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  1. @bluebruce This is fixed now
  2. @chaddyrovers @Silas it's fixed now 🎉 Feel free to vote away - https://www.brfcs.com/magazine/football/match/874695/blackburn-west-brom?tab=voting Let me know if you experience any other issues
  3. Any news on the update of the 92 club ?

  4. We didn't replace a ~£15m striker over the summer yet we sit second in the table... You seem to be very combative over some hypothetical situations being discussed here over the last few pages. You'd like to think the club has a list of potential replacements for Rothwell lined up given he's in the last year of his contract and there was interest over the summer. There was a chance he'd be leaving this window and he'd almost certainly be gone in the summer so hopefully there would some sort of planning behind the scenes. Whether there is one or not, none of us know so I don't personally see the value in scrapping with each other over it. Obviously it's not wise to let him go when there is no replacement coming in, but at the same time we're facing the most important few months in recent memory - I only want players on the pitch who are 100% committed to getting this club promoted. One thing I noticed watching the Bournemouth match before xmas, JR was flying into 50/50s without much care for his safety. Will he still be doing that if he's got one eye elsewhere and trying not to get injured? If him leaving enables some others to come in who want to be here and get this club promoted, I have no problem with it whatsoever.
  5. Is the 92 club to be re-instated ?

    1. Roth


      Yep! It's very high up on our to-do list so will be coming very soon

    2. rigger
  6. Fellow London fan checking in! 👋 I've just sent you a PM as I can relate to this situation entirely
  7. We have a growing list of things we are keen to add to the site ASAP - some of these include replacing features which have had to be hidden away for reasons Stubbs has mentioned above. Please let us know your thoughts and suggestions of what you would like to see (re)introduced as we are keen to keep improving our offering. As for the ads... unfortunately big plans cost money to achieve and we need to raise funds somehow if we're to reach the place we want to be. I hope you can appreciate we're not actively trying to do anything invasive to wring the proverbial cloth - it clearly wouldn't be in our interests to do that - but we're currently trying to find that happy medium of good user experience vs balancing the books. This will be an ongoing process for a short period of time while the new website and forum theme 'bed in' so please bear with us until we find it.
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