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  1. You said he couldn't suggest it. Of course he can suggest it. I agree they may not listen.
  2. Not a chance. Who is going to sit down tonight and decide enough is enough. The only person in a position to put forward to the owners that a change on manager is needed is Waggot, and do you honestly deep down think he will do it? The only way I see Mowbray leaving is If we get closer to the bottom 3 and he walks.
  3. Dacks goal threat was all about finding space around the box at the right time. We don't put the ball in the box anymore so he's nullified. Another game crying out for a Graham-type striker to come on, so we can try a plan B. Unfortunately we've gone all-in on tippy tappy shite and don't have that option. Another point closer to 50 and keeps a team below us at bay at least.
  4. I'd still like to understand:- Who interviewed and decided upon Owen Coyle Who interviewed and decided upon Tony Mowbray. If we are apparently pulling all of our managers from the same pond, why did Cheston bother interviewing Warnock? Who gave approval to interview Warnock? Life was so simple when the board either identified a manager or received applications for a job. They just interviewed the candidates and picked who they thought was the best one. The reason I can't see any change happening is because Venkys don't have anyone in place who can manage the process. I
  5. Except for Mowbray has had an OK budget and yet has bought all of the black and white paint. Yes we are stuck with the squad we have, but after 4 years that is 100% Mowbrays fault. When Dave Carroll says you can't keep blaming the manager because the players aren't good enough of course you can. It's his squad. End of. And its Dave that needs a good slap for the comment that if Pep was in charge we would still be midtable. That implies Mowbray is doing as good a job as possible with the squad he has. That implies that playing Sam Gallagher wide right is the correct thing to do. That
  6. In all honesty I think there is enough in us to pick up wins against the grain here and there and end up safe. If we do score first we will always be dangerous on the break to teams coming at us. There is a lot of chaff in this league and I think we will be OK. However as much as anyone says 'we won't go down', 100/1 is a ridiculously big price !
  7. What really didn't help yesterday, and over the last few games, is the reliance on two unproven loans in the defence. It difficult to criticise as they were brought in as cover, not to be the mainstay of the defence, but they have a hand in all bar one of Watford highlights - For the first Watford Chance, Harwood-Bellis and Travis can both see the guy that eventually takes the shot. Travis ignores him to get back into midfield and Harwood-Bellis is looking at the man behind (who Nyambe has) and is slow to get across. For the first goal Branthwaite is just slow to ge
  8. As a preventetive measure, investing in defenders in general during the preceding years also helps.
  9. Dalglish built that team in 4 months, not four years. Dalglish hadn't already had several spells of going 5,6,7 games without a win under his tenure. Dalglish actually got us into the top 6. In some of those games under Dalglish during that spell we were the better team.
  10. Oh, and as for that kid from City. I warned you with Mowbray comes much responsibility. But you didn't listen, and you see what happens. You are not ready.
  11. Before we get the "they were in the premier league last year, what do you expect" comments, remember Coventry, QPR, Millwall, Huddersfield, Wycombe and Forest are amongst the Championship behemoths to have already taken points from them.
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