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  1. It's not raining now. I suspect they've made the decision based on the long term health of the pitch, not on whether this was playable or not. I suspect it may have been playable but would just have been embarrassingly bad condition. The pictures of Pleasington and Green Lane shows that, with a fine spell, all of the surface water could have gone and the ball may have rolled bobbled freely. I would have expected if there was a chance of the game being played then the decision would have been delayed rather than being called off this early It's just embarrassing that we have a pitc
  2. As you can see by the lack of reactions, no-one particularly cares much at the moment although if you post on the match thread you will get more of a response. We are an average side with an average manager in an average league positions having another average season which, again, feels over with by the end of January.
  3. That would be completely crazy if true. But I've seen nothing of the sort, I've seen no government public declarations of optimism like we have had previously giving us short term hope. I've seen both medical and government officials talking about restrictions for much more of the year. I've seen no signs that the government is hoping for social distancing and mask-wearing to be gone by the end of February. Have you got a link?
  4. Where have you got this nonsense from?
  5. If the vaccine doesn't stop you getting re-infected, doesn't stop transmission and only stops you getting seriously ill or hospitalised (and is only 90% effective), then this is a bit of a non-story in the Mail isn't it?
  6. Red wine is on 2 for £7 in Lidl at the moment. Soften the blow.
  7. Like with modern music and film releases, you have the problem that more than 50% of the people watching it on streams aren't paying for it. However 2018 had the highest cinema admissions in the U.K.since the start of the millennium. That's because, even though you can wait and watch it at home or get a dodgy copy of the latest blockbuster on the internet through various means, going to the cinema is a social leisure experience. If football clubs get it right there will always be a significant market for live sport. Especially as the customer base shows brand loyalty like in few ot
  8. Your not worried that they are going to increase prices again and price fans out of wanting to attend Ewood leading to much smaller crowds? You're not worried that potentially a season ticket next year for the BBE could be 25% more expensive than the last time we stepped foot in Ewood ?
  9. I don't disagree at all with either of you. I'm just pointing out the supposed 'logic' behind why the nurse has given that answer. I presume the rule-makers think compliance to the guidelines will be even lower if people who have had it and people who are vaccinated can go and see whoever they want, and yet the rest of the population can't. Plus they haven't announced whether someone who has been vaccinated can still catch and transmit the virus (I'm presuming the early signs are "no" as they have tested the vaccine on 1000's of people over the last few months and gained approval, an
  10. When they say the vaccine is 90% effective, what do you think happens to the other 10% ? Very simplistically, the woman currently has a 1 in 10 chance of still being able to catch and become ill by the virus from her daughter who ( presuming she hasn't already had it), has a 100% chance of being able to catch it from someone else. Therefore there is still a risk there. This time next year, hopefully the woman will have a 1 in 10 chance of catching the virus from her daughter, and the daughter will also only have a 1 in 10 chance of having the virus anyway because she has also been va
  11. He was doing well before injury but he's been poor since he returned.
  12. Let me guess. You saw the teamsheet and didn't bother to risk your £180. 😀😀
  13. It was almost as though he doesn't know how to play centre half.
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