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  1. There are two things that are definitely not going to happen 😂
  2. He had 4 x £500 doubles on - the one with Beardsley first goal and Newcastle to win 3-0 was going to pocket him £52,000.....then Darren Peacock scored 😂
  3. He'd "only" actually bet £2000 - so not quite as stressful.
  4. I used to get stick when I was about 17/18 for saying there was no footballer I'd rather watch than Keith Gillespie on his day. He was unplayable when he was in the mood. Used to give full backs an absolutely torrid afternoon. He could just ghost past people. Unfortunately those days were too far and between, I suspect due to off field issues.
  5. If anyone turns up at Cardiff on Wednesday at 3pm next week - they're going to be very disappointed.
  6. I'm sure Graeme Souness made him lose about a stone in weight and he was a better player for it. In fact he did: Duff has shed the stone in weight since tough taskmaster Souness took over at Ewood Park a year and he is starting to feel the benefit of his new, trim figure. "I've always been a big eater and found it difficult not to pile on the weight," said Duff on the eve of tomorrow's big televised East Lancashire clash with big derby rivals Burnley. Source: https://www.theboltonnews.co.uk/news/6037406.loser-duffs-on-a-winner/
  7. I seem to remember Damien Duff used to look knackered 25 minutes into a game and he turned out alright.
  8. I'm far from a fan of Lenihan - but we're better when he's in the team than when he's not. Since being back at this level (2018/19 season onwards): With Lenihan: W 48 (37.5%); D 35 (27.34%); L 45 (35.16%) Without Lenihan: W 6 (21.43%); D 6 (21.43%); L 16 (57.14%) I personally think he's a mistake waiting to happen and has awful distribution - but the stats do show we really struggle when he's unavailable.
  9. Just had a look and 8 of his 35 goals for Rovers were direct free-kicks. I actually think he was very good on set pieces in the earlier years, but these got worse over the years. He scored 3 direct free-kicks in 06/07 - followed by 4 in total over the next 6 seasons. I reckon he was at his peak between about 2005 and 2008 for us.
  10. I guarantee 90% of those that do less for that sort of money are in football though.
  11. Shearer was one of the best crossers of the ball I've seen at Rovers.
  12. I remember having this one as a kid - which I thought was great - but I know a lot of other people thought it was awful. I still like it!
  13. Yes. Sutton, Gallacher and Davies were all injured - so we had Wilcox upfront. https://www.transfermarkt.co.uk/olympique-lyon_blackburn-rovers/index/spielbericht/2266711
  14. I'd not be surprised to see him play for England. Realistically, there aren't that many ahead of him. Kane, Calvert-Lewin, Watkins, Bamford, Ings, Wilson, Greenwood, Rashford off the top of my head. Not exactly over-flowing with options these days.
  15. I've just had a look on a Lincoln forum myself. Some of the comments on there show how far we've fallen.... "If Tayo does go, and I hope he doesn’t, I would want him to do better than Blackburn" "Very sad to see Tayo leave if this is the case, and I’m surprised he’ll want to go up to the NW rather than Luton tbh" And my favourite.... "As far as I’m aware, Blackburn are a well run club these days so think it would be a good move for him"
  16. 16/1 is a very good price with the squad as it is and the manager we've got. Especially when you consider our form since the start of February and the fact our squad is weaker this season.
  17. 8/1 wasn't generous - when we're 16/1 now. It's like being offered £100k for your house a month ago - and someone comes along and offers £200k this week. That £100k is looking generous now?
  18. What a ridiculous statement. We're 16/1 now - is that generous?
  19. I'm hoping we get Keane in, just so we can get back to the days of the "Kean/Keane Out" protests. Sure people have still got some banners that they can slightly adapt.
  20. If that's true, we surely should have been all over that.
  21. Probably get a similar amount of appearances as Ayala.
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