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  1. Are we under an embargo? The players we have been linked to are abaolute dross. Can only hope not
  2. I agreed with JDT here, Wharton was lazy off the ball. Any doesn't seem to have been too bad for the guy
  3. Tom Sutton is as thick as two short planks and I for one am very happy he is leaving the club.
  4. Any chance we can finally get rid of all the Venkys linked coaching staff and let JE bring in his own guys
  5. Did his job. No complaints. Passing grade. Dont think he is any great shakes but happy to see what he can do
  6. Tried an AI song creator to make a song about Gallagher Running down the field. Ball at my feet But when it comes to scoring I just can't compete They call me the striker But I'm feeling so weak I'd rather fix my hair It's my winning technique
  7. When you need this team the most they dont turn up. Been the case since Venkys took over
  8. Gallagher controlled the ball and beat a man, unbelievable
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