ground to a halt and then the wheels came off and we ended up looking at a relegation scrap. So I won't be falling for that one again and won't be hailing a new era either. Same manager and same coaching staff, lets hope lessons have been learned and the same mistakes don't happen again. Mowbray has form for these purple patches especially at the start of seasons. His career shows he struggles to maintain them - Middlesbrough and Coventry both got off to blistering starts and then collapsed.
  5. I suppose the issue is that the -12 points for entering administration is mandatory and automatic, and nobody can argue against it. Points deductions for FFP issues are a different ball game, open to arguments and interpretation of figures. Let's see if they or Reading get any knocked off for that. I hope they do but will believe it when I see the league table with them off. They've been talking about it that long I won't hold my breath.
  6. For going into administration, not for breaking spending rules. There are rumours they will get a points deduction for fiddling their accounts but those are rumours that have been rumbling for months. No points deducted yet.
  7. Nobody has had a points deduction yet so I'd wait and see if anyone actually gets docked any points and if so how many before we go down the road of applauding our approach. We can rest assured that there will be no replacements lined up for anyone because nobody at the club will have a clue if there is any money to spend or permission from Venkys to do anything. I see that Waggott is back on blaming Covid for our collapse last season and now we have been able to reopen all our facilities everything is much better. This is the CEO of the football club, coming up with cock and bull nonsense excuses to try and cover for his mate's poor performance last season. How mental is this club? He's going to have another look at getting a Desso pitch. Hope it goes better than everything else he's looked into that hasn't happened. I'm careful not to scroll down to the comments section because I'd lose my rag if I read them.
  8. I see that PNE have landed a home tie v Liverpool in the next round of the Cup. They vanquished Morecambe after we got knocked out by them and then got past Cheltenham at home. Goes to show what we could have had. Then we moan about no money.
  9. Cardiff have already announced they will be installing rail seating on the back 5 rows of their stand behind the goal to provide the option for anyone who want to use it. Sensible. Proactive. Rovers will 'look into it', make it look like a far bigger job than it really is, mumble about the cost and do nothing.
  10. I thought the comment about the swimming pool was interesting. Presumably that is one overhead he has his eyes on cutting off as we can be confident such a luxury won't be included in any plans. It certainly couldn't have been fit on the bottom academy site. I think we are still supposed to believe that Waggott's presence at the club is entirely unrelated to Mowbray's (yeah right) and that it is also a coincidence that for the second time and second club in succession these charlatans are involved in a training ground 'project' that seems to be based on selling valuable land for housing and finding a cheaper, smaller site elsewhere (if ever). I dont believe in coincidences like that. On the subject of Coventry I keep saying how since the moment the three stooges were all gone they have been on a rapid upwards trajectory. Amazing that. Almost like they were being held back by incompetence.
  11. He cannot be trusted. His words might sound impressive (or at least they do to those still a bit wet behind the ears) but again they simply don't stack up. The latest 'scheme' - to try and identify a site in BWD - is absolute nonense and carries zero benefit to Blackburn or Blackburn Rovers. Infact quite the opposite - why would any professional football want to spend their week training near Blackburn over the surroundings of Brockhall. I'm not too concerned about this as Waggott failed to even get a new pitch sorted last year and struggles with the task of signing players or getting kits on sale so I can't see him masterminding a relocation and purchase/development of a new site in Blackburn. The Brockhall stunt was a quick money grab - push it through quickly and quietly, pile expensive houses on it and pocket the millions that come from it. Moving to a new site in BWD will require much more - identification of suitable sites, purchase, planning, construction - all whilst we continue to need existing facilities in the meantime. It won't happen and hopefully Maggott will be long gone by the time they even reach first base.
  12. No they don't put in £20 million each season. The figure in the last year was higher due to the pandemic. That is sustainable, if they are able and willing to do it. As long as they are then it is no different to what the people at City do every year. It is only an issue if they can't or don't want to do it any more or do it using borrowing. We won't have a squad come next summer. You don't win points for having a young squad built on loans because they will be out of here with us having nothing to show for it.
  13. Holy hell. Just as I was starting to calm down about the woes of the summer and then this comes along. Call me a cynic but I reckon he's been waiting until we had a few good results or were in a decent position before agreeing to do this interview. Every time I listen to this bloke the less I believe him and the less I trust him. Surely I cannot be alone in thinking the sums don't add up in relation to the out of contract players? In particular the likes of Lenihan, Brereton and Nyambe? I mean even if we just imagine what they would cost in the market to replace, and that's before the millions in value and transfer fees we will miss out on and they leave for nothing. Does Waggott ever get challenged on this or is he just left free to bleat on about our wage structure and not breaking it? I also find it quite insulting that our £300,000 a year CEO comes along telling us we cannot afford to do x, y, z when he is raking in such a massive salary to fail to get things done. Then there's the usual excuses. Normally the CEO would take responsibility for poor performance or failure yet this bloke just has his excuses down to a fine art and is allowed to churn them out. Collapsing attendances - not his fault Poor commercial performance - not his fault Failing to get transfers over the line - not his fault I see there is mention of the 1875 club making a comeback. Apparently this will enable discounts on tickets, but as far as I can recall when it was last in operation there was minimal benefit to regular supporters and no discounts. It was £10 a year and ensured priority on away tickets and exemption from the Waggott tax, but not discounts. I think this is just another money grabbing exercise. Fans won't even get a full season out of it because it is being introduced late. I think the most interesting line from his interview was this: "and get to a balanced position of having an affordable and competitive squad, funded by the revenue of the support base and other commercial sponsors.” No mention of the owners providing capital to strengthen the squad. Pipe dreams of us assembling a competitive Championship club on our revenues. I wonder if this is Waggott's selling point to the owners - leave it to me and I'll cut costs back to the point where you don't need to put cash in - or if it is the case the owners have told him there's no more money and he's let the cat out of the bag.
  14. We need a manager who can get us promoted. That's all there is to it. Dyche didn't keep Burnley up he took them back down, but was able to keep their best players and given a chance to get them back up again like Farke at Norwich. Both Wilder and Neil have shown they are very good managers at this level and have recently won promotion from it automatically. Wilder also kept Sheffied United in the Prem, finishing 9th which was an incredible achievement forgotten about because things unravelled the year after. Of course there are some people out there in the world who might be able to get us up and then establish us but those are gambles. My view is you worry about staying up once you have got there and if necessary make a change once in the Premier League, as ruthless as that might be there's no room for sentiment. Once there you have the profile to attract top quality like Southampton did when they axed Adkins and brought in Pochettino. Even if it goes wrong you come back down with a big bank balance and sign the best Championship quality like West Brom have done.
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