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  1. Way more than 25k. Unless I'm running into a very small circle of people when I travel the NW for my job. They're just apathetic after being served 11 years of shite and no end is sight.
  2. Except he can't defend. There's a reason we get overrun in midfield. I think he's a wonderful player, but he's nowhere near a complete one.
  3. It was a carbon copy of the Luton game. We were camped in our own penalty area - Reading had shown no ability to push us back like that before the second goal went in.
  4. We caused them all sorts of problems in the second half when we moved Brereton to CF and attacked them. Sadly we resorted to putting ourselves under siege like we did against Luton when we went 2-0. It's baffling how we just invite teams onto us - we're not good enough defensively to do that. Also, Travis was the clear MOTM for me.
  5. He's going nowhere anytime soon. Just get enough points to stave off relegation, please.
  6. Honestly I don't need the manager to love the club. I'd be extremely happy with a manager using Blackburn Rovers as a stepping stone to a bigger job (obviously there aren't bigger jobs in world football, but some people won't be told) - that would mean he'd do a professional job.
  7. That Man Utd fan is clearly a moron. I'd stop speaking to him - at least about football.
  8. A nothing game between two nothing sides and we're edged out again. It happens far too often. Kaminsky has regressed during his time here - if I was an opposing manager I'd be telling my players to shoot on sight.
  9. Really, really poor from Kaminsky again. Can't be wrong footed on a 30 yard shot.
  10. Clarkson is a Palmer level of loan - just completely useless.
  11. Do the new rules account for arms being attached to bodies or not?
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