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  1. Losing Tronstadt would be a big blow. I grew to really like this lad. Someone has to test the murky waters of Venky's.financing and their love for the baby. Disgracefull get em out.
  2. Keeper or perhaps just keeper coach. It just seems too coincidental that our keepers seem to get worse the longer they are here. However two of our (3 with Steele?) ex keepers now ply.their trade in one if the Worlds best leagues. Could our REAL keeping issue be just lack of a decent keeper coach?
  3. Replace him with Eustace and hire Rosenior to manage the team.
  4. Thank god we did not get relegated. I was ready to quit on us if we had, least till Venkies sod off. I mean what is the point with them in charge. Rovers in Play Off spots most of the season and the Venkies fail to back the Manager. STUPID. Had they done so who knows, perhaps we have a season up there in the Prem. Same again in summer and January, ny that point they have completely made our exciting young boss' position untenable. STUPID. I really feel had JDT been fully backed we would have done well under him. Sickening to think Mowbary got 12million to spunk on Brereton and the still somewhat hapless Gally, he's looked worse last couple games. Certain Szmodics will be flogged and not replaced, Leonard and Telalovic up front. Wouldn't surprise me in the least. Anyway Euros to enjoy makes the close season seem shorter.
  5. Thank the Lord I was wrong. Although until Sir Sammie did his thing it looked like we were down, I knew results would not go our way but I never expected to get anything from Filbert St. For all those that dissed Sammie when we signed him, how you feel about him now? Top scorer but so much more than a goal scorer a Lá Jordan Rhodes. He brought enthusiasm, work rate, leadership
  6. Can no one on this team shoot? Always soft and right at the keeper.
  7. Can't even get a lucky bounce everything seems to gonfortunately for Coventry. Oh good now we get to lose to10 men for the ultimate humiliation.
  8. Just give.us 45 mins of showing us you care. All I ask is real effirt. We need to be all over this keeper he has a Pears or two in him looks like.
  9. Just give.us 45 mins of showing us you care. All I ask is real effirt.
  10. We are going down and when we do this will be last year following us after almost 60 years of being being in love with this club. Venkies have me finished till they are gone.
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