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  1. That was probably the only away game I've been to where we lost but I enjoyed it anyway. I think we were clutching at straws a bit so it wasn't a huge disappointment but the fans travelled in big numbers and it was a great atmosphere. It was a big sporting weekend as well. United won the title that day, Jimmy White lost 18-17 the same day for another glorious failure at the Crucible and it was the weekend of the Ayrton Senna tragedy at Imola.
  2. It's in the article. Championship restarts after the group stages.
  3. Can someone change the subject title to 2022 instead of 2021 please.
  4. This has just been discussed on Sky - https://www.skysports.com/football/news/11095/12414519/premier-league-to-resume-on-boxing-day-2022-after-break-for-qatar-world-cup-from-november-13 Basically next season both the Premier League and Championship start 1 week earlier and will have a break during the world cup. Lets hope we have a decent understudy to Kaminsky available by December 2022 as we may be without him !
  5. From the article:- This only makes sense if you are going to be challenging for promotion. If you're not then it could be the same kind of season except your losses are against Luton and Millwall instead of Liverpool and Man City. Last year we lost 41% of the games we played in the Championship. Burnley lost 39% of the games they played in the Premier League.
  6. Don't get me wrong be happy with Huddersfield at £10 a ticket. Anything 'attractive' to try and encourage extra attendances. Our previous 'promotions' have been based on trying to increase low profile games, low income games which don't appeal to the imagination.
  7. That's because they bundle shite games together. People often have to decide which game to attend over Christmas. Bundle them both. Also I presume this still enables you to charge the away fans full whack. £10 for either of those games would work but to increase the crowd but they would lose the away crowd income as they would also need to be charged a tenner.
  8. I don't know what the laws are with regards to 'game bundles' but looking at the fixtures the 2 'Christmas' games which are Barnsley on the 29th and Huddersfield on New Year's Day should be £40 for both games and something ridiculously low like £6 for kids tickets. Try that instead of bundling or promoting some midweek end-of-season dead rubbers against London clubs.
  9. From Waggots interview which has surfaced in the last hour- Asked if he felt the pricing structure at the club, with the cheapest ticket for a Category A+ match £36, was affordable to the people of the town, Waggott responded: “We’ve tried to make it so that the season ticket prices are what we base everything on. “Adult prices are £17 per ticket and senior citizens work out at £12. Which is basically a big screw you to anyone who can't get to all games because of work or travel commitments. It's also hardly a policy to encourage people to try coming to Ewood again (or for the first time).
  10. This is one of those games where everything aligns - in decent form, local game we expect to win, 3pm Kick-off, early on in the season so optimism hasn't been eaten away, potentially decent weather. It's almost the perfect away day. Based on the number of people I know that are going or wanted to go we'd have shifted well over double our original allocation.
  11. 10 or 20 years ago our games were not streamed live on the internet. Not sure why that doesn't affect other clubs attendances but you only have to look on a match day at the number of people commenting on the game that are not based abroad. It's surprising how many people I speak to no longer go but seem to have firm opinions on all the players and matches.
  12. Thats probably because we've never really brought in any experienced central defenders, so when he is missing we really are struggling at the back. The stats show it's a position where you can't really rely on unproven youth or playing people out of position.
  13. He's a player that we should have upgraded on over the past 3 years although it's never been a priority upgrade. With the impending squad problem next summer I'll be happy if he signs a new deal.
  14. There was. Ref injured bang on 90 minutes. Game doesnt restart until in the 93rd minute.
  15. You said:- And your now trying to tell us that by 'everything else is just noise' you meant "We had chances to kill the game in the second half and missed a couple of sitters at 2-1." No wonder I'm not following you.
  16. It's wasn't even wrong. The ref went down bang on 90 mins and the game didn't restart until after 93 mins. Therefore it should have ended at 98 They scored well before that.
  17. So explain your 'everything else is just noise' comment then. Most people would take that to mean everything else is irrelevant. So what chat are you referring to as 'just noise'?
  18. No problem. Just pointing out one of the many reasons why there are serious concerns raised from that game that are far more than 'just noise'.
  19. We don't take our chances because the players we have brought in for big money to take those chances aren't good enough. The fact we don't win games we should have won comfortably is a common theme over the last 3 seasons. Why does it keep happening?
  20. Over 7 figures according to the report on the BBC.
  21. Of course it would make a difference. If Chile were not on the red list BB wouldn't have to miss three games. Why they are on the red list I do not know. I don't know why people can't test test on the day of travel and then test on day two. As it stands, you can't have a club paying a players wages but not being able to use that player. Companies for example don't have to pay employees who are called up for Jury service. Besides, even if Chile or FIFA payed the wages for the missed three games, the cost to the club should they narrowly miss out on going up or staying up could be much, much more significant.
  22. They've probably drove past the Fox and realised it's closed and thought "hmmm".
  23. No offence but it's a bit of a silly question. Why would increasing gate receipts not help ease the pressure with FFP? Look at BRFC as a failing restaurant. The food served is poor, the service and the atmosphere is poor. We've taken our best dish off the menu and not replaced it. However instead of improving the situation and getting customers back, it just puts its prices up to the locals.
  24. From the Home Page, the Podcast page etc... the SIGN UP button gives a "page not found" error. It works fine from within the Forum. (I found it because I used a new browser and clicked sign up instead of sign in)
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