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  1. Gerrard has done a cracking job there, not just to get them back on top but to win the league by such a large amount and break the 100-point barrier. Their record in Europe this season is also impressive.
  2. I remember a few legia fans with their kids being in the Fox before the game having their pics taken with Rovers fans and Rovers scarves. I remember the actual games as being pretty low-key surprisingly.
  3. That's a very good read from Tony Blair. I think he actually does manage to find better words that 'wokey remainer libtard' to make RoverDom's point.
  4. You see, that's where we disagree. I think he was generally average to poor. So our viewpoint on extending his contract is going to differ. At 22, you tend to know the abilities and limitations of players and I don't think he's going to be anything other than a mediocre Championship player. After 3 years we still don't know if he's a striker or a driving midfielder-cum-winger, as he doesn't look good enough at all as the former and all his better performances have come as the latter. I think he could be replaced and improved upon relatively easily by a decent coaching / scoutin
  5. This is another area to watch. With all of the other repair and replace that needs doing in the squad this summer, Brereton isn't perceived as an issue. But sooner or later somebody needs to decide whether to cut their losses and let him leave in 12 months, or offer him a new contract in the hope that he comes good and they can recoup some money in later years. I suspect new contract will be incoming over the summer as they will still feel they can get something back from the player, and therefore he will be shoe-horned in front of the likes of Dolan to justify it. He was bette
  6. TM - "If I sort the friendlies, can I stay" TM - "Hello?" TM - "Helloooo. Is anyone listening?" * silence * TM - "Yippee"
  7. I can't quite put into words why I feel people are being turned away from labour, and I'm not sure 'wokey remained libtard' is the right choice of words, but I think your on the right lines for some of it.
  8. If people were just blindly voting out of loyalty to a party, Hartlepool wouldn't have been lost by Labour.
  9. Practically no ifollow purchases for Saturdays game would have been a big message.
  10. When you say well received, who do you mean by? If you mean well received by the fans then good luck. I'm sure you will have a good turnout. I doubt you will approach the still-futile numbers from 2011 though. If it's well received by Venky's then good luck, you'll need it. True. I did the Brown Cow March. I did the 24 hr protest on the streets outside Ewood. I did the march around the ground for the Wolves game in 2016, which was also pointless. I think the heart and soul has been ripped out, because unless its a large-scale co-ordinated action with a clear chance o
  11. In 2011 the stakes were much higher. The targets much more deplorable. The ire from the stands at the Bolton game, and the numbers who marched from the Brown Cow will far outweigh what you will achieve now. Yet it was ignored. Who or what is the protest aimed at? I've seen very little of what the aim is. If it's to remove Mowbray from his position then basically all you are doing is what would normally happen in the ground pre-Covid with shouts of "We Want Mowbray Out". That's not possible so it feels like you are taking your chanting outside of the ground to basically let Mowbray k
  12. No, but we did finish 10th and get to a league cup semi final a couple of years later so I'm not sure it rings true.
  13. I honestly don't care. I'll watch the Wed/Derby game. If we play some fringe players or try something tactically different I hope it pays off. However If we play then same tippy-tippy crap with a striker out wide then I honestly hope we get beaten, and Forest and Coventry go flying past us.
  14. I've just downloaded PES2021 Lite for free on the PS4. Not had a PES game since about 2017/2018. On the previous version back then they had lots of online tournament that started at set times of the day which gave you and hour to qualify and then went into a knockout stage. It used to last 1-2 hours per tourney depending on progress. However on the Lite version all the tournemnts are either several hours with no ko stage (Home vs Away leagues) or the months-long E-competition. I know the lite version is stripped down. Does anyone know if the full (non-lite) game has the sh
  15. You could argue about the ratings slightly but overall the comments are fair enough.
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