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  1. I understand scepticism about anything the Coventrio say, but it wouldn't make any sense to be lying about this. It would be simpler for all if you either accept there's a clause, or if you can't do that, just stop saying 'if this option exists' or you'll only end up in repeated circular discussions about it. Oh and if we can't get him to extend, I'd look to sell this summer. We might not see much returned to the playing squad but at least it would keep the lights on and FFP at bay.
  2. The club have confirmed it and you're still suggesting it doesn't exist? Alright there was the Chapman debacle but that was surely an aberration - even the player thought that was true. He was also a much less valuable fringe player, and reading between the lines there was probably a misinterpretation of his contract due to complacency checking the terms. I'd imagine after that, and with BB's status now, his contract has been pored over with a fine toothed comb. You're absolutely fabricating that his extension comes with a massive pay rise, we have no idea if that is in the terms. But even if that's the case, are you seriously suggesting triggering it would be a bad thing? Compared to letting an asset worth 15 million plus go for free? Again his contract terms may prevent the clause being triggered until a certain point, and even if they don't, there is nothing to be gained by activating it before 31st December. Players can suffer horrendous injuries or even die in freak instances, and it makes zero difference to negotiations when the agent knows the clause is there and will obviously be triggered. As for Dack, under contract long term still, getting older, and after his two crippling injuries probably thankful for the contract he does have! Remains to be seen what player will come back and how long he will last before further injury.
  3. It's not that simple. They have been proven right that in the long run 7 million was a fair price instead of the daylight robbery it felt like, yes. However, it took 2 years for that shift to happen. For a Prem team this would have been a great investment they could wait to pay out. But we aren't a club that can put that much into potential, or wait 2 years to get a player worth that price tag. If this summer you told me we (still in the Championship) could spend 7 million on a new striker and they will be crap for about 18 months, ok for the next 6 and then fantastic after that (well, for a few months so far), I'd turn it down. That's before we factor in that Forest supposedly have a sell on. It's brilliant to have the Ben Brereton we have now, I'm absolutely loving it, we all are, but we spent a lot and waited a long time for it to become reality. Meanwhile Armstrong showed the same thing (but with quicker results) can be done for 1.5 - 3 million.
  4. Could even mean BB wants out. But ultimately he doesn't have a clue, he is just over-interpreting. The most likely explanation is just that the manager meant literally what he said. That he wants to strengthen and doesn't want to lose Diaz to fund it. But that wouldn't make good clickbait journalism.
  5. Incompetence from all involved. Since then though, we have brought in Ayala, Pickering, Edun on permanents, Van Hecke on loan and Wharton has broken through (I mention that as his development may be why we didn't bring another CB in this summer). Plus the loans we had inbetween (Cunningham, THB, Branthwaite, Douglas).
  6. No Mowbray fan, but I think it's unfair to say he has 'stumbled' on this formation. He has been trying to force the 5 at the back in for years, never with any success before. I felt after the transfer window that his plan was probably 5 at the back (and I was dreading it) when enough CBs became available. He seems to stumble on certain things for sure, but this formation isn't one of them. He has been planning and trying this for a while. To his credit, he has finally got it working too. I think having three tough no-mercy CBs, a couple of whom can pass pretty well, is probably the key. As well as a midfield and front line that are constantly harrying. It's making us very hard to break down.
  7. I know. Be that as it may, he played half a season for Boro. Not sure a club like that lets nepotism alone decide their goalie. He must have at least some ability.
  8. Thoughts on Mowbray saying Pears may go out on loan in January? I'd say sure if we get a cheap but capable deputy on loan ourselves. Pears has been iffy when used before, and since we own him for the next 2 and a half seasons we might as well look to develop him. But Kaminski's injury is a reminder he isn't invulnerable and the other young keepers don't seem any more ready. Pears at least has 28 Championship appearances under his belt. Which does however make me question how much he can learn in League One (likely the best loan he could get with guaranteed football). I guess he still hasn't played much pro football though, so it has to move him along better than playing in the u23s. We have too many keepers at that level too, getting in each other's way. And yes I know he has looked pants for the first team, and may be a total failure of a signing by the time he leaves, but we should remember he is only 23, still very young for a keeper.
  9. One has been reported. Sorry I don't have the link. I think it was in an LT story maybe a month or two ago. The percentage wasn't known.
  10. We don't actually know that. Just because something didn't hit the press doesn't mean it hasn't happened.
  11. It is form. His game has visibly dipped this season, and I'd say in the latter portion of last season too. Much is made of his limitations in the final third, and I agree he has them. But the main thing sticking out to me about his offensive game is that he used to charge us right up the pitch with pace and power from RB. Even though he can't deliver the end product very often, he could give it to someone else, and is now charging us up the pitch far far less frequently than before. I don't know if this is under instruction, lack of confidence, his hammy injuries slowing him down a touch or what, but it's an aspect of his game that has nearly gone away. I don't think he would be good in a central 3. Lack of aerial ability, and lose his ability to drive us up the pitch (if it's still in his locker). I feel he is at his best as a full back in a back 4, with a wing partner for him to lay it off to and deliver the end product. Don't think the back 5 suits him however you use him in it.
  12. Well it's easy to source a replacement if you've decided a top half of Championship worthy RB is actually tosh yeh. But I suspect most of us disagree, even with him on a run of poor form by his standards.
  13. It's the end if you can prove it. So, who is the RB in League One of the same standard as Nyambe who is available for a couple of hundred grand in January?
  14. Doesn't take a genius to realise that's fake. Some people will swallow anything these days. A lad who barely speaks any Spanish and has only been 'Chilean' for what, 6 months? As if he is going to get involved in endorsing political candidates over there. The Diaz family in Chile, I'm curious, how closely related are they to him? I'm guessing it would be grandparents and uncles/aunties that didn't move when his mum did.
  15. The bigger issue than what they have at the moment is what they can now afford to buy. As good as he has been this season in the second tier and at times for Chile, I can't imagine he is the best option on the market for a club as rich as they are.
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