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  1. Without doubt Mark. For a club with our catchment area and rapidly changing demographics in the town we just couldn’t afford a decade like this. We’ll never get back to where we were in the late 2000s. They’ve wrecked the fanbase beyond repair.
  2. That message from ‘Dack’ via email is so shoddy. Even the ‘handwriting style’ font can’t save it. Rushed out in panic with a week to go, shades of ‘the £10k raffle’. Such an embarrassingly poor operation down there these days.
  3. Thought we were on ‘a journey’, ‘a slow build’, ‘the owners had to be told to slow down’ ?
  4. ‘Supporters need to welcome back The Venkeys’ Hmmm, I’m sensing a bit of WUM-ery here.
  5. So is that fewer sold than Burnley, PNE, Blackpool, Bolton, Wigan and just a couple of thousand more than the mighty Accy and Morecambe? A disastrous decade nearly summed up.
  6. IMO, the adverts on the forum are now less invasive, as they are stacked at the bottom of the page instead of those pop ups (seems to be less of those?).
  7. According to Birdy it’s re-opening in September.
  8. Bit like when folk try and claim Stanley (third team to come out of Accrington as late as 1968) as being ‘Founder Members’
  9. It’s a politicians answer. Kick the can down the road and everything that is to be ‘looked into’ will be forgotten by the next meeting as there will be a new agenda with the season underway. Just a sham of a ‘forum’.
  10. Sure I read STs were late on sale and/or well down in numbers sold? Ergo, like us, ST sales drop, so do crowds.
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