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  1. Not watched but I see it is 1-1 at the mo and Annesley been sent off.
  2. He won't be doing the first one. If he saw it and gave nothing he should be fired (mind you, most or all of the refs in this league should be fired). Where I stand on it...yes, blatantly a penalty, and if intent is irrelevant (which I don't think it should be, but rules are rules) then it's a definite red. However. Enough has gone against us this season, far more than has gone for us from the refs, that I just don't feel bad. Other than for the poor lad whose face got smashed. But that said, I don't remember anybody being sent off when Raya or Evans got their faces smashed to pieces.
  3. I'm not sure if that's technically true, it's not as crazy as the Prem money. Most of it is solidarity payments anyway. But I think we get 100k for today's game. Nonetheless, fairly sure my buying a day pass has zero impact on my club getting money and that's the point I was making. I'm not begrudging the Sky money in general. It's just a nicer feeling to pay a tenner to watch entertainment that is rarely worth that tenner in real terms, but knowing the money goes to the club.
  4. Anybody know why when I go to Now TV for Sky Sports it says you can watch it from 5.99 a month, and then when I click on it the best offer is 9.99 for a single day pass?! Some kind of voucher I can apply maybe?
  5. Boro are everything we're not, and their strengths sit perfectly against our weaknesses. I expect defeat. Probably not a thrashing as they don't seem the types, but it will be comfortable for them even if they only win by a goal. I see we have gone for the battle though with our midfield selection. Maybe it will be enough to earn us a draw. Annoyed I have to pay Sky to watch this one, it will be turgid. At least paying ifollow would have meant it (mostly) went direct to the club.
  6. Everything after the first sentence there seems a near-perfect explanation of 'how there's so much debate about the guy'. Did you do that on purpose? Personally I feel that, on current first team evidence, Buckley's technical ability is enormous...ly overstated. He's decent technically and plays some lovely passes at times, but not to a degree or frequency that remotely makes me think 'my, this kid is special'. And that's completely independent of his shortcomings, which for now are too many. As with all our players, I hope he comes along brilliantly. But he will have to play a lot b
  7. There is the counterpoint though - namely that we have been very crap for a while now using that system. I think you make the argument well. But I also think the need for a plan B, even if we don't change our plan A beyond a little tinkering, has become increasingly apparent.
  8. I feel as though that talk is merely to dampen expectations though. I expect it would have some, if only a bit, of an impact on the budget (unless it all goes into contracts that we can't quite afford at the mo). My thinking is that we already have those running costs. They already exist and yet a budget has been allocated separate to that. For me, it stands to reason that whilst we are already probably over stretching our budget due to our defensive crisis, if we got a couple of million then surely a few hundred k or so would be made available to ensure either longer term replacements or
  9. On top of which I expect him to be afraid of the necessary rebuilding job if he let's too many go. Which, tbf, I would be afraid of it. Increasingly decreasing budgetary support and we have shown before how difficult we can make recruitment. Recruiting from Europe will also be tougher from now on thanks to the Brexit regs. I expect a player sale will be considered necessary to fund improvements...we all know who that will be of.
  10. I'm also confused at the notion that we 'had' to train on Ewood. So what, there wasn't another suitable pitch within 30 miles that we could have borrowed?
  11. I'm confused that the statement says the pitch is now 30 years old, so we are now looking at relaying it. Didn't we relay it a few years ago? I could absolutely swear I remember that happening.
  12. I'm glad my trauma cheered you up, jeez... 😉
  13. Well, with the remedial class in charge, there's a chance.
  14. Pah! You were lucky! Boots coming off? I once played on a pitch so frozen that my boots wouldn't come off. Ever. I had to amputate both feet with an icicle. They're still there on that pitch to this day, frozen in place 20 years later despite the summers since, along with the frigid corpses of the other 21 players and numerous attendees who never made it back that day. Some of them because of the lethal frozen winds, some of them because a polar bear migrated down from the North Pole and savaged us. Ref wouldn't call the bloody game off. We thought he was a stubborn bastard. Turned out he
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