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  1. Well I think it helps when you have eleven fit players on the pitch and a central midfielder who can pass the ball forward. Somehow TM got a combination of players on the pitch that undid Stoke and should have gone on to win. That said I think it's at the stage where the decision-makers might be asking TM how he sees us progressing this season.
  2. Very poor. Central midfield is key and we are too deep and ponderous - Travis looks very poor and needs some time in the 23s to get fit. Elliot is also struggling and Rothwell looks out-of-sorts. The only good news has been the new lad and a passable half from Douglas. Have to say against their astute manager, this game looks done and dusted.
  3. The thing about Trybull is that he's not physical enough to proect the back four, or creative enough to get the ball into the right areas of the pitch quickly - so far anyway. he may perform better in a different system.
  4. Not sure why losing our top scorer and this season's best player makes any sense at all.
  5. From LT Barry Douglas is on a season-long loan from Leeds United, with the recall clause within his deal understood to have now passed So, for once, you are right.
  6. Sounds very positive, and I have read that Douglas can be sent back.
  7. Very good piece by Sharpe. https://www.lancashiretelegraph.co.uk/sport/19000155.verdict-rovers-now-underperforming-well-underachieving/
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