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  1. I'm not a fan of Waggott as I said above, I like Mowbray, but think his time is up. I'm all ears on the Brockhall debate. Not sure how you got so many likes, but then again.....
  2. Not a single chance in the second half of a game we had to win. Speechless.
  3. Two very average teams separated by a touch of luck and a good finish. Let's hope the midfield defensive pair do their work second half.
  4. I assume our financial strategy is a mixture of the three, but done badly.
  5. Me too, but what as I said I'm not sure what the options are for the club and I'm not sure anyone does.
  6. Most people "right-size", that is move to a property of a similar size with the facilities they want at their stage in life, but that's another argument.... I'm not sure what the point is that I've missed and I admit that I may not have understood the argument, but to assume bad faith isn't right.
  7. I've had a look, and the read the responses and have been involved, in a tangental way, in similar schemes, where funds have to be realised to build something new. I'd also like to hear a detailed account of how the scheme will work from the club. That doesn't amount to blind optimism - far from it actually. There is of course an underlying issue here, which is how do fans expect the club to carry on spending on the ground, players and so on, without raising money. We are, if I understand correctly, £250m in the red. And I don't have much time for Waggott and co. So we are in a very prec
  8. I can't pretend to understand the detail of a scheme like this and I'm surprised others can make definitive statements about the design and so on, but if the motivation is to improve facilities by selling some of the land then I kinda get that.
  9. I've seen worse from Waggott. I think his core argument makes sense - to build a new facility, you can use an asset you have.
  10. You can add Kaminski and Rothwell as good buys and he's brought on a bunch of young players through. He also, and critically, gave the fans something to believe in after a the mad years. Apart from that.....
  11. Yes, almost as bad as Dalglish.... None of those name are hugely exciting.
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