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  1. Should be 2-0 Derby, missed by a whisker We are dead in the water
  2. This is in all seriousness Is Johnson playing up front with Armstrong? He is the furthest man forward most of the time
  3. Gallagher had all the time in the world and musters a timid shot straight at goal
  4. So Nyambe is going? Real shame, but who can blame him. Another academy lad let down by Mowbray Next season is going to be dire.
  5. Still can't get over his "I am a performance based manager, don't judge me on results" line. Kean's book of bullshit must be lying around Brockhall somewhere
  6. The most scary thing for me is even if we survive this season what is left for the next? Dack - injured for a long time and won't be the same again and is on a big old contract. Armstrong - will be sold, no two ways about it , need to make the club some money for the transfer diasters and only has a year left on his contract. Gallagher and Brereton - the £12 million pound failure, shows flashes every so often and Brereton did have a couple of good small runs but for the money spent it has been awful. No development - No player associated with the first team can claim to be
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