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  1. I told one of our staff today that she needs to make more notes in meetings as she forgets some of the things she has to do. I didn't post it on our social media accounts though.
  2. Regardless of the final line, Joe Rothwell wakes up to read that we have to put an extra body in midfield if we play him because he isn't that good. I listened to the interview live on Radio Lancs @roversfan99 and whinged about it to my mate straight away. He also criticises hi first half showing. You dont get players to sign new contracts by criticising half of their performance publicly when they won you the match, and then by stating that playing him give you a problem as you have to play an extra man in midfield because he's not good enough. It all points to Mowbray excusing why he's not bothered about losing Rothwell when he's out of contract. Later on in the interview he states that on Saturday "if he's honest" Reading may have had better individuals and technical players in the game. Who put in a better individual performance or technical performance than Dolan and Rothwell in that game? It is said just to keep that whole "aren't we doing well to compete" smoke screen up.
  3. Well I don't know where you sit but if Brereton was coming on generally from the Blackburn End he always got support. I never heard 'groans' from the crowd as a group. Audibly, the Rovers crowd have always been 100% behind Brereton at games. What some people don't like is the fact that individual fans, whether on social media, on here, in the pub or even in the ground can have a negative view of one of their players - but that has always happened here and at all other clubs. You go on Facebook and say you think Brereton is a waste of space and you will get people angrily and bluntly stating that Rovers fans shouldn't hold that opinion about one of their own players (even though that's all it is - an opinion). And after a bad performance and a defeat where Brereton has been poor, I can imagine someone making the Birmingham story up as a way of deflecting blame onto the people they've spent all week arguing with on Facebook. As others have said, nobody could corroborate the story.
  4. Facebook excuse list:- What can you expect, they’re a premier league team. ❌ What can you expect, look at their crowds compared to ours. ❌ What can you expect, look at their budget, ❌
  5. I'm not a Cantona fan at all but I do find amusing the thought of Matthew Simmons running down a few rows of steps to undoubtedly hurl quite a bit of abuse. About 5 seconds later he's probably thinking "shit I wasn't expecting that". It's like people hurling abuse on twitter that they wouldn't say to someone face to face because they think that there can be no comeuppance. Only that time there was.
  6. I don't know the setup and safety issues at Bloomfield but if Preston had got 1000 more tickets at Turf Moor than Rovers fans were getting a couple of weeks later we'd be kicking off about it.
  7. That’s just bizarre. I’m not surprised PNE fans are fuming.
  8. His defensive recruitment policy is the stuff of idiots. We're never short of lightweight midfielders though.
  9. When we've read it as a direct quote from Mowbray it hard not to form that opinion.
  10. Yep. Look at Wilder V Fury 2. Fury outboxed him again but he also physically manhandled him from the first bell.
  11. Great to see the twitter videos of the kids in the JW lower. Unfortunately:- “Dad I loved it. Can we go next week.?” “Sorry son. It’s almost £45 for both of us to attend next week. “
  12. That was probably the only away game I've been to where we lost but I enjoyed it anyway. I think we were clutching at straws a bit so it wasn't a huge disappointment but the fans travelled in big numbers and it was a great atmosphere. It was a big sporting weekend as well. United won the title that day, Jimmy White lost 18-17 the same day for another glorious failure at the Crucible and it was the weekend of the Ayrton Senna tragedy at Imola.
  13. It's in the article. Championship restarts after the group stages.
  14. Can someone change the subject title to 2022 instead of 2021 please.
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