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  1. Think Rothwell is crucial to the way we want to play on the counter. Transitions will be a lot slower without him.
  2. Wow... I'd have a think about that Mike. The 5 games he missed for us, we lost 4 and won 1. Critical player for us.
  3. I just completely dislike anything that moves Armstrong out of where he's been performing, it's asking for trouble. He's quick on the counter and gives us an outlet, if Armstrong is out wide how much is he going to end up wasted in our own half tracking back? It suits him just staying up there. Dack simply doesn't have the pace, never mind after a serious injury. Also, we've watched Dack play false 9 and it was a disaster (Wigan & Preston Away). Maybe in this side it might work but based on the evidence, nah.
  4. Sorry but this worries me more than anything, he's tried this before and it absolutely killed our season off. We should not, under any circumstances be moving Armstrong into any other position.
  5. Bristol City got absolutely bullied today off Brum... We should go flying into them from the off. Nothing special, like most teams in this division.
  6. They were a bit like this under Dean Smith. I remember him complaining about the length of the grass at Ewood, salty prick.
  7. Wasn't listening to commentary but yeah, not surprised at all. Think people give them too much respect because they have a reputation for good football. Now they're pretty average and don't have their sh*t little ground, teams should get at them.
  8. Something about Brentford f*cks me off. Always seem to have an arrogance about them. Without the Watkins and Benrahma they aren't up to much. With 11 we'd have beat them.
  9. You think? When we beat Preston, which we totally dominated, he still managed to make feel like I can't trust him and almost dropped us in it twice. Every single game there's a calamitous error with him.
  10. Unreal result considering the circumstances. We would have won that today no thanks to Lennihan. Absolute liability. If he weren't captain he wouldn't be playing. Garbage.
  11. Lewis Holtby is a Rolls Royce of a player in this league. Mentally head and shoulders above anything I've seen this season. I've not seen a more effortless, classy display for some time from a Rovers midfielder. Dont think a Preston player could even smell him.
  12. Thinking of that Preston fan who said we'll "never do anything with that Dinosaur Mowbray in charge"... Alex Neils side were embarrassing. Looked like a league 2 side who we'd drawn in the cup.
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