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  1. It's almost like the heart and soul has been ripped out of the club and after 10 years people have given up, huh?
  2. Wait are they ruling Brereton's shot as off target? Cos that was a good save.
  3. Also goes to show how much dead weight we were carrying last year. What did we have, 12 pros walk out the door and results have largely remained the same?
  4. Travis and Rothwell were good in midfield. Khadra made a difference when he came on. The back 4 (and Goalkeeper) were, by and large, fine. We were just a little toothless in attack - Brereton had a poor game, so did Dolan, Poveda, Buckley, Edun and Clarkson.
  5. Poor debut for Edun that, looks well off the standard and did we keep the receipt for Clarkson? He's a worse athlete than Buckley, and that's saying something!
  6. At times we were playing 4-3-3 and at times it looked like we dropped into a 4-4-2 (Buckley wide left, Poveda wide right with Dolan and Brereton upfront), but who bloody knows with Mowbray.
  7. Poveda (or Dolan as the Barnsley homers like to call him) is an absolute passenger.
  8. Oh wow he's playing pace out wide and the tall bloke in the middle. Someone check Mowbray's tea.
  9. Butterworth was out on his feet after 20 mins and Khadra faded towards the end of his 40 minute stint too.
  10. There's a cap on what those tribunal fees are too - the PL have it stitched up I'm afraid. If they spot the talent young enough in someone else's Academy they can get them at a snip.
  11. He'd only start Ash Phillips if Liverpool et al loaned him back to us.
  12. Hi, I'm that fan... and I'm still going to Ewood (I'm a glutton for punishment). The Allardyce days were dark ones indeed. Awful, boring football and a knobhead manager.
  13. Didn't someone say they're the wrong caste too? The Venkys would never sell to them.
  14. You lad had a bigger engine than 20 mins in the Academy, right? Turned the game around when he came on, but bloody hell he's shockingly unfit.
  15. Brereton was completely isolated upfront before the subs were made. The Hull manager worked out after 20 mins that we didn't have the ability to get in behind them so pushed his defensive line up and started bossing the game. Butterworth and Khadra brought energy, skill and pace to the team. Both linked up well with Brereton who came alive with support. Buckley is a better player than Clarkson for mine - asking him to play as a AMR is silly, he doesn't have the pace for it.
  16. Now we know why Butterworth doesn't start. Fantastic impact, but he was out on his feet after 20 mins.
  17. Didn't rate him when he played against our U23s last year. Buckley is a much better player.
  18. You must have been watching a different game to me. I thought he was fantastic yesterday. Great engine, fantastic reading of the game and brilliant at breaking up their attacks. Second name on the team sheet for me, after our GK.
  19. "I didn't watch the game" but I'm going to have a pop at Brereton nethertheless. Gallagher was woeful today. Had the opportunity to put Nyambe and Brereton clean through and didn't. His second touch is a tackle - and this is coming from someone who thinks he deserved a run of games at CF. Brereton should have sealed the game at 2-1, but didn't. He's no saint today but he was a damn sight better than #9.
  20. Come to the game with a Burnley fan. His assessment: Mowbray has managed his way out of a win. So true.
  21. Chile are the villains in all this. We don't have the squad depth to lose a striker for three games. COVID-19 has put paid to our best laid plans. It is what it is. I'm sure the Chilean FA will be in Ben's ear about all this and encourage him to sign for another team in the summer, like the 'good guys' that they are.
  22. I see the fun summer distraction in Chile quickly soured. What a bunch of bastards, eh?
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