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  1. Sounds like it’s you needs to breathe, you are trying to put normal club scenarios onto a Venky run establishment and getting very over-excited in seeing things that aren’t there. Give TM a microphone and he defends his position and rarely takes responsibility for failings - it’s the players, it’s the pitch, its the injuries, it’s the ‘market’. I’ve seen of heard nothing that suggests he’s under any more pressure from the owners.
  2. It’s the UK version of a South Korean show... has to be from the Far East!
  3. Football that gets you promoted and keeps you there? Nah, let’s keep going like we are. A certain type of football fan gets bored of it.
  4. No idea what TV India’s going to be on yet. Disney hold the UK rights, they could put it on its own ‘HotStar’ streaming site (no, me either) or sub-contract it out - but no bid from Sky, as yet.
  5. Tuffers ain’t ‘posh’. Agnew’s from Leicester (though he is a bit posh). Anyway, you don’t know what you’ve got till it’s gone...TalkSPORT have nabbed the radio rights for India. 😥
  6. There’s an element of every fanbase that are ‘never happy’, but he honestly can’t think he’s had a remotely tough relationship with the Rovers fanbase. I’ve never known a manager as average as TM given such an easy ride.
  7. I would say the League 1 relegation has led to the opposite of fans having ‘1995’ expectations. Standards of what is acceptable and what the club should have aspirations to achieve has dropped markedly post L1, even from the not exactly halcyon days of the Bowyer era - which has helped TM out massively in keeping fans pressure for poor results and performances off his back.
  8. They may lose one of those 3 in the summer, they may lose none of them. I’m putting my eggs in the... ‘The owners felt a new direction for the club was needed that corresponds with the ethos and values of ALK Capital’.
  9. They won’t be going down whilst Dyche is there... as we well know, new owners thinking they know better will be their downfall.
  10. It is out of the ordinary for TM to appear on new fangled mediums like podcasts, he’s more a Radio Tees kind of guy, you’d think. The official EFL podcast with a friendly fellow Boro man would be the best outlet for him to put his point across...
  11. How quaint... “Tam, the Cardiff owner said; their efforts to propel us towards a fifth-place finish and play-off position last year are recognised and appreciated. Although sadly we are in a result-orientated business and our on-field results of late and progress this season has been very poor. “As such, we have had no choice but to relieve them of their duties. We hope to improve results and league position with a change of manager.”
  12. So Mowbray was a busted flush when he came to Rovers then? Some mental gymnastics at play here, Masher. You are pleased with how he’s performed here... so it’s almost like an experienced manger can turn it around - also see Moyes and a thousand other examples.
  13. You serious? Because post a few months at City he was managing some of the smaller clubs in the Premier League (and still finished in the top half the majority of the time). Bloody hell Masher, not rocket science, is it!
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