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  1. As I've said elsewhere, I'd love Roy Keane. Results aside, it would be fun.
  2. I'd love Keane at EP, not least because we could all the do the photocopier story again. Even if we lost loads, it would be fun.
  3. Or get Khadra to tire them out and use Butterworth to bag a goal in the last 30 minutes.
  4. This is pretty on the money: https://www.wearehullcity.co.uk/news/2021/september/mccanns-post-blackburn-assessment/
  5. Well-needed point against the bottom teams, because for me we can concede against half-decent teams, at any point. Lower mid-table on our current showings.
  6. 15 /20 good minutes in a poor performance. Last 15, unable to keep the ball. Four form two home games, a reasonable return.
  7. Worst 45 minutes of the season. Another five minutes and we'd be one down.
  8. On top on my season ticket, I'm not sure this is the best £10 I've spent this week.
  9. I can't travel this evening, so have paid to watch the game on Rovers TV. I can't find where to log in though.
  10. Thank you sir. Do other EFL teams invest similar amounts?
  11. Just watched the highlights and their two goals were awful defending by us. Criminal really.
  12. To be fair ref, after a poor result, how many managers tell the press that they got it wrong?
  13. We had chances to kill the game in the second half and missed a couple of sitters at 2-1.
  14. No, really, I didn't know all that other stuff. Only been going for 50 years.
  15. A game, if we'd taken our chances, we would have strolled to victory. Everything else is noise. The fella in front of the Riverside taking a bow did tickle me though.
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