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  1. So the LT is immediately running with this (fairly vanilla) statement, yet wouldn’t touch the Brockhall letter with a barge pole... interesting.
  2. On here, certainly. But not out in the wider fanbase, and he knows it.
  3. He has a contract with a year to run, the team is plodding along as usual. The owners just won’t see that as cause to terminate and pay off. He won’t be failing in their eyes, just an employee running a football team in a far flung outpost of their conglomerate. It’s a club and management with no targets, no standards, no expectations.
  4. Ah the old ‘fella at the golf club bar said...’ Done deal, obviously!
  5. Coyle was a total disaster of an appointment, not just because of results and the major role he played in us ending up relegated. The more lasting impact of that shambles of a season is the dumbing down of expectations across the patch - from the club, the local media and probably most depressingly, the fanbase. If we’d have stayed up at Brentford and meandered along since in the bottom half of the Championship, TM would’ve have long lost the fans, and we wouldn’t have the spectacle of BLACKBURN ROVERS fans being grateful for merely existing and not being in the third division.
  6. February 2021 - ‘Waggott said, if we put in a complete new installation, that's from top to bottom, from the gravel pit to undersoil heating to new laying of the pitch etc with a new boiler, water storage is important and it's all got to be an eco-friendly basis. It's about £2m for a new pitch at Ewood. I've been pushing behind the scenes with it and we've gone through a tendering process, we've got the quotes in and I'm going to see two, stroke three of the quotes with the companies that we think will be able to give us a great service.’ “We're pushing ahead so I'm going to try
  7. Course they don’t care. But many fans don’t see the club like you do, they have a more transactional nature with it. They are out of the habit, they don’t like what they see on and off the pitch, and they’ll simply say ‘no thanks’.
  8. And that’s fine, but this summer, like in 1960 and 2012, thousands won’t be thinking like you and will simply keep their wallets in their pockets - that is always how Rovers fans show their displeasure.
  9. Good job he told them to ‘slow down’, ay...
  10. Oh god, I’m wading into the badlands of a brfcs politics thread. 😁 Here goes... Labour have been in a decline in ‘red wall seats’ since the later Blair years, Brexit just turbo charged the trends, like Covid has to the high street and remote working. The Tories have increased their share of the vote in 6 consecutive general elections - never happened before in history and quite the stat for a party in power for the majority of that time. It is happening to traditional social democratic parties across the west (see France/Italy/Germany as examples). Gaining strength in socially l
  11. So he’s gone from supposedly chewing the fat with the owners after every game, to now not even partaking in the annual Summer meeting, Zoom or otherwise. That’s also the first time either he or Waggott have let on the real power structure of the club - Pune into Pasha. Obviously it’s the worst kept secret at Ewood re Waggott’s powerlessness, but quite the public admission regardless and possibly a sign that the Coventrio’s star is waning?
  12. That was this time last year for Danny Graham, thought they were going to retire his shirt... I suppose a decade of mediocrity does this to a club (and fanbase).
  13. Talking about 2011 is very much relevant. We had a big matchgoing fanbase a decade ago who were largely aghast and angry at what the owners were up to - yet as a proportion we still had very small numbers physically protesting. Now not only have our crowds dwindled away, the owners themselves are not particularly unpopular - indeed ‘we’d be Bury without them’. Outside brfcs, is anybody picking up on any brewing anti-Venky sentiment? Because I’m not. General apathy and disconnect is what reigns, not anger, and that does not lend itself to hordes of folk at Ewood on Saturday. Anybody
  14. Happy 72nd birthday Tony! (Wonder if Waggott can find the can he kicked right down Bolton Road re tribute?)
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