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  1. Percentage of games lost by Rovers under Mowbray in all competitions (full seasons only plus this season for comparison­čś× 17/18 - 16% 18/19 - 37% 19/20 - 39% 20/21 - 47% Not sure I like this journey.
  2. Please not Pulis. That would be the equivalent of being delighted at your mate finally getting rid of a nasty, abusive and fat wife.... And then moving in with Gemma Collins.
  3. Has anyone seen the Michael Gray one of these? Really good watch. Apologises to Sunderland fans, but says playing for Rovers was the best time in his career. Said the team was fantastic when he came to Rovers - they felt they could beat anyone. He was gutted when he left Rovers, but Hughes didn't really speak to him when he left. Lists the best players he ever played with as Larsson, Phillips and Tugay. He speaks really highly about his time at Rovers.
  4. I can only assume he was adding the 21 goals they scored in the cup (they got toe the FA Cup semi-final) - although I think he's pushing it to include those.
  5. On the flip side, Jamie Vardy was 25 when he made his football league debut and he's not done too badly. Didn't realise his first ever football league goal was at Ewood Park as well.
  6. I'd not be excited by a Monk or a Rowett either, but I do have some concerns about Wagner. He started off fairly well at Schalke: P21 W11 D6 L4 Then it went rapidly down hill to the mess that Schalke find themselves in today. The 20 games following that start: P20 W0 D7 L13 Whilst it was also an impressive achievement to take Huddersfield up and keep them up for a season, the end of his reign there was pretty terrible as well. P34 W2 D9 L22 I'd still take him over Mowbray, as he could be brilliant, but equally, he could be a disaster.
  7. I'd be going for the Cowley brothers while they are available. No doubt we'll get rid of Mowbray just after they've accepted a job elsewhere.
  8. I don't think you can just do that or everyone who ever wanted to leave a contract would just resign and then sign with someone else. https://www.skysports.com/football/news/11688/8389166/Blackburn-set-to-name-Michael-Appleton-as-new-boss-after-agreeing-compensation-package-with-Blackpool
  9. We definitely did. We agreed a settlement figure with them.
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