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  1. When neither CM can get their foot on the ball and pick a pass it doesn't matter who's playing upfront. Hell when Foden dropped back into CM briefly we looked far more dangerous - he could play on the half turn, beat a man and pick a teammate out in a forward position. Phillips and Rice are all backwards and sideways. It's like watching Evans and Smallwood.
  2. Pipe down. Still couldn't beat a misfiring England team and will be knocked out in the group stages again.
  3. Already one more international goal than the great Armstrong... 😉
  4. You're focusing on the wrong player. Phillips, Rice and Kane might as well not be playing.
  5. They've adjusted their tactics. Pushing up on us now having realised our CM is shite.
  6. Why is he playing Sterling? He's been out of form this year.
  7. They're an odd lot. I worked at ASDA during my student years in Lancs. During the 2010 World Cup some bloke with a booming Scottish accent strolled into the store wearing a USA kit. "Who's this wanker, I asked?" Turned out it was my colleague's dad. 🤣
  8. Sorry, what? The Kiwis set us 270+ where we'd need to score at 3.7 an over to win (something nobody had done on that pitch). That's not a 'sporting' declaration. That's a carrot to tempt stupid teams to try and chase the game. They'd batted us out of the game by that point. Instead they couldn't get us out in 70 overs and we move on to next week. That's Test cricket.
  9. It is, but I'd love to know which petty bastard waited until the biggest day of Robinson's career to highlight a few tweets he made as a teenager. They say revenge is a dish best served cold, but good lord.
  10. You only have to look on here for that. To some Brereton will never be good enough in their eyes (can't look past the transfer fee I guess) and is a bumbling idiot. To others he's been one of our best players in 2020/21. Likewise to others Armstrong is the Messiah.
  11. His name is still Saka and we have Calvert-Lewin and Rashford to play though the middle if Kane needs a rest / gets injured. Saka provides creativity out wide (both sides) and extended cover at LB. With the season he's had he had to go.
  12. Any manager that spends £7m on a player then plays him out of position for his entire tenure at the club shouldn't be within a hundred miles of a football club. The fact that Brereton has forced his way into the side and been a productive player in a role he's not suited for is a testament to him.
  13. Would I have signed him for a reported £7m? No. Would I give him a new contract after what he achieved last season (and presumably produces similar until Dec when you consider renewing his contract)? Yes.
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