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  1. Outside of his injury patches, which is of course not his fault, that's the most ridiculous thing I've ever seen you say. Dack absolutely delivered in his first season in this league, and was delivering just fine in his second until injury hit. Maybe you're baiting on purpose here and I took it too easily, but it's hard to ignore how ludicrous what you said is. Obviously Toney has worked out better, but that's not the point and he also cost a lot more.
  2. You seem to be really against people giving their opinions. I'm not sure public message boards are for you. It's kind of the only thing that happens on them.
  3. ....yes. We had two. It would be foolish to go through the season with one.
  4. I'm a bit surprised at Bell as the LT seemed to think he was being offered one, but clearly they got it wrong. I suppose this means we are either intending to offer Douglas a contract which I hope not, or we are dipping into the market for another LB.
  5. Agree, think a bad move to retain Johnson, not much use most games, a liability in some, and a handful only in a handful. Not young, won't improve, could deteriorate even further and will definitely be on north of 10k p/w, probably pushing 15k. For the money I'm sure we can do better in the market. I'd rather one good, consistent midfielder in there than Evans, Johnson and Downing put together, and their wages could cover it. I bet that's 40k p/w to cover a 1 mill ish fee and a 20k p/w wage for someone.
  6. I think it will be a bit more than that. A lot of the fans who are fed up will still attend. This forum isn't wholly representative of the fan base at large. First game of the season usually gets a bit of a bump, and there will probably be more new players than usual to assess. But I agree it will be embarrassingly low. Exactly how low probably depends on Waggot's pricing policy.
  7. This post has made me realise. When season tickets are inevitably well down on pre-covid levels, Waggot won't admit it's because of the club taking the piss by sticking with this manager, instead he will be trotting out this line: "Well you know, people have found other ways to spend their time during the pandemic, that buzz of live matches hasn't been there and so coming back down to the ground every couple of weeks is a hard habit to get back into." Meanwhile, pretty much everyone else's season ticket sales will be fine.
  8. Honestly, don't waste the mental energy wishing for this. He isn't leaving at least until the season has been underway for long enough to establish (for Venkys) that it will go the same way as this one. And even that might be wishful thinking. His demeanour has changed back to calm, he's talking about the future, the LT has reported the club are expected to stick with him this summer and they didn't sack him before two 5-2 home wins, so they won't be sacking him after them. Don't get your hopes up, it's not worth it.
  9. That (Bell) would be contrary to the LT's recent report, but they do get some stuff wrong these days. I'm not interested in Johnson, would rather he left. Smashes it for a few games a season and then a complete passer-by for the rest. Not cheap either, should be moved on. It better be a pay drop offer at least. I've wanted to see the back of Bennett for a long time, and ideally I still do. But I do wonder with the amount of players leaving if we might want to keep a versatile player who is normally fit, as a cheap (hopefully) bench option (though obviously I'd rather someone better).
  10. I can see us trying for Assombalonga this summer. Been interested before at 8m+, now on a free. He looked like the answer at that time, but probably not now 2 or 3 seasons later. Wouldn't mind him at the club at all, but he isn't going to notch 20+ goals. The wages were what put us off back then weren't they? And I expect they'll be higher now without a transfer fee. I expect us to spend half the window trying to sign him as the Arma replacement for half the wages he wants, then some other Championship club coming in and getting him. Meanwhile a few players who would have been good signin
  11. I find the opposite end of the spectrum, Mowbray's approach, to be much stranger. Yes I do think they possibly slightly over-did it, but I was going to reply to your earlier post where you said pretty much the same thing...it isn't all about what Bowyer can learn from it (although how they cope when things are going badly is something you want to know), it's about what the lads themselves learn from it. It's always a valuable experience. Maybe some of them learnt they're not as good as they think they are, and they need to work harder to be on this level. Maybe some of them shone despite the h
  12. https://www.lancashiretelegraph.co.uk/sport/19286184.lee-bowyer-explains-respectful-birmingham-city-selection/ Lee Bowyer says offering opportunities to fringe and young players in the final game of the season is the ‘respectful thing to do’. “It’s the right thing to do and the respectful thing to do. The players since I have walked through the door have trained hard every day, this week has been no different they were excellent again,” Bowyer said. “It is what I owe them to give them an opportunity for me to consider them again in the future.” Clearly our glorious manager
  13. I can't imagine there is anyone at or supporting the club who isn't glad to see the back of this season.
  14. No. You post here, and I also post here. You're right, you probably should have said 'without the second half of the season being dogshit' instead of 'a few more results'.
  15. At 20 points away from 6th, what do you class as a 'few more' results and what do you count as in the mix? Second half of this season has just been piss poor.
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