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  1. Just had a long E-mail from Ossie Young. He's narrowed you down to initials, both of which are NM, which isn't ideal ... one of the " Darwen feckers ", as he so beautifully put it . So, are you the Goalkeeper, or named after a well known " law " ? He recalls Craig Mann's parents buying him a Sunbeam Alpine in the 6th form, and fumes " he didn't need that much help getting girls anyway, the git ! " 😄 Ossie sends his regards, and has asked me to tell you that he still speaks regularly to Pete Collins, now of Connecticut. He's not gone totally native and will be supporting England, although fears the worse ! Claret, In peace as ever ...
  2. Just come back to this topic, which I posted, seems to have caused some controversy .. Valid points made by many, I will point out that the excellent Lancashire League website reveals that whilst East Lancs 1st XV does indeed to appear to have 10/11 players who are indiginous ( for want of a better word, no offence intended ), every member of the 2nd & 3rd XI's have " Asian " names. I hope this doesn't indicate that it's becoming two separate Clubs under one name ... Burnley CC obviously has the car parking and bar income from visiting supporters on match days to sustain it, whilst Lowerhouse has a thriving social and junior section. Lowerhouse Chairman Stan Heaton appeared on Sky a few weeks ago. An old mate, who played at East Lancs for years tells me that the Bar taking are reducing year on year, as the Asian lads just come, play and then go, not staying around for the " Craic " afterwards, which is understandable .. Surely a chance for the Venky's or Issa brothers to sponsor, which would greatly enhance their reputations ..
  3. East Lancs now sitting bottom of the 2-tier Lancashire League, after some poor recent seasons .... Playing without a Professional, what's gone wrong at what used to be one of the strongest Clubs in the League ??
  4. Couldn't have put it better myself, " Revidge Blue " !
  5. We may have found a topic that unites Rovers and Burnley fans " as one " .... France out, a nation rejoices ... and I don't mean Switzerland 🤣
  6. So, here's the thing .... The 1st years of 1975, were the last to enter QEGS under the " Direct Grant " scheme. This scheme had an entrance exam, where the top 25% of pupils were offered a " free " place at the school, with assistance for travel/uniform costs if parents were on a low income. This accounted for 30 out of the 120 or so new entrants. The other 90 were offered places, with a sliding scale of fees, based on the parent's income. If your parents earnt little, you paid nothing, and got help with travel/uniform etc, if your parent was a solicitor, bank manager etc, you paid according to their means. 400 took the exam most years for QEGS ... The scheme was abolished by the Labour Government, forcing the schools to choose between going Independent, or reorganising to join the State sector as a Comprehensive. QEGS went down the Independent route. According to your view, " Direct Grant " was elitist and divisive, or a " ladder up " by which a bright child from a humble home could get a 1st Class " academic " education. My Dad grew up on a Council Estate, his father was a Lorry Driver, killed in WW2 when he was 7, his mother a Boots factory worker. He passed the old 11+, went to High Pavement GS, Nottingham, and after National Service, gained a Choral Scholarship to Cambridge ... as you would expect, he was of the second view which is why I was sent there. As for posh, the lads from the wealthy families in Blackburn, tended to go to Rossall, Kirkham or Giggleswick Public Schools ... some of an uncharitable mind, may suggest this was because they weren't academically clever enough to pass the QEGS exam !!
  7. Ossie rarely gets back to the UK, his parents passed a good few years ago, and he was their only child. When he attended the BRUFC reunion, he actually drove to Blackburn via North London, from Florence as he combined the trip with sorting out his late Uncle's affairs ... He was great mates with Allan Nicol, a St Augustine's lad, who's now retired from Lancs Constabulary after 30 years. As Ossie strolled in to our reunion, Allan just walked over, burst into tears, and hugged him .... Allan's probably just shy of 19 stone, it was quite touching .... God knows what Ossie's lovely Italian wife, Elena thought of it !! 😁
  8. Ha,Ha ! Not only is he a Claret, he actually bought a " Communal Hymn Sheet " on Ebay, from the Tottenham v Burnley 1962 Cup Final ... I'd say that's bordering on obsessive !! 😁 I never knew how he ended up without his front " set ", you've educated me there !! Ossie .... markoyoung@onetel.com
  9. Do you mean Mark Williams ? If so, you don't want to meet him in his professional capacity, as well as being a Solicitor, he's now the Assistant Coroner for East Lancashire ! Do you remember Mark " Ossie " Young, lived in Wilpshire ? Original bassist in the " Stiffs ", he's now a Corporate Accountant, and has lived in Florence for nearly 30 years .. another " Claret " Keep well, and let's hope the " Derby " can be resumed soon, ideally in the top flight !!
  10. About 5 years after I left ( 1987 ? ), a mate from Blackburn Rugby Club bought his first place, a rather nice flat on Buncer Lane, and threw a " housewarming " in early Summer. When we turned up, he said " I've invited the older couple from upstairs, they can't complain then if it gets a bit louder later on " ... We went out into the garden , and who should be there but " Jack " Longstaff & his wife ! Instinctively, the three of us began rubbing our shoes on the back of our trousers !! He was charm personified, especially to our respective lady-friends. Paul Heathcote's girlfriend, an especially pretty blonde, approached us from the kitchen with a drink for him, " Is this your Popsy ? " he enquired, and introduced himself with his olde-world manners, " Enchanted, young lady " etc. After a few minutes, he looked at her, and then at Paul, " Just a word to the wise, my dear .... you can do far better than this rascal !! " ...... 😁
  11. B****y Hell, didn't pick up on that, " Revidge ", hope you're keeping safe and well ... I'm usually one for looking forwards in life, not back, but after a few pints of " Hen Harrier " at Blackburn Rugby Club, I was talked into arranging a reunion of the 1982-83 Colts ( Under 19's ) in 2017, so tracked down a few ex-QEGS. Greg Starks ( Mollington Road ) is the Executive Head Chef for Warner Leisure Group, and hasn't touched a fag/pint for over 25 years ( to the surprise of those who remember him ), John Aspin is a Primary School Head in Bacup, Tim Rayner is a retired Dentist. Charlotte Hindle is a TV Producer, most recently on " Songs of Praise ", and Paul Heathcote has a 2nd Career as a " Sparkie ", after having done nearly 25 years in the Royal Marines ..
  12. TJ " Prod " Longstaff passed away last year at 98, there was a 300+ post thread on " Up the Clarets " with reminiscences, stories etc from ex-QEGS of our vintage. Regrettably, the mods removed it, I think because of references to a couple of " Fred Talbot " like cases ... you'd have enjoyed it. I'm Chris Rawson, moderate scholar ( by QEGS standards of the time ), but enjoyed the Rugby .... Still in touch with Alastair Newman, Paul " Eggy " Heathcote, Nigel Atherton, Roger Verlander & one or two others .. Hope you're keeping well ...
  13. Claret in peace as ever ... I left QEGS in 1982, last year of the " Direct Grant " in-take, otherwise I'd never have gone there ... Didn't need to be Poirot to work out who Herbie6590 was but intrigued by you .... were you Tim Rayner, John Aspin, Dave Skidmore's year ?
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