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  1. News just in... with just over an hour to go hes got himself comfortable on the halfway line
  2. Mine just goes to a black screen when I click on red button, anyone else red button working on virgin?
  3. Could Mowbray been setting this up with his words the other night "we aren't a premier league club anymore" .....worrying
  4. Kaminskis going to be nakered at this rate the amount he's had to fetch the ball Absolutely shocking 30 minutes, 0 shots
  5. We've somehow gone from over passing to no passing / unable to pass 🤣
  6. I agree with all that but unfortunately I can see us keeping Bell and Williams due to having limited amount of defenders and letting them go would demand new fees for new players. I also can't see him letting Evans go as he is a full international and would look towards getting a fee for him.
  7. That sounds almost like having the same brush but I've changed the head 10 times and the shaft 4 times 🤣
  8. And yet he leaves Gallagher on the pitch who has offered nothing all game
  9. I dont think I've ever seen a whole midfield get changed in 1 go?! Absolute crazy, its like starting a game all over again. Completely take any tempo or rhythm you had out of the game
  10. Agreed. Playing 4-3-3 you need to be defensively strong. Something we're not. If you watch Douglas he constantly comes out of position, its almost like he thinks he's playing left midfield.
  11. We're being annihilated on our left side. Douglas constantly out of position, slow to get back. No defensively cover from Gallagher not helping matters to. A sorry first half, every time Norwich attack you can sense a goal. Every time we attack it ends up back at our defence
  12. I agree ? But first we should aim to break into top 6 before Christmas then be pushing on to the top, but.... history shows us that we're not consistent enough with mogga at the helm. Hopefully this year will be a change and when we're not playing well like last week we can grind out ugly results
  13. Looking at the table after last night we need to win this game tonight. If we lose tonight and fail to win against Brentford on Saturday then the top 6 will be pulling away from us. I think tonight will show how much this group of players want to be up there this year. If we win tonight, Watford Swansea and Reading fail to win then we're right amongst it!
  14. Yep! Crazy, I think from refs position and speed in which it happened it looked as though he got fouled by i think it was JRC
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