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  1. We certainly all do it (maybe not those exact judgements in that exact timeframe but I get the idea). I do it, and I'm usually right, but the thing I've learnt is it's foolish to assume you were right and not be willing to change your opinion on someone. It's not an exact science. I think we probably all called Waggott right though...oozes slime. The lip-licking is probably more a response to a dry mouth, itself sometimes a sign of nervousness, itself sometimes a sign of lying out your arse. Again, not always the way though.
  2. There's a huge difference between two questions that could be implied by this question. 1) Is this squad capable of finishing in the top 6? 2) Is this one of the best 6 squads in the league? Personally I think you'd have to be blind or stupid to think the answer to the first is anything other than YES. You don't have to be one of the best 6 sides in the league on paper, or even one of the top half of sides in the league on paper, to get out of it, let alone just finish in the top 6. The biggest ingredient to success in this league is having a good manager who can put together a
  3. Rothwell been our most dangerous player. Of course he has been taken off.
  4. Please keep events in your bedroom to yourself, it's only polite.
  5. Yep. They were massively wrong though. Branthwaite wasn't looking at it but decided to stop anyway because the lad had moved beyond the line by the time he turned around.
  6. Harsh, but I do think he has been off for a few games now and been lucky to avoid criticism for a few mistakes recently. Partly because of his reputation, partly because they mostly weren't noticeable unless you're paying attention.
  7. I feel really strange about that goal. In that, I didn't really feel any different to the moments before it. It's not even an empty, barely care, resigned feeling like I've had before recently, just an absolute lack of reaction. Don't think I've ever had this reaction before.
  8. Jesus...anybody able to confirm in any way whether 'No.' was literally all he said in response to that? And that it's not someone removing the rest of the answer? If that's literally all he said then either he despises Crooke, or we are surely only one, maybe two defeats in the next couple of games from him resigning.
  9. I gather they play from the back, but I'm saying they'll be aware of the pitch standards and I expect them to be more tactically astute than our mob and adapt. I also expect Tony will over-complicate things, it's his way.
  10. Probably not as we are likely to try to play football on it still, judging by some past efforts. Whereas I imagine Watford will be more sensible about it and adapt.
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