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  1. Waggott still has my money from my last ST. He has refused to refund me. I will not buy anything else until he's gone. Regardless of who the manager is. Regardless of what division we are in. Regardless who we play. I've been going to Ewood since 1969. He has driven me away. 'nuff said.
  2. It breaks my heart to criticise Mogga. He saved us from derbies with Chorley and AFC Fylde. But it's clearly time to go. This division is shit. Look at Barnsley. How many of their players would WE want at Ewood? This division proves itself to be shit every week. For God's sake pass FORWARDS.
  3. But if simply press play and not refresh?
  4. Can you pause iFollow when watching the game?
  5. Which is why we are correct to look at rearranging Brockhole. I may be wrong but the last "very young lad" to come through Brockhole was Buckley and before that possibly Dunn. All the others - Travis etc - were cast-offs from big city clubs. We've lost good kids in recent times, poached by big clubs such as Liverpool, City, Everton, Leicester etc. What's the point in developing Under 8's when the FA now allows them to travel longer distances for Premier League training? Money talks.
  6. Let's not forget that John Williams started out in the same manner as Waggott. He too increased matchday and ST prices to nose-bleed levels. I was paying £95 per month for 2 adults and 3 children in the Family Stand. It prompted lots of complaints from fans, long before message-boards existed outside of the club's own website. I was one of many who wrote to Williams voicing my concerns about ticket prices for a cup game against then 3rd division Wigan. The difference was that Williams listened and, more importantly, learned. He replied with a promise that he would re-examine pricing poli
  7. Fully agree with most of the points raised so far. Especially those about the changing watching/viewing/attendance habits of younger generations. I've been a fan for nearly 60 years and had a ST for over 40 of those. "Back In The Day", ST holders were few and far between, largely because individual matchday prices were easily affordable to most people. However, as prices increased, it gradually became more sensible and cost effective to buy a ST. Today neither I, nor any of my 3 grown-up sons, would ever contemplate attempting to justify spending more on an individual matchday ticket than
  8. I hate myself for saying this but...... what could Mark Hughes achieve with this squad? Souness? King Kenny? Kendall? Even Big Sam or Bob Saxton? (OK I'm getting carried away).......BUT??!!??@@@
  9. With my muddle-head on I'll say 4-2 with first scorer Tony Field.
  10. Fully understand your viewpoint. But I don't believe it was a difficult decision to refund ST holders. We were one of only 3 professionals football clubs in England who chose not to refund. So, we 3 were right and the other 100+ were wrong? I'm not allowed streaming services on my company laptop, and probably wouldn't bother with iplayer even if I was, due to my internet speed being SOOOOOO slow. The point is that Waggott's constant "take it or leave it" attitude has eventually worn me down. I know several other long-term fans who are doing the same as me. Very sad.
  11. How do I watch this, or any Rovers game, without giving Waggott any money? He stole my ST money last season and, after over 40 years with a ST, I will never forgive or forget.
  12. Cant believe nobody mentioned Salgado. He could probably still get a game today.
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