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  1. For the first time in Tony Mowbray's tenure as manager, Rovers have won a game while occupying a play-off spot in the Championship.
  2. I love this style of play. Quick players who can run with the ball. A championship team's nightmare. Don't overcomplicate it Tony
  3. It does matter he is on loan , of course it does because wont be here next year but buckley and dolan will be
  4. As it stands (all values taken from the TransferMarket) We have lost approximately £19 million in value to the playing squad with the vast majority being Adam Armstrong but a couple of million in the departure of Bell, Evans, Holtby etc (not that anyone minded that) We have the following first team players in the last year of their contracts: Lenihan, Brereton, Kaminski, Nyambe , Rothwell , Chapman and Davenport with a total market value of about £15 million. We would eligible for compensation on Nyambe, Brereton, Chapman and Davenport if they leave without a new contract and if they are transfered to a UK based team which maybe unlikely for Brereton. The loanees bring us no squad value in the long term and in the short term it sound like we are spending a fair amount on their wages. Putting that all together £19 million in players left this transfer window, £0 million came in so far and £15 million in players are currently set to leave at the end of the season, although there is still time for renewals. In a few words, looks bloody grim
  5. It 100% will. Brighton are not loaning in this guy to sit on the bench. He immediately is ahead of everyone bar Lenihan and Ayala in the pecking order. So we are faced with Carter's minutes being greatly reduced unless injuries come in.
  6. That Gallagher transfer will always be bizaare, after a very poor to average season on loan at Birmingham we came in with £5 million!
  7. Bloody hell the rovers commentators blow smoke up our arses, I know it is their job but jesus don't lay it on too thick
  8. Another Kaminski save, wouldn't be surprised if someone made a bid this window
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