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  1. Thoroughly cheesed off with recent eventson and iff the field, just checked in to see if he was gone, sadly he is not. Don't know if I even want to watch a mauling tomorrow, it's a friggin mess.
  2. Rubbish all round. Brereton should have stayed on, Dack almost playing center half
  3. He really has given Nyambe a crap deal I bet the lad can't wait to get out of here.
  4. Echoes my opinion too. We have to ALMOST fall out if contention THEN we willl turn it around for a few games for the whole Mowbrayhog day to reset.
  5. What is really doin my head in watching us now is we can get up in their half, close tonthe area even and 3 oasses later Kaminskis got the ball Driving me nuckin futs
  6. Perhaps he prefers working and misguided accolades of press and other managers to being binned and a severance package and the extra work and scrutiny that would come with promotion. Watching Burnley and Palance the gulf between us and them is massive now doubt I will ever see us above them again in my life barring Dyche moving on and them imploding. They are.a.good side. A team with a simple plan perfected by players knowing their roles and being used correctly to carry them out. More than a bit envious.
  7. Fell asleep immebdiately after Prestons first so I don't know about your judgement but Mowbary has form for yanking players who are performing well done it with Holtby, Nyambe, part of his we will not be promoted wish.
  8. Surely an important skill.for a football manager. Has he just told Pune that he does not know what he is doing, will they hear it. An open admission that he does not know what he is doing. Fire him.
  9. I politely dis agree, we probanly have more options and pemutations.and are more flexible than 75% of other championship squads. We sadly have a manager who cannot use them. Start by players in their proper positions. Rothwell had two worldy games playing where he wants to play only to never benused that way again. Mowbray is lost, idiotic and stubborn with it. Get him out. How can it happen though with isolated iwners who know nowt about the game and a GM who Mowbray out in place his best mate. Kick Mowbray upstairs with no real.power and let Johnno have a go, he will get more of a tune
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