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  1. Long-time Rovers fans will recognise this as nothing new! A failure to deliver when the chips are down and expectations are high (usually after a heart-stirring prior performance.) I had to turn this off when it got to extra time though….it was so soul destroying. Hyam, Wharton and Pears contributed to set up the first farcical goal. Sammie made a bad error for the second (a bit like BBD had a tendency to do). And the third! I’ve always cringed when defenders pass back directly towards goal……hey - everybody mis-kicks sometimes ….but this was a classic, we’ll be talking about it for decades! It looked like Pears was pausing to collect his mis-kick on the bounce but he had sliced it so well, the ball was spinning like a top and completely fooled him. Gallagher is awful. I know he has “good” games where his gallumping presence unsettles mediocre defenders but this can never make up for his lack of ball control or his inability to get into goal scoring positions. When we are moving forward with menacing momentum….pass to Sam to kill it immediately. And Dolan! Poor decision making, being too fancy…did you see him pirouette the ball into touch? There were others I could vent about……….I’ve just seen the BRFCS ratings and no one rated well . What a shambles!
  2. It’s true but they are the only teams in the bottom 15 to win today. It’s crazy down there! Oh! And only 4 of these bottom 15 have gained more points than us over the last 6 games! We moved up to 16th today.
  3. Courtesy of LT: Lineker added: "They deserve credit do Blackburn. It was an inspirational performance at times against higher opposition. "Blackburn and John Eustace deserve a lot of credit. They did their team proud."
  4. A great cup-tie. We’ve had a few of them in the last couple of seasons but, sadly, we’ve not continued the form into the league. Let’s hope this time it’s different. Every player was a credit to the shirt. I remember Markanday playing a blinder in one of those ties but he’s never repeated it until tonight. It was only last season that we scored 10 penalties (IIRC) on the trot v West Ham. A lot of defenders took penalties then. Unless the planned takers were all subbed off, I think Hyam would have been identified as one of them pre-match. Wigan was a long time ago; I think Pears has paid his penance and deserves praise for recent performances. He was brilliant tonight……give him a break. There was a fair bit of squad rotation during the game and the performance didn’t falter…amazing. Let’s hope that Eustace has found a way to make the team tick. I am nervous that this is just a one-off though. Nevertheless I’m looking forward to the weekend! Well done to the fans, it sounded brilliant. I wish I could have been there!
  5. Hill must be one of the most impressive loans we’ve ever had. He was my man of the match, I was particularly impressed with his dominance in the air today. Wahlstedt looks poor. His punches are often weak and when he comes out to claim the high ball it’s only 50:50. He’s a decent shot stopper and quick to gather or clear dangerous long punts too. He may come good; he arrived with a reputation but he seems low on confidence. What few people seem to mention though, is how much panic he seems to have re-introduced to our “pass it round at the back” play. He’s passing to guys in tight situations….and with players like Scottie at the back, it’s a disaster waiting to happen. To finish on a positive note…..I enjoyed the backs to the wall performance around our box after the sending off. It was nail-biting even though we had a good lead!
  6. Two excellent goals and should have been more…..Norwich look poor. JRC has been excellent except for the dumb booking and I really like Hill. Adam has been largely disappointing but Wahlstedt is a bleeding liability. It’s no coincidence that the panic has returned to our “play it out from the back” tactics since he arrived. He puts other players in danger nearly every time. I’m a Dolan critic but he’s had some nice moves so far. Pity we aren’t 5 up!
  7. Well, well……get players in the box and you score…….who’d a thought?
  8. For me it was the expectation after some very encouraging performances. I was really looking forward to the game and the initial promise was exciting but the final delivery was just unacceptable!
  9. I’m a big believer in ‘the wisdom of crowds’ and the BRFCS match ratings for yesterday’s game are conclusive. Travis is currently on 3/10. His inability to control the ball at pace or to lay it off effectively was demonstrated clearly when he lost possession three times in the first 15 minutes ……. each time we were building impressive attacking team moves.
  10. Same story. Plymouth have one guy prepared to take a shot from outside the box and, via 2 deflections we’re one down. We are still trying to walk it into the net. Travis lost possession three times in the first 15 minutes when we were in the midst of impressive attacking moves. He’s not good enough. They had a few dangerous counter attacks too where they cut through us too easy. It’s not over though.
  11. I enjoyed the game! Things are developing, it’s not so scary seeing the back 4 tip tapping it about and building out from the back is starting to look effective. I can’t believe I’m saying this but it but we’re regularly looking good, moving forward from deep. JDT has to be given his due; he could be the man? The style JDT is encouraging/fostering might just work…..amazing…..even though we haven’t got the firepower to dominate games as yet. We need a quality finisher still. Wharton junior is not the finished article but he oozes class and we just need to be patient. Pears looks good…..a bonus. The defence is improving and I thought Wharton senior looked good when he came on….very encouraging! Hyam had a great game today…..he would make a good captain.. Dolan is a weak link although he did some effective chasing back in the first half. Hopefully the new guy will be a good replacement. Gallagher, with his many limitations, can still make an effective contribution in games like these. His bustling style has its place…..as long as we don’t need him to score! Roll on the next game!
  12. Szmodics did well to hold it together. He’s becoming the beating heart of the team. JRC was everywhere and my mom. Hedges was much improved….I was losing faith in him but he was good today. Ennis looks like he might become the real deal too, I can’t see Gallagher being a regular starter. Dolan isn’t good enough, neither is Travis. I know it was only against 10 men at the end but I’m encouraged that we came back from 2-0 down…..we wouldnt have done that last season!
  13. Suicide football. I don’t care if I never see Brereton again. Present the opposition with a limitless number of crosses into the box and the conclusion is obvious.
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