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  1. I had read on here sometime back that one of the Venkies bloodline was a game attending fan. This had given me hope that word would get to them about how bad we are with Gobray in charge. Sadly not the case, if it is they clearly are happy for him to carry on.
  2. Yes unlikely but putting DJ in charge would afford a little continuity and I sincerely believe we'd see a massive new manager bounce.
  3. The new fella doing pretty well too looks like. I would deffo give Johnson a shot. I agree with the promition point too.
  4. I really think DJ could get a tune out of this group I really do.
  5. I am absolutely sick to the hind teeth if the way ee turn attack into defence. Even the ESPN commentator mentioned it. From the edge if their area 3 oasses later and Kaminski has it. Nyambe is no longer bombing forwards, he was to good effect, he's out for a couple of games, comes back and he is not doing it anymore. Dolan too looks like he has been told to stop being so positive. Almost all our players recieving. the ball look to go backwards first. It is jnfuriating. I hope I come on here after I sleep and he is gone. How dies Evans get in this team, I like Trybul better, one
  6. Another defeat sadly, bouyed by the hope it's Mowbrays last game in charge.
  7. We have just drawn a game at home to Coventry, a game we deserved.to lose. Where is the inspiration coming from to gain these points? Right now I see a team who is a shambles, lacklustre and going thriugh the motions. A team the wirks harder to get the ball back to our keeper than it dies tonget into the ooponents box.
  8. Mine never did. Oh how good were they from the lil local baker. Mmmmmmm.
  9. Paid for mine lump sum start of season. Just like when I bought season tickets in the past, no matter what I followed us home and away, I love my Rovers, this team looks as bad as anything I have ever witnessed. Even the relegation teams in the 70's played with more heart.
  10. I am not so confident I really fear for us if this fella is not removed after the hammering we will get at Reading
  11. Then there was someone at the helm who was not the managers mate. We had someone who called them and told them it needed done. By the same token these are the same owners who would not fire Kean because he was a "nice" man. Tony us a nice man too, I think he is honest, has integrity and is overall a good bloke, just past his sell by date as a football manager
  12. We really are, can't even pull iff a throw in half the time. The short corner thing does my head in. We really are clueless with set pieces.
  13. Rothwell was Jekyll and Hyde, first half great second he was non existant, he probably got to to stop the forward thinking shenanigans or he would not be on the Journey. TM has me wondering if he is messing with us now, giving the fans the middle finger, shiwing us who is boss. Get him fired.
  14. Only one team looked like relegation fodder and it was the one in blue halves. We made Coventry look good. We have a team that is a reflection of Mowbray, no fire, no fight, no emotion, the footballing equivalent of sitting with hands in pockets. Tony GObray, get rid, get him iut of here please.
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