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  1. Christ, can we not just all agree that the owners AND the management team are responsible for our plight?
  2. We only just got done upsizing the recruitment team! I'm sure the new head of recruitment is delighted with that. Such things are minimal costs in the scheme of a football club, and yet if we are as fucked as we look, clever recruitment is now more important than ever.
  3. Some of them didn't forget, they just didn't think it was a problem in the first place...
  4. 1. Well, I think he will probably go if Tony goes, but I can also see him trying to cling on for the dosh. So it's a tough one, but on balance I'll go with no. 2. No. This season is going to go terribly, and I think even Venkys will have had enough, or the live crowds may even force him out. I'm expecting he will be gone around Christmas time. If we have to give an exact date I'll say 30/12/21, and that will be much later than it should be (obviously it should be last season but I mean that even his current fans will want him gone before then). If they stick with him all season, we will be relegated, and though they might think 'he got us back up before', I think it will signal too much regression and they won't renew his deal. Not sure why you picked 2nd Feb though for Tony but July for SW? Are those your departure predictions? 3. Sam Gallagher 🤣 I don't particularly believe it, but still, with Arma going, BB probably going if he doesn't sign a new deal (spose we might hang on til the summer and go the compo route cos of his age though), I can see him actually getting game time in the middle. Where I think he can be reasonably effective, and the contrast to his previous performances could then earn him disproportionate praise. If BB stays all season I actually think he will win it, whereas I'm just saying Gally as a wild card really! Kaminski also likely to be a contender again, but his performances will look less impressive this time since we didn't just spend a season watching Walton. 4. This will depend largely on number 2. If we keep TM, relegation. If we twist early enough, possibly somewhere in the 12th to 21st region. If you're pushing me to pick where I think we will finish rather than 'if this', then...21st. Mostly since I think Tony will go at some point but the new manager won't have funds to work with. I always reassess all this after our transfer business though. I will (reluctantly) admit that I've taken advantage of some free bets to back us for the drop though. The odds are far more generous than they should be, we are in trouble. 5. Don't really care but let's say Fulham.
  5. The LT claimed that the most we contributed to a wage last season was 10k pw.
  6. No guarantee of ANY funds to use from selling our best player. Not even in replacing him. Strap in lads, it's going to be a rough ride this season.
  7. A lot of people saying yes, and I'm sure this won't be popular, but no. And if the ads become too annoying, I'll just stop coming. Sorry. It's not to demean anyone's work, and I know the site costs to run, etc etc. But I'm neither going to pay for a forum I contribute to, nor put up with invasive ads. I don't mind there being ads, I just don't want them to be intrusive (I'm not going to read or click them either way, so them popping up in my face doesn't help the ad companies). They've been mostly fine in the past, out in the sidelines as banners etc. And if I remember rightly there is merchandise for those who want to contribute further? Again this isn't to criticise you or be ungrateful, I'm just being honest about the reality of how I'm willing to spend my time and money. My browser is blocking them without me having done anything anyway, but it still brings up an annoying box about it to click off. As I say, I'm sure I'll catch flak for this but have my honesty.
  8. Replacement? Yes, a row of houses is being lined up right now...
  9. No plans here, only journeys. The road to nowhere, a big ole circle.
  10. No Ayala, Chapman, Travis or Rothwell tonight. So not narrowing it too much.
  11. Depends on the injury. Anything which might reduce his pace I'd be very wary of. Also depends on the contract terms.
  12. Only just seen this, so I dunno if it was before or after your comment, but he literally did say something like this. I forget the exact wording now but it was something like 'training with Chile is a different proposition to training with us'. He didn't say which was the harder, more professional training, but I still feel like 'fucking clown' is the only appropriate response.
  13. Then we would probably still stump up the bumper deal...
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