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  1. That was horrible. I really thought I was watching a Mowbray coached outfilt. Disgusting turgid stuff. Did that full back James make even one forward pass? Sad very sad.
  2. I'd have Pope over him, that's how low I rate Pickford. Another English keeper who is capable of calamatous mistakes. Not near steady enough for me and I would disagree with solid.
  3. Apologies for my plethora of posts, I just bave not been on in a while due to Mowbrayitis. A debilitating condition which causes complete apathy in one's once beloved football team. I am told the infection will continue, the only cure is Mowbray being replaced.
  4. I just don't know if I can trust a table of stats that has Amari Bell joint second top.
  5. This, as well as Rothwell, Trav, Holtby and Nyambe all hurt by Mowbrays disdain for being exciting and forward thinking. I can't stand Mowbray's way. It looks like he will still be here for the start of the season causing me to be less interested in Rovers than I have been at any other time in my 50+ year career of watching us.
  6. Harvey will be hurt by this, his love of Liverpool was shining through toward the end if the season. He'll be gutted they don't hold on to him. I think he had it in his head he had done enough to be involved with the scouser's first team squad.
  7. Not sure Travis would be keen to sign on if Mowbrsy still here. Mowbray has set this lad backwards and shit all over him, another Nyambe. Trav will be off first chance he gets and will go on to big things.
  8. So we have the crock signed up, well done. Buggar me.
  9. 11 or 12 mill is what we will sell him for with some big money on performance related add ons which will, of course, be unfulfilled.
  10. Still here then. If they are going to can him, I really don't believe they are, be just like them to wait until 2 days before start of next season.
  11. It was a marketing venture which backfired worse than my old Harley with the timing off.
  12. Does anyone suspect these two were approached by developers with some promises of personal gain for them in the form of lil brown bags?
  13. He will be here next season. Bradfords managers lost 6 out of 7 GONE boom, pulled the plug. Venkies take heed. I can't stand him being here. I am tempted to switch my loyalties back to Stanley who I watched home and away at the time of their rebirth in 68. I was too young for my parents to allow me to go to Rovers alone. Stanley was ok. First Rovers mstch I was 6 and was hooked. Stanley I was 10, I was 13 before I was allowed to go watch Rovers again.
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