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  1. QPR are another very ordinary team. Very depressing.
  2. Give Clarkson a break - some players need a few games to pick up the pace.
  3. The question is, who would fail the EPL's owner test? The Taliban?
  4. Four points dropped for me over the two games. The league is full of poor teams, which we can beat with our first teams out, but injuries have done for us, just as we knew they would do.
  5. We got lucky - Jack, Shearer, Cantana, Cole.
  6. Of course, but we will be lucky to get up to the EPL in my lifetime.
  7. "We'll never see this again in our lifetime." Killer line.
  8. Watched "our" episode and cried a few tears. We are lucky buggers.
  9. I genuinely don't know what to think about all this and I admire those who some to have some special insights into the club's finances, decision-making and so on. We do know the owners are awful, the management team not good enough and that we are under huge financial challenges. What else do we know for certain?
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