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  1. Christ, surely it's not quite at that level yet πŸ˜‚
  2. Surely that's the equivalent of a Sales Director saying he doesn't look at sales or what any competitors are doing. You'd be fired for that anywhere else.
  3. Birmingham have scored less. Let's look at the positives.
  4. If Wilder wouldn't come, I'd definitely being going for Danny Cowley. 4 wins out of 4 since taking over at Portsmouth and only contracted to the end of the season.
  5. Cowley brothers move to 3 wins from 3 at Portsmouth, but only contracted to the end of the season. They would be a massive upgrade.
  6. I was on the phone when I read that and got incredibly excited for all of 10 seconds then realised the date πŸ˜‚
  7. I'd go with Friedel, with Tugay a close second. I would say Shearer, Friedel and Duff are the three genuinely world class players I've seen while watching Rovers (I'm 37). Tugay was an absolute joy to watch, but probably not quite at the level of the three above, so I'm going for Friedel as my best foreigner. Notable mentions for Santa Cruz, McCarthy, Samba, Nelsen, Berg and Edinho Jr.
  8. I really like that design to be fair. It's just not Rovers though is it?
  9. Someone leaked his contract amongst other documents. I've got a copy in my emails.
  10. This was in Steve Kean's contract (see below in bold). Presumably if he's doing a bad job and it would cost to sack him, they come to some kind of mutual agreement. I suspect that's why you hear the term "mutually agreed" in relation to a manager leaving a club more often than "resigned". 15.2 In the event that the Manager shall, at any time, wish to be released early from this Agreement the Club shall grant his request only if the Manager, prior to any release, compensates the Club or procures the payment of compensation to the Club by way of liquidated damages in a sum equal to t
  11. Blackburn boss Steve Kean has told talkSPORT he expects the club to playing in the Champions League by 2015. Rovers recently sold Phil Jones to Manchester United as he wanted to play Champions League football but Kean believes his club will soon be joining the Reds in Europe's elite competition. He told Saggers and Quinny: β€œIt was difficult with Phil because he got the opportunity to go to Manchester United and he wanted to play Champions League football now. We’re not there yet but I’m sure we will be win the next three or four seasons.” πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ Absolute gold.
  12. I was mainly meaning ex-United who had managed Rovers.
  13. It's absolutely no way to run a business. Ridiculous that there is so much money in the game - yet very few clubs are able to turn a profit. No other industry would spend such a ridiculous amount on 'staff' wages.
  14. The only way they'd ever get any decent amount of money back would be if the club were in the Premier League. Even then they aren't going to recoup what they've put in. Surely it's worth chucking a bit of money at the club in the short term rather than just letting it haemorrhage money year after year.
  15. On PNE's forum they seem to very keen on the idea of Nicky Butt being appointed. It only takes a couple of bets for the odds to go to odds on when it's a market like that.
  16. Seemingly to do with fitness. He's not actually used to playing games in his defence. β€œI’ve played, what is it, eight on the bounce now? And I was definitely feeling it in my legs on Saturday. β€œI was even feeling it last Thursday leading up to the game and I was maybe not right going into the game mentally – mentally and physically tired – and my performance proved that, I was very sloppy on the ball. β€œI felt a yard off everyone, couldn’t get close to people, I had a chat to Albie (Wilbraham) and the manager and they decided it was best to take me out for this one to g
  17. I can't see Rothwell ever commanding a 10 million euro fee.
  18. 17 points for Dack on his licence. 17 points for Rovers in 2021 so far. Can't Mowbray be banned from managing for 12 months?
  19. Didn't we have a 50% of any profit clause that we had to pay Arsenal when we sold Bentley? I actually think Bentley is potentially our record signing when you count everything we paid to Arsenal.
  20. I'm sure there was an optional 12 month extension on his initial contract - which I assume they'll exercise as late as possible.
  21. He did a good job at Barnsley and was harshly sacked I think. Win percentages of recent Barnsley managers: Ismael - 61.8% Struber - 35.9% Stendel - 47% Morais - 20% Heckingbottom - 35.2% Johnson - 39.2% Wilson - 30.2% So he's no Ismael - but he's gone a better job than anyone else there.
  22. Eddie Howe (14/1) or Slaven Bilic (20/1) would be a tremendous appointment for either PNE or Rovers.
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