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  1. We've just spent a weekend in a little village in North Wales - where all the signs are in both English and Welsh. There was a section of road in the countryside, where the signs all read "Bae Colwyn" and "Colwyn Bay". Someone had taken the time to go along the road and cross out the English spelling of it on all the signs.
  2. I'd say Portugal only had one in Ronaldo when they won the Euros in 2016 (and bored their way through the tournament, they barely made it through their group) and Greece didn't have any when they won the Euros in 2004.
  3. I think he's a good international manager - not an outstanding one - but he's done alright with what he's got at his disposal. His record at Middlesbrough was pretty poor to be honest, so I think he's done well to get the chance of the England job, but his record with the U21's was very good and his record with the first team is alright. In his only major tournament with England before this, he got them to a World Cup Semi final. However straight forward the run was, England had only ever reached the semi-finals twice in history previously. Eriksson had a much stronger group of players av
  4. It's irrelevant to question what he's won really, doesn't mean he isn't a good manager. I doubt there would be any manager out there that would have won anything with England in Southgate's time in charge, whatever anyone thinks.
  5. Well I've compared him with Deschamps and he stacks up against him - despite having a significantly weaker squad you'd have thought.
  6. Dyche has only ever won the Championship once (same amount of times as Mowbray). Does that make Dyche a poor manager? Southgate won the Toulon tournament in 2016.
  7. He' definitely be better off financially not signing a new contract with Rovers (unless he has a Dack style nightmare). He'll end up pocketing a chunk of whatever money the club he signs for saves in transfer fees.
  8. I think you're being harsh on Southgate. I wasn't a fan before he was appointed, but he's done a decent job really. Ignoring Allardyce winning only one game, he's got the second best win percentage of any England manager of all time. He also stacks up pretty well against the other managers of the big teams in this tournament: He's got similar win percentages to Deschamps, Low and Santos. Deschamps has definitely had better players at his disposal than Southgate has, and you could argue Low has had. Martinez has suprised me somewhat with Belgium, as I didn't rate him personally.
  9. Your numbers are pretty close to be fair. I'd go 40% France, 20% Belgium, 10% Italy, 6% each for Spain, Germany, Portugal and England and then 6% any other. I think the only team that can stop the French is the French themselves, although you never know with Covid or a one-off game. I backed Belgium/Lukaku winner/top scorer double at the start of the tournament at 33/1. I'm just hoping the French self destruct at some point.
  10. So you reckon there is a 108% chance we'll get a winner? 😂
  11. Interesting that it took a few years for Beattie to fulfil the promise he showed at youth level. Whilst he was playing at a higher level than Brereton (Copa America aside 😂), he only really started scoring regularly once he turned 23, so still time for Brereton to become a regular goal scorer. Beattie's record: 98/99 (Aged 20/21) – 39 appearances 6 goals 99/00 (Aged 21/22) – 21 appearances 0 goals 00/01 (Aged 22/23) – 42 appearances 12 goals 01/02 (Aged 23/24) – 31 appearances 14 goals 02/03 (Aged 24/45) – 49 appearances 24 goals 03/04 (Aged 25/26) – 45 appearances 17 g
  12. Having seen him in a few videos with Bradley Dack, the lad struggles to speak English never mind Spanish.
  13. I hadn't realised he had signed a 7 year contract (although that is backed up by the article below). Crazy. https://www.lancashiretelegraph.co.uk/news/6152424.rovers-blackburn-break-club-record-sign-southampton-star-davies/ One bit from this article is who Southampton were lining up to replace him: "Manager David Jones, however, is believed to have lined-up Crystal Palace's Matt Jansen as a £3.5 million replacement" It's funny how things work out.
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