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  1. I’m not a big Armstrong fan, he’s overrated I agree but I have to give him his due.....he’s scored a few this season. That wasn’t really my point though. Watching the game I couldn’t see us scoring from anywhere. I nearly fell off my chair when we scored a header.......no.....when Sam scored a header. It helped that he was being marked by someone a foot shorter. But who else ever looks like scoring? Buckley (twice) and BB had attempted shots, in the first half, which barely reached their goalie. Rothwell, Evans and even Holtby suffer nose bleeds when they get into shooting territory. There never seems to be anyone smart enough or willing enough to throw themselves into the box.......just on the off-chance that the cross will be a good un. When we make chances there isn’t a decent finisher. Gallagher doesn’t do it for me; he’s had some real shockers. OK, what I really mean....he’s a waste of money..........as, I fear, is BB. As a Rovers fan I’ve been here before.....lots of times; wondering where the next goals are going to come from.
  2. Trouble is Dave......looks like he’s the only guy that can put the ball in the net more than rarely. I thought Lenihan had a great final quarter though. Some ‘proper’ robust challenges.
  3. Good grief! Brereton was awful. He looked knackered from the first minute. On 42 min. I almost put my foot through the tv as our commentators debated how well he’d played!
  4. Well, I’ve downed a bottle of red......but it hasn’t dulled the pain.
  5. What kind of a free kick was that. Wasted. Commentators getting on my pips making excuses!
  6. Absolute garbage. Worst for a long time. No guile, pathetic passing, Armstrong anonymous.....except for his usual offside. Brereton back to his old self....galloping into nowhere......and did you see Lolley leave him dead when he got his shot away just outside the box? Johnson contributing little and as for Evans.....I never want to see him again; poor in every aspect of play. What was Kaminski doing when Forest hit the bar. Dolan looking like the kid he is. I don’t think the new tactic of playing long high balls to him is working!! Nyambe the only player looking capable of creating anything. Ayala the best player we have so far.
  7. Sadly, I was a youngster in 1969......and this is my last post of the night. Goodnight one and all.
  8. Sorry Howie, I stayed up till 2am to watch this. I deserved more!
  9. But worryingly we didn’t make many chances. Passing was poor all game.
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