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  1. Oh yes. Probably. i just skimmed over it quickly at work and read it the other way.
  2. Just checking you know it's on Wednesday and not at the weekend !
  3. What chance we end up with a Leeds player on loan after Mowbray asks Bielsa who is avaialble?
  4. Rovers in a play off final and the lateral flow test says positive 7 days before. Hmmm. (yes i know it's unrealistic us being there)
  5. Basically Hogwarts don't invest in a proper defence and instead over-promote the kids from the youth academy. Doesn't really work and all goes to rat shit. The top guy eventually loses his job (permanently) because of it.
  6. We should be trying to assemble a squad capable of promotion. Reading the last few pages it sounds like we are simply trying to assemble a squad.
  7. Lets hope he's better at recruiting players than Waggot is at recruiting fans.
  8. But is 'the barrier' access to The Ground? Or was the barrier set up to keep ticketless fans away from the stadium, but then when you got to the stadium you had to go through a more conventional turnstile. You go and see a gig at, for example, Etihad and you scan your ticket at the barrier, then once you approach the ground you just walk straight in through the open exits. The actual ticket point is away from the ground. (It was the same at Ewood for the Elton John concert). However you would expect at a football game, like at Ewood or any other ground, you then show your ticket again at a proper turnstile to gain access. I'm just wondering what the setup at Wembley was like for anyone that attended either game?
  9. Did you have to show your ticket at a 'turnstile'? Or was the incredibly weak barrier system which got overrun the only place the ticket was checked. (Similar to when you attend gigs at a stadium) When the clips show people running up the steps outside the ground and breaking through the barriers, were they technically in Wembley then?
  10. Source? Preferably an official and not a scally.
  11. https://app.powerbi.com/view?r=eyJrIjoiYmUwNmFhMjYtNGZhYS00NDk2LWFlMTAtOTg0OGNhNmFiNGM0IiwidCI6ImVlNGUxNDk5LTRhMzUtNGIyZS1hZDQ3LTVmM2NmOWRlODY2NiIsImMiOjh9https://app.powerbi.com/view?r=eyJrIjoiYmUwNmFhMjYtNGZhYS00NDk2LWFlMTAtOTg0OGNhNmFiNGM0IiwidCI6ImVlNGUxNDk5LTRhMzUtNGIyZS1hZDQ3LTVmM2NmOWRlODY2NiIsImMiOjh9
  12. Just started looking into this over the weekend as I'd not worried about next season until after the Euros. I miss more than half of the midweek games due to work, and the other midweek games are a pain to get to as I have to finish work early and rush around to get home and down for kick off. A "Saturday' season ticket would be ideal for me and I suspect many others, but the club wouldn't entertain it as they would presume it would kill the mid-week attendances. Therefore, under the current climate, it might be time for me to switch and become a match-by-match punter. Then you look at the prices and see they expect people to be paying £32 and £36 as the cheapest tickets for a significant number of games (all of the Cat A and Cat A+ will probably be weekend) and realise that match by match is not going to be cost effective at all. So now I won't be attending most weekends either and will pick maybe a few big weekend games. The pricing policy doesn't work. It just pushes away those who aren't obsessive enough to buy a season ticket regardless. And £400 for a season ticket isn't enticing enough for me to take the plunge.
  13. If we want to get promoted we need to keep Armstrong and get rid of Mowbray. If we want to get relegated we need to sell Armstrong and keep Mowbray. If we want to have mid table mediocrity we need to keep Mowbray and keep Armstrong, just like we did last season. That's basically what has been posted. Which part doesn't make sense?
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