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  1. He’s not going anywhere, so absolutely no point in the old... ‘it’s worth a defeat if it means...’ versus ‘I NEVER want my club to lose’ debate. Lets just get to 50 points.
  2. Judging social media and the rapturous following he still has, at least we can look forward to bumper crowds next season 😏
  3. There’s no actual ambition to get promoted, that’s fairly obvious in the way the club is structured and run. So on what grounds would he be sacked as long as we are comfortable enough in the Championship? (Losing money hand over fist aside, but there’s no ambition to stem that either, short term cash grab at Brockhall aside).
  4. Young ‘uns I kind of get it, they’ve only known this shell version of Blackburn Rovers. But for someone like him, who was actually involved with the club at the time we were being pulled up by our bootstraps, the lack of pride in the legacy left in the form of fantastic facilities and the shoulder shrugging to the gutting of infrastructure is something I just can’t get my head around.
  5. The bi-polar nature of social media is a phenomenon of our time. The Screen Grabber (formerly of this parish) has slagged off pretty much every utterance of TM and Waggott for weeks... today : ‘Inveterate gloom purveyors will have to have a night off unless they find out the new Brockhall won’t have any showers but a minibus to Ewood will be laid on after training’ I suppose it’s a calculation on which way the wind is blowing to get those precious serotonin releasing re-tweets....
  6. Crack journo Andy Bayes spent the build up to the Coventry game telling listeners what a great guy he was and how he was back to being ‘much like his old self again’... which is nice.
  7. He’s a rare manager that NEVER takes responsibility for defeats, always something or someone else to blame. A sign of good man management is taking the heat off the players once in a while. Irony is, he’s actually at a club where losing games doesn’t particularly matter, so a few mea culpas would do him no harm with his squad...
  8. Mattyblue

    Site adverts

    I know it’s not your choice, just interested to why this site is now taking ads in a format that other sites have been doing for a long while - I.e. obviously not a blanket overnight change by Google
  9. https://www.lancashiretelegraph.co.uk/sport/19138535.permanent-defensive-signings-rovers-summer-transfer-agenda/ ‘All of the loans will go back, the out of contract players, we’ll have to see whether we can do a deal with any of them, the summer is the summer and we’ll try and keep building the club as I’ve always said.’ Yeah going into my 5th full season, the defenders in the squad will be Lenihan, a crock, a young lad from Crewe as my only full back and academy grads, but I ‘build clubs’
  10. I’m not arsed in their opinion as if he’s sacked on Monday it is immediately the right choice and ‘time for a change’. Better get used to it though as these situations drag on and on and on at this rudderless club.
  11. Mattyblue

    Site adverts

    Some other forums have presented ads like this for a while, any reason why brfcs has suddenly changed to mirror them?
  12. I can see Grealish being the next Hoddle or Le Tissier. The likes of Southgate, who is the quintessential FA blazer, have never liked the maverick.
  13. Received an email from the EFL, thought go on then, only to be met with the most apt EFL/ifollow response 😁
  14. “They [the owners] understand. They watch every game. They see which is the best team on any given day and they have to decide what they think is the way forward.” Do they bollocks (to each and every sentence in that quote).
  15. Of course we shouldn’t expect him to walk away from 15 months of a contract. He’ll have no clue when and where his next job will be or for what remuneration. He has to look after himself and his family, like we all would. So he needs to stop coming out with holier than thou platitudes like ‘I’ll walk away if I’m a burden’, as when push comes to shove he has no intention of doing so.
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