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  1. Are you going for the for the full weekend (Kendal)? Are you going for the for the full weekend (Kendal)?
  2. Love the Blackburn End photos....(inside and out) Where is the ROVERS F.C. sign/stonework these days?
  3. trs

    Paul Astley

    Very Sad news. Travelled with Paul many times when we had our spell with the away travel. Sincere Condolences to Paul's family. A true true Rover
  4. Was only saying the other day its the likes of Ronnie and Duggie that statues and stands should be built and named after at "Ewood Park". RIP Ronnie
  5. Whilst 99.9 per cent of us on here didn't know the person who has tragically lost his life, I'm sure like myself we have felt genuinely saddened by what has happened. Myself and my families sympathies go out to his loved ones. On a slightly different note I've read one or two posts on this thread which have saddened and angered me and couldnt wait to reply in anger but I've decided now is not the time. Please don't turn this thread in to a personal squabble between certain members
  6. .Had a wander in there last night just for a beer though Looks ok, said we might try it in future. £3.15 for a pint of bitter whats the world coming to.
  7. Never forget that Gav, the madman was stood near us before he tried t' take em all on
  8. Cliff Owens n' Tom Jacksons coaches.....them wer days!
  9. Cracking read, just hope the film released in UK cinemas late march, can do it justice.
  10. Debs for me everytime
  11. Been quite a bit of Queen on sky arts channel recently, (ch256 I think) might be worth checking out for the missus EC. Usually repeat stuff on there. Watched the Johnny Cash San Quinten gig the other day on there, worth a watch if only to listen to the inmates interviews. The Who are on this friday, I think its Las Vegas 1999
  12. Has anyone seen Morning call live? http://www.morningcall.co.uk/ Be interested on folks opinions on the local band
  13. I pictured a can of stella being thrown across the room when I first read that
  14. According to the official site MB, the drum will return tomorrow. Not my cup of tea at all, but hey.............
  15. He was quite simply, ONE OF US!:
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