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  1. His end product is still poor, but he was a nightmare for Millwall today. Never stopped harrying their back line when out of possession and never shied away from receiving the ball when we had it. He made the wrong decision a fair few times with the ball today (head down, mainly), but I'd be fine with him playing that role again on Tuesday.
  2. By 'individualist' you mean a hugely limited player, right? The free role he's been granted by Mowbray has led to a lot of goals, but that's the only way he's contributing to the team. He was shown up today by an 18 year old winger who was thrown upfront - Dolan linked up more play in 90 minutes than Armstrong has all season.
  3. If ever you needed a personification of how far we've fallen as a club...
  4. I think he's genuinely just that poor a football manager.
  5. I swear he just throws darts at a board to pick his teams. JRC hasn't played for months. Buckley has had like 3 sub appearances all year. Last we heard Gallagher had a broken rib / punctured lung. Throw them in to the starting 11, why not.
  6. Are we going to see Elliott finally dropped today, or are we not allowed to due to the terms of the loan contract?
  7. Lampard shouldn't be offered the Rovers job. He's not experienced (or successful) enough. He needs to go back to basics and get a L1 / L2 job to learn the ropes where his name carries some weight.
  8. He scored a cracking header against Blackpool in the pre-season. He's also been there for quite a few tap-ins, if teammates would pass. It wont' happen whilst golden boy Armstrong is still here, but he absolutely should get a run at CF. He's the best option we have in the squad.
  9. I genuinely don't think he could walk into the current side - he's not better than Rothwell and Travis imo. I'd take Davenport over him too. I often go through that mental exercise / torture though - "Oh, remember that crap player we had in the Premier League? Yeah, he'd be the best player in our team now". Fun times...😭
  10. I thought Lambert was a fantastic signing at the time - but look at his career since Rovers. He's achieved nothing.
  11. Did you notice the cuddle and chat Elliott got from Mowbray when he came off? He didn't even acknowledge Rothwell. Shocking man manager.
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