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  1. I’ve had a bit of time off the forum - for my sanity mainly 😅 Things haven’t been good enough on the pitch for weeks now and I am hooping Tony can turn it around as I don’t see him going. Team for today would be: Kaminski Nyambe Lenihan Mr Miyagi Douglas Travis Rothwell Davenport Elliot Armstrong Dolan Rothwell is miles more effective playing in the middle, Tony needs to stop sticking him out wide again. Brereton hasn’t been the same since his injury so he should sit this one out! Dolan deserves a start in my opinion
  2. Can see us putting 4 past these. This could end up like Wycombe but Preston look even worse
  3. Credit to Gallagher there. Had a good half and that run was superb. The player that got sent off was utter garbage haha
  4. He’s looked slow today but they all have. Everyone looks off the pace
  5. Yeah, agree with this! Play him in his natural position or take him off. Playing him here will quickly make him a scapegoat to the fans - can already see it happening on this very thread
  6. That’s just untrue. Not playing well today? Yes. Played well in his other games prior to this? Yes.
  7. Well, he should be out on loan because he’s not good enough for us. Doesn’t have the work rate or the strength for this division.
  8. I don’t think it’s so much Trybull’s fault he’s not having a good game. He’s being asked to play a role that doesn’t suit his strengths at all / isn’t where he plays. Either swap him with BJ or take him off. But I won’t say he’s rubbish because it’s classic Mowbray playing players out of position! Without Holtby we need Elliot in CM with Rothwell and one of BJ and Trybull
  9. All of our back 4 are academy graduates? That’s nice.
  10. Had no excitement for this game all week. Properly on a downer about the whole thing! But now I have a beer in my hand, I am feeling optimistic and looking forward to the game. I am sure I will feel frustration and dumbfounded at 5pm but for now - COYB. also, Pears has COVID? Can anyone shed any light on why everyone at the club keeps getting it? Surely they should be shielding and distancing when not at the training ground?
  11. I'm not saying I don't agree that we will be better when the injured players come back. I am saying I don't agree with the narrative that we didn't have any shots because all of our players are out. Tony got it wrong last night, that's the long and short of it. I am under no illusions that when our full-strength team is out, we will be a far sight better. However, we have a SQUAD now that has good depth. Tony even mentions it all the time that our SQUAD is good enough to be up there. So which is it? we still need to be able to perform with the team we put out last night. Yeah, not as good
  12. I struggle to find sympathy with Mowbray and his injury excuses for the lack of shots in the second half last night. If you look at our team last night in the 2nd half it's not too far away from what we would have usually ended a game with last season. It's arguable that Armstrong and Travis are big misses but the rest is what we would have had to deal with last season when we were managing to be competitive. ie. 3-1 win against Bristol after Covid break. Last night: Pears (arguably just as bad as Walton) Nyambe (better than Bennett) Lenihan Williams JRC (better than Bell)
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