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  1. The last time we won 5 league games in a row in the top two tiers of English football was in was in 2000! Two of the players that played in that 5th game have managed us since (Hughes and Berg). There is not a chance we will get 5 Championship wins in a row under Mowbray.
  2. The best thing about appointing Keane would be getting some more use out of these banners in 12 months time. Just need to find a red 'E' on eBay.
  3. In 2011/12 he scored 9 goals in 19 starts when on loan at Ipswich in the Championship. He scored a couple in the Premier League that season and scored for Ireland. Can't imagine Rothwell, Travis or Davenport ever managing returns like that.
  4. Are we getting close to the point where we can have a poll on who would be the most popular choice to replace him? Having a quick scan through this thread, these are the names that have been suggested that haven't recently been snapped up. I've put on the likes of Bruce and Wilder that have been mentioned - but would require them to be sacked first. Danny Cowley Mark Hughes Valerien Ismael Gareth Ainsworth Mark Robins David Wagner Quique Flores Tony Pulis David Artell Gary Rowett Gustavo Poyet Damien Johnson Callum Da
  5. Warren was suggesting we needed a manager experienced at this level. Dyche had about the same level experience at Championship level as Cowley has now.
  6. I'd imagine Burnley fans were thinking something similar in 2012 when they appointed Dyche. He'd had one season as a manager - finishing mid-table with a pretty unremarkable win percentage (34.69%). They didn't go for experience.
  7. As opposed to Mowbray, who is currently causing trouble in an empty stadium.
  8. Percentage of games lost by Rovers under Mowbray in all competitions (full seasons only plus this season for comparison­čś× 17/18 - 16% 18/19 - 37% 19/20 - 39% 20/21 - 47% Not sure I like this journey.
  9. Please not Pulis. That would be the equivalent of being delighted at your mate finally getting rid of a nasty, abusive and fat wife.... And then moving in with Gemma Collins.
  10. Has anyone seen the Michael Gray one of these? Really good watch. Apologises to Sunderland fans, but says playing for Rovers was the best time in his career. Said the team was fantastic when he came to Rovers - they felt they could beat anyone. He was gutted when he left Rovers, but Hughes didn't really speak to him when he left. Lists the best players he ever played with as Larsson, Phillips and Tugay. He speaks really highly about his time at Rovers.
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