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  1. Sounds good. But do you really, seriously, think that we would be able to use proceeds from a sale to sign a decent replacement AND have change left? Read between the lines here. They're setting us up for sales and cutbacks. We've offloaded tens of thousands from the wages already, and the sum total of our business this summer has been contract extensions for Wharton and JRC who will have both been on small wages. Even if they were to sell Nyambe, get reasonable cash for him AND agree to Mowbray spending the money - do you seriously have faith in this lot to go and find a competent r
  2. Where does it say it should be £439? I thought it had been £459 since last season
  3. IF I back down and and buy a season ticket it will be for the social side and seeing friends and filling up Saturday afternoons. The biggest thing I'm struggling with at the moment is the vile, shameless and grossly inadequate setup down there. As I've alluded to before, I can and have put up with some shocking standards on the pitch but having the p1ss taken out of me by the likes of Waggott takes some overcoming. Not sure I can stomach it and the thought of him and his mate rubbing their hands ahead of another year of it.
  4. Well that's certainly what Venkys and their cohorts would like us to believe. Of course the alternative is that they are just in cutback mode and FFP provides an all too convenient cover story to do it quickly and substantially without criticism directed towards those at Ewood. Also provides Mowbray with his excuse for the next 12 months.
  5. Plus one of the four higher, Preston, are offering cash back to anyone who had a ST in 2019/20 or 2020/21. This ranges from £30 to £70 so anyone renewing from pre Covid will have the opportunity of a cheaper ticket than at Ewood.
  6. Bless him or anyone else who thinks we are going to be concluding ANY incoming transfers in the near future. Free or not we could have Cristiano Ronaldo asking to join for £10k a week and I don't think they'd get it done.
  7. Leeds confirmed. Usually we would play 6 friendlies so I would expect a couple more. Wonder if Waggott will do a reverse Bradford and only open Ewood to away fans?
  8. £240 for a season ticket at QPR. £299 for a season ticket at Reading. £235 for a season ticket at Barnsley. £399 for a season ticket at Blackburn. Go figure. Oh and the price off for renewals isn't a 'discount' despite what they would have us believe. It is simply honouring their obligations on refunds for not allowing fans in last season.
  9. Count me out. I might have wavered on my anti Waggott and Mowbray position if the club had made an effort and tried to encourage people back by reducing prices (as nearly every other club has done) But instead, after waiting weeks for news, we get more of the same. They've made their bed. Time to lie in it. 5000 sales would surprise me.
  10. Nobody on here has any evidence of anything. Unless you believe word for word what the club comes out with. That isn't evidence its just taking their word for it. They've a history of lying.
  11. The point is to supply players when they are ready or good enough. As happened with Travis, Nyambe, Lenihan etc. If they are good enough they will force their way into the squad. Even when the manager isn't keen, he will end up with no choice. We've had more use from our academy than other clubs at this level and ought to have some real assets on our hands here. Nyambe should be RB for years to come. Trav should be captain in future. Lenihan will be captain now. Shame the club is allowing their contracts to run down but that's another story. My point is that our academy has and
  12. Its the same tale as with Corry Evans for me. If the club is moving them on with a view to recruiting better and progressing then fine. I support that 100%. Neither are great and neither are going to get better at this stage. Both have served the club well across their time here. Both however I presume are leaders and valuable experience in the changing room. I think it is a dangerous game to offload so much of that in one window leaving behind inexperience in this cut throat division. The reason for my concern is that I believe the manager would have kept both if possible. I th
  13. I prefer to face up to the uncomfortable and alarming reality rather than just making excuses all the time. Either he's been made an offer, which is so derisory that a one year deal at League One Shrewsbury is seen as a better bet, or probably more likely we haven't even got to the stage of putting a deal on the table, despite the club saying they were discussing it with him. I suppose you'd be happy for Adam Armstrong to join Hartlepool because that would be nearer to home and his family/friends?
  14. A good move for all concerned, assuming we actually replace him which i doubt we will. I think the biggest question here is whether we offered him another years contract, if so why, and why has he rejected it to take a 1 year deal at Shrewsbury? The answers to these questions are important and relevant to the state we will be in heading into next season. Doesn't look good to me that we've made him and offer and he's declined it.
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