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  1. No, not at Rovers, here on BRFCS. And it's probably not much of a shock either as it's no secret that Ste and I haven't had time to run the site properly for many years. It's also quite well known that we've come close to handing the site over to other people in the past, but it's never quite come off, but finally it has! You've probably noticed that through the News and the Podcast, Kamy, Josh and Ian have been doing an amazing job around here (whilst Tom, K-Hod, TB and Biddy have carried on doing their awesome work behind the scenes) whilst I've been transitioning into a new job for th
  2. Finally got some tickets for the Stone Roses in Leeds this week.
  3. It should be back in the iTunes directory soon, though you can speed things up and add it to iTunes yourself up by following that link and hitting the "iTunes" buttons. BTW A massive Thank You to J*B (and his guests) for putting this together. It takes a surprising amount of effort to create these, so don't hesitate to let him know you enjoyed it (and if enough people do that, he may do some more ).
  4. Sorry if this thread is now a little disjointed, but when the original poster removed some comments (probably for a good reason), it makes sense posts quoting those posts go too ..... and then the posts that are replies to them don't make sense ..... and the whole thing ends up a bit of a mess and I end up having to remove good content because all the context around it has been removed. So, erm, yes, some people removed some posts and I tried to tidy up and made it worse. This of it as the forum equivalent of the Ecce Homo painting - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ecce_Homo_(Martínez_and_G
  5. Remind your self how civilised it felt at an hour in when you're dying for the loo!
  6. As I loved the book, this has been very much on my radar, but I've been waiting for feedback before I start watching as I'd hate for it to suck. Similarly with the new Twin Peaks series and forthcoming Ready Play One film. If they can't do them well, I'd rather their left well alone
  7. Oh, we've always had those type of emojis. I mean it now support proper emojis used by mobile devices and people under 30. Now this is a ? all about how my life got ?⬆️⬇️ now I'd like to take a ⌛️ just ? ? I'll tell ya how I became the ? of a ?????? called ??
  8. The day started with unconfirmed reports by Indian newspaper Sakal Times that Venky's had premises raided as part of what is reported as an ongoing investigation into unpaid Income Tax. The ongoing situation was tracked by BRFCS forum members here and then later in the day Pune Kar News reported that 40 premises of Venky’s, at 10 locations across India including Pune, Mumbai, Delhi, Hyderabad and others, including offices, farmhouses and residential premises of the company officials, had been raided. In response, the Venky's AGM was postponed and it's been reported their share price has
  9. Tonight has seen the launch of Duncan Miller's campaign as an Independent candidate for Blackburn in the upcoming general election. Duncan launched his campaign with the following message to voters I am proud to announce my intention to stand as an independent candidate for the Election of Member of Parliament for Blackburn in the upcoming General Election on Thursday 8th June. Unattached to any political party and the constraints that accompany such an allegiance, it is my desire to campaign on an issue extremely close to my heart and to that of many thousands of Blackburnians.
  10. I suspect it was money saving / Barbara McGee (I think that was her name) already having too many jobs to do if memory serves.
  11. I don't remember, this was all pre-Venkys and feels like a lifetime ago. I remember some people being upset about it, including me who was in the process of setting up a branch for people exiled on the wrong side of the Pennines. i may have a search back though old posts at some point to see if something jogs my memory
  12. I think most fell apart from disinterest, but the club stopping 'officially recognising' any bar the disabled supporters group (early 2000s) won't have helped. I know the landscape has massively changed since then, with the formation of things like the Trust and BRAG, who are very much recognised. if anyone wants to start one up again, we hopefully have a new feature launching on the site this summer that allow little sub-sites, specifically aimed at groups such as supporters groups. Like what we've previously done for BRANZ and NYC Rovers, only much better.
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